A Chinese Dish Part 2


A Chinese Dish 
Part 2  
The next morning I saw Susie coming across the street. This time she just walked right in and came to face me. I started to say Hi but she stopped me.
“ Don’t say a word pervert. You just do what I say and remember all I have to do is report you and your life is over”.
I just looked down at her and nodded. She said, “Now drop your pants and sit down”.
I did as ordered by this little 13-year-old mistress. She walked over to where I was sitting and took my cock in her hands. I immediately started growing at her touch. She started stroking my cock slowly but with a firm grip. I got hard and was oozing pre-cum when I leaned back and closed my eyes. She reached up and slapped me and said,
“Open your eyes and look at me.
You’re going to watch every stroke”. She started stroking faster and faster. Her tiny hands were a blur as I felt the pressure building in my balls.

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   I was so close when she stopped.
She said, “Oh no, not yet”. She told me to lay on the floor on my back. I did as she commanded then watched wide eyed as she stripped off her pants and panties. She had the most beautiful tiny hairless cunt I had ever seen. She stood over me straddling my head with one foot on either side while I just stared up at her little pussy. Just then she let go a stream of piss right in my face. It hit me in the mouth before I could close it and close my eyes as she pissed on me.
My cock was ready to explode on its own. She turned around to show me the most perfect round ass I have ever seen. It was flawless. She squatted down over my face putting that perfect ass right on my mouth. She ordered me to lick her ass hole. I guess she didn’t realize I didn’t need any encouragement as I stuck my tongue out to taste her wonderful ass hole. I started licking and sucking for all I was worth.

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   I felt her start grinding her ass down on my mouth and heard her moan quietly.
I started to reach up to her tits when she smacked my cock really hard. She told me not to move just keep licking her ass. My cock was standing up rock hard and ready to explode. . She started moving her hips more and moaning. She was getting close to coming. Then she really pushed her ass down on my face and started yelling,
“Oh my god I’m going to cum. Eat my ass pervert, eat it all up. ”. Then she stiffened and actually had a great squirting orgasm. Her cum shot across my stomach and hit my cock. When I felt that that was enough. My cock shot off with the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had. The first shot must have gone 6 feet straight up, followed by at least a dozen weaker shots.

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I was exhausted and totally spent. She just sat there on my face catching her breath. When she finally got up she started putting her pants on but handed me her little panties. She said, “This is your reward for doing a great job”. With that she smiled and said, “See you tomorrow”. As she left I couldn’t help thinking, I’m being dominated and controlled by a beautiful 13-year-old girl that just gave me the most incredible orgasm of my life. I couldn’t help but smile and wonder what “punishment” I would receive tomorrow.
Part 3 coming soon

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