A Babysitter's Beginning - Chapter 2


God, what an experience. I begin to recall the events of that raucous, lust filled sex session while waiting for Kayci to exit. I remember feeling her taut body as it surrendered to me; how it felt to popping her cherry, then pushing deeper into her young, virgin sex hole; all the while, I feel my dick grow harder and harder. Without a moments hesitation, I lay back on the bed and continue where Kayci left off, slowly replaying again and again the sights and sounds so recently made. My hand slowly slides up and down my tool, still slick with her juices that mingled with my cum and a small amount of blood from her deflowering. “God, how fantastic she made me feel,” I moan as my hand picks up speed, remembering how she shuddered as I sank my seven-inch pole between her legs. I could hear her whimper and squeal lightly in pain after I pushed past her last bastion of childhood, taking her across the border to womanhood. “She must have thought she had a tree trunk inside her. ”“I did. That’s exactly what I thought I had between my legs. ” Kayci seductively purred at me while standing in the bathroom doorway, seductively posing there before me. “Damn you! You scared the hell out of me. ” I expound, setting up quickly and slamming my back against the headboard as I stopped. “You look like you could use a little help with that,” she exclaims as she climbs on the bed between my legs, looking at me as if she’s a tigress on the hunt of something to eat for dinner. As she kneels on the foot of the bed, I spread my legs to allow her to come up further between them, looking lustfully into her eyes as she opens her mouth in preparation to engulf a piece of seven-inch tube steak. Seeing her there before me almost trips my trigger, causing my fully erect pole to twitch in such a fevered anticipation.

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  She hesitates briefly, slowly sliding her tongue through the slit before completely enveloping the entire head in a soft, warm, velvety encasing. I set there, feeling how wonderful Kayci’s mouth feels; how her tongue sensually swirls around my head, teasing and tantalizing me more and more. In a gasp of pure physical bliss, I reach for her head and rest my hands there, wishing her to take more inside her mouth. A few moments later, I remember she is only 14 and would have not known what that meant. So I apply a little pressure, pushing her head further down on my dick, soon feeling my head touching the back of her throat. I feel her gag as more and more of my dick slides down her throat. God, how I want to thrust the remainder of my tool into her and blow a load of cum right down her throat, but I for some reason, I refuse to give into my carnal side and release her head. Instinctively and quickly, she pulls her head up and off my dick, leaving a trail of saliva from her open mouth to the tip of my blood-engorged dick, as her gagging continues, wrecking her body with spasm after spasm, attempting to purge something from her body that isn’t there. “I’m sorry. I should have taken it slower than this. I realize this is new to you,” I tell her, “so we will only go as fast as you want to. ”After her body's last reflex gag, she opens her mouth again and slides her mouth down over my shaft. I feel her tongue swirl around my head again, and feel the head as it touches the back of her throat. Deeper and deeper it slides into her throat, until I feel her nose pressing at the base of my dick and her tongue sensually snaking out and licking the underside of my ball sac. The next sensation I feel is so amazing — I feel her swallowing.

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   As she does, she takes more of me inside and the muscles of her throat begin to gently milk my cock, making me want to blow another hot load of seed into her juvenile throat. Slowly she raises her head, letting my dick slide from inside her while fondling my balls, and begins bobbing her head up and down on my cock. The feeling of an immense orgasm begins to grow deep inside me, and the pressure builds as she methodically gives me the best face-fuck that could ever be dreamed of. Bigger and bigger the feeling grows as I watch my cock slide in and out of her young face and she begins to move faster and faster, up and down my pole. I hold my eyes closed and begin to pant, trying to force away the impending orgasm, concentrating not on the soft, muffled noises, but on the fact that I’m about to shoot a load of jism inside this little girl’s throat. The noises which sounded like moans of approval began bringing me closer and closer to another massive orgasm. Faster and faster, her face flew up and down my cock, prompting me to grasp her head and force my dick as deep inside her throat as I could. The soft noises begin to elevate in volume and I realize that they aren’t being made from the throes of passion. The noises have become a voice, a voice I know all too well. A voice coming not from Kayci, rather from Jenna. It seems that while I was on the ecstatic waves of sexual pleasure, she walked through the door to find her dear brother naked on her bed with his dick buried in a little girl’s throat. “My fucking God!” Jenna yells. Kayci’s head rapidly comes up and nearly removes the head of my dick in the process. “My own brother. In my house, in MY bed.

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  . . getting head from a 14-year old,” she continues as my dick begins spewing it’s load onto her bed sheets. Jenna’s eyes become fixated on my rod as my load of cum flies from my cock onto her sheets. I watch her lick her lips and swallow as each spurt flies from my cock. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear she wanted to suck the load out of me herself. But in the seconds she waited, my orgasm finished and there, beneath the head of my dick, is a pool of cum that trails away from my body. Pools of gooey, white cum dotting Jenna’s dark blue satin sheets, and she can’t tear her eyes from the sight. “Get out! Get the fuck out of here before I do something really stupid and wind up hurting you Jon!” Jenna exclaims. I never knew how angry my sister could get until that very moment, and I hope I never see it again. Maybe seeing this will change the fact that I wanted to do my sister, but then again, maybe it won’t. “I’m sorry. ” That’s all I can muster to say as I hurriedly gather my clothes from the floor. In hearing the words, all Jenna does is turn away. It seems she doesn’t even want to acknowledge my existence right now, and I wouldn’t blame her for it.

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  With Jenna and I facing opposite directions, I open my wallet and pull out a business card with my number on it and hand it to Kayci. How sick and perverted I must be; I just got busted by my sister getting a face-fuck from a 14-year old girl and now I’m giving her my card in hopes she’ll contact me! I’m not perverted, I’m horny, and Kayci knows it. Quietly, she puts the card into her purse and gathers her clothes as well and heads for the bathroom. After gathering mine, I step out into the hall with my head hanging low and shaking in wonder, and I hear Jenna’s door close behind me. I turn back for a second, wanting to try to explain what she came in on, but I stop short and notice that the door didn’t close completely and it opened back up a little. I don’t know why, but I didn’t follow through with my original intention to explain myself. Maybe it was because I wanted to see Kayci one last time before I left. As I mulled things over, Kayci appeared from the bathroom and walked into the hall just ahead of me. I see her wink and smile at me, then walk forward and out the front door. What an ass I think to myself as I watch her leave Jenna’s houseAs I thought about what to do, I decided it would be best to not follow Kayci, even though I desperately wanted to, so I opened Jenna’s door a little and peered inside. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to take a second look, just to make sure my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me. There, in the middle of the bed was Jenna. She was naked, naked as the day she was born, and God did it make me hot seeing her. She was in a ‘doggie style’ position, with her head lowered towards the sheets.

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   I wasn’t sure, but I think she was smelling my cum. I dropped my clothes there in the hallway and opened the door a little more and walked quietly into her room. Closer and closer I walked towards her bed with my hand gently squeezing, pumping my growing rod. As I get closer, I finally realize what she’s doing. Jenna, my hot sister, is lapping up my cum from the sheets. I hear her moaning softly under her breath as her tongue flicks out and takes bit by bit of my fresh load into her mouth. I watch her lower her head even more and begin sucking entire puddles up. God how hot she’s making me right now. And after each little bit, she licks her lips in preparation of eating the next bit. God how I wish I could have my dick in her mouth right now, experiencing her sucking me instead of her cum-laden sheets. I wish Jenna would raise her head up a little to see me standing there, fisting a three-quarter-hard-on, but I realize it might shock her, so I begin to back out of her room and head for the bathroom to jack this load off into her toilet. Before I could even think about moving, Jenna’s head flies up and I hear her gasp as she realizes I’ve seen everything. Her eyes are as big as saucers as she looks me squarely in the eyes, not knowing what to say, and her stare begins to travel southward, as if she’s sizing me up for something. “Well, I guess the cat is out of the bag now,” she exclaims, shattering the noiseless void. “Now the question is what do we do about it?” Jenna questions with a devilish grin on her face.

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  Slowly, I move towards her, almost in a daze. Did my ears her it correctly, or was it a dream? I can’t believe that my fantasy is about to be realized — I’m about to show my sister just how much I love her. As I reach the side of the bed, Jenna moves to the middle. I can’t believe how hot she looks right now. How her long, luscious legs part as I move from the edge of the bed to her side; how her fingers gently glide down my arm as she caresses me; how perfect our bodies move in harmony. I gently kiss her lips, lingering there, letting the tips of our tongues dance daintily before I move my head lower to pay homage to her wondrous breasts, while my hand glides down her soft belly to that special place between her legs. Gently I take a nipple into my mouth and suck on it briefly, feeling it grow harder in my mouth, then move to the other breast and repeat the same procedure, getting the exact same sigh as her nipple hardens and she pushes her breast upward, into my face and mouth. My hand rests gently on her strip of hair above her budding clit, and I allow a finger to slide between her legs and upward through her slit, until it rests on her hardening clit. I gently rub her hardening nub, bringing her to a hard and quick orgasm as her body quivers in delight and her breath comes deep and quick. The room swirls in a fit of passion and I move my head further southward, to the same place my hand was. I gently spread her slit open and before me lies her most sacred treasure. I lovingly part my lips, allowing my tongue to slide out and taste Jenna’s juices before moving upward to her hardening clit. As I suck her clit into my mouth, I feel her body shudder again, near the onset of yet another forceful orgasm, and her legs tighten around my head to hold me in place. All the while, I continue to lightly suck on her hardening nub while gently licking around and over it. Somewhere between her second and third orgasm, I began sliding my finger inside her wet hole to feel the muscles gripping it tighter and tighter as I slid it deeper and deeper inside her.

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   This must have been what triggered her third orgasm, and if so, I wonder how she’ll react shortly as I slide something much longer and bigger than my finger inside her. After feeling her legs loosen around my head, I feel her hands around my head, pulling me upward towards her face. As our faces meet, our lips press tightly together, allowing each others tongues to mingle together, both of us tasting her juice. Breaking the kiss, I move further upward between her legs and I hear Jenna sigh loudly as the head of my dick brushes against her thigh. Her eyes close in anticipation as I push myself into a position where I can watch the head of my dick disappear into my sisters hot snatch. “Please, Jon, fuck me now,” Jenna whimpers as I feel the heat and moisture from her soon-to-be filled hole. “God knows how long I’ve waited and prayed for this to happen, and I’m not going to stop now. ”“Are you sure you want to do this?” I ask her. “I want to make certain that you want to continue, that you want to make love with me. ”She nods her head in agreement and pulls her knees upward, and with those simple motions, I slowly press the head of my dick forward and begin sliding between Jenna’s lips and down into her love tube. I feel the lips of her pussy part and slide down the shaft of my rock-hard cock as I continue entering her. God, how hot and moist her tight twat feels so fantastic around my pole. Just as I assumed, Jenna’s body begins to shake again, this time, a little more violently. I watch as her chest as it heaves up and down, watching her titties bounce in front of me and hear her breath shallow, very ragged and fast. Like Jenna, I’ve waited for this too long, and I’m not letting anything stand in my way, so with one sustained push, I bury the remaining four inches of my pole inside her awaiting sex.

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  Gazing into her eyes, I look deep into her soul and there she looks content, as my pole impales my sister. Her eyes close and she bites lightly on her lower lip as wave after wave pours over her, bringing orgasm after orgasm upon her body. I feel her cunt muscles tighten around me as wave after wave of my sister’s cum surrounds my rod while I remain nestled deeply in her. I haven’t moved yet since fully entering her, wanting to bring her more orgasms as I begin making love to her. Caution, having been thrown to the wind, is of no concern and I begin sliding my throbbing dick in and out of her velvety love tunnel. Freely and easily, I slide in and out of her, and with each thrust, I hear small, sustained moans coming from Jenna’s mouth. I can’t believe how wonderful it feels being inside my sister right now. I look down between Jenna’s legs to see what it looks like as we commit incest — the most taboo of all sexual acts — and watch my dick slide in and out of my sister. As I gaze upon this act, I watch how her lips cling to my rod as I withdraw from her hole, and how they flatten out as our bodies press together as I push deep inside her. With each successive thrust, I feel my balls slap against Jenna’s ass. Easily I slide in and out of her, feeling the approaching orgasm as it swells and grows inside my own body as we share in our taboo love affair. I look at Jenna and see just how beautiful she is there beneath me as I continue my assault on her tight twat. I see her body shine from sweat, how her magnificent globes jiggle as our bodies collide in the throes of passion. Each thrust brings me closer and closer, until I can no longer hold back the building flow of my own orgasm. “Oh, God! I’m about to cum, Jenna,” I utter, nearing my orgasm.

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   I feel my dick harden more and my balls rise upward, hugging my dick. The unmistakable feeling begins to grow inside me as I thrust deeper and deeper into Jenna’s hole. “Oh, yes, Jon! I want your cum inside me. ” Jenna exclaims in between thrusts, each word separated by a thrust. “I want you to fill me up with your cum. ”Faster and faster I pump her box, thrusting my dick deeper and deeper into her love hole. My world spins faster and my body is rocked with contraction after contraction, spewing my salty seed inside my sister's luscious twat. “Uuunnnhhhhh! I’m cumming, Jenna!” I moan as I begin flooding her box with cum. “How does it feel to have me pumping your pussy full of cum?” I question as I feel her legs tighten around me, holding my spurting cock deep inside her box. Louder and louder I hear Jenna moaning, bringing herself to yet another orgasm. “It feels wonderful, Jon,” she replies, smiling with each and every spurt of cum she feels inside her. “It feels so wonderful. I wish we could make love like this forever. ”After our orgasms finish, I lean forward and kiss Jenna deeply. Together our bodies lie joined together until my dick, much softer than it was before, slides from inside her.

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   We gaze into each others eyes, realizing just how much we love each other, but also realizing that we cannot publicly show it. “Jon, I’m sorry about this afternoon,” she apologizes. “As you have probably guessed, I was jealous of Kayci,” she continues. “For so long, I’ve wanted to show you how much I cared for and loved you, but it made me furious when I found out that a 14-year old girl beat me to it. ” Jenna tells me as we lay cuddling in bed. “I know how you feel. I was afraid of how you’d react to my advances,” I tell her. “It’s not every day that a brother and sister decide to pursue a sexual relationship with each other. “Now that we have, Jenna,” I continue, “I want to show you how much fun sex can be. ”“I’m looking forward to it, Jon,” my sister tells me as she lightly kisses me before turning over, snuggling closer to me before we drift off to sleep. ************Please leave me comments, so I can determine if a third chapter is warranted. Also, constructive criticisims are always welcomed, as they're wonderful teachers. .

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