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So what about you? what was your all time favourite sexual encounter? " she said, as we sat back with another bourbon. This was perfect, all I had to do was come up with a decent story to get her in the mood and we'd be going at it in no time. I'd always been attracted to my brother's wife but I never thought I'd have a chance to live out my fantasies about her, but here we were, me visiting Miami at short notice for a conference and my brother just happening to be out fishing all weekend with his mates, not even aware I was in town.
Nadia, my brother's wife was half Russian, half colombian and she was absolutely stunning, she had it all, long legs, hourglass shape body, incredible tits and a beautiful face framed with long dark hair. Being summer she was wearing only tight little shorts and a t-shirt which I suspect she'd just thrown on when she'd heard the doorbell ring and they didn't leave much to the imagination. I'm glad I'd bought the bourbon because things had been a bit awkward at first, my brother had only been married about a year and with me living in Santa Fe I'd only met Nadia once beside the wedding, but now with a few drinks down we were really relaxed and we'd somehow, while talking about my ex wife got onto the subject of sex.
"I don't know about my favourite but I'll tell you about one time I'll never forget.  I was living in Cambodia with my first wife Sharin who was Cambodian,and working for the United Nations on a development project when Sharin's sister Pe came to stay. She had married a German man and lived with him in Germany but she came back to visit her family for two months every year, she normally stayed at the family home but she'd had a big fight with her brother and she asked Sharin if she could stay with us.  At first everything was fine, she was beautiful like my wife and could speak German and a little bit of English and we got to know each other well. At the time I was travelling around Cambdodia for my work and Sharin and her sister Pe would join me, with me working in the day and the three of us going out to dinner and partying at night. The only thing I didn't like was that we had to share a hotel room with only one double bed because Pe was scared to stay alone and Sharin refused to have sex with her sister around,
I reckon she would have cut my balls off if I'd suggested a threesome, anyway it all started one night when we'd visited a local chief for a big banquet and we'd got smashed on the local rice whiskey, particularly Sharin who didn't normally drink much and I had to carry her back to the hotel, We all just fell onto the bed and passed out. At some time in the night I woke up and found that my hand was resting on Pe's pussy and she and Sharin were both fast asleep, Sharin, snoring loudly. I took my hand away immediately but just the thought of fucking my sister in law gave me a raging hard on and making sure that Sharin was still asleep I put my hand gently back on Pe's pussy and began to very lightly stroke her pussy through her underpants. The fact that I knew what I was doing was wrong and that I'd be in all sorts of trouble if I got caught made me a little scared but also extremely horny and I began to play with myself.
As I was gently stroking Pe's pussy she suddenly moved so I quickly took my hand away but I waited for what seemed like an eternity and she didn't seem to wake up so I started stroking her again just barely touching her little pussy while watching her face for any sign of her waking up.


   After awhile she started moaning and I quickly took my hand away again but she didn't wake up. I started stroking her again and the moaning continued and her hands started fondling her beautiful breasts. She seemed to be having a wet dream totally oblivious to the fact that I was lying on my side next to her with a rock solid hardon playing with her pussy. I was incredibly horny now and I decided to see if I could get her panties off without waking her up, I grabbed the edge of her panties and slowly slid one side under her sexy ass, so far so good, next I did the same with the other side until they were hanging loosely at the top of her legs. In one motion I slid the panties down her legs and off but as I did she yawned, scared shitless I put my head back down on the pillow and pretended to snore.  She seemed to be asleep so I again turned my attentions to her beautiful now naked mound.  like before I hovered my finger just above her pussy touching it ever so lightly and she again began to moan and play with her tits.
As I realised she didn't seem to be waking up I got bolder and pressed down to get my finger just inside her. She was starting to get really wet as I stroked up and down her pussy stopping a little bit longer at her clit each time as her moans increased. She was getting louder and beginning to buck her pussy on my finger which made me worry my wife was going to wake up but when I looked over she was still sound asleep and snoring. By now I wasn't even trying to be gentle, I was rubbing her clit and she was rocking on my hand and squeezing her tits while moaning loudly. all of a sudden she woke up and looked at me in shock, I motioned for her to keep quiet with one hand while keeping the other on her pussy and she didn't stop me, she was already too far gone to want to stop even though she knew what we were doing was wrong. Next I lifted her shirt up with my free hand and started to lick and suck her nipples, The feeling of me sucking her tits while fondling her clit was too much for her and she arched her back in a violent orgasm, it was an incredibly sexy sight and I couldn't wait any longer I climbed on top of her and slowly eased myself inside her.
I could have just taken her roughly and blown my load quickly but I wanted to make her my sex slave so I just thrust in and out her tight hole slowly while caressing her and looking into her eyes. her husband was 65 and judging by the way she was reacting she had probably never been seen to properly by a young stud before, she had a wild lusty look in her eyes and she kept trying to speed up my thrusts but I was determined to dominate her, to make sure she would never forget this night.

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   She orgasmed a second time and her pussy was pulsating on my engorged cock giving me the most incredible feeling. I kept looking over at my sleeping wife while I stabbed my throbbing shaft into her beautiful sister and it all became too much for me, my balls tightened and I exploded into her warm tight pussy with what felt like the biggest load I'd ever had. After that we just lay together for ages kissing and cuddling with my now soft cock still inside her until I heard my wife roll over. Luckily she was still asleep and didn't catch us because that was the start of many secret adventures we had together but that's.

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