A Week away with my friend


Topic: A Week Away With My FriendDay One
It all began when I’d just turned thirteen, my friend Steven was going away for the week on holiday and was allowed to ask one friend along, he chose me. He told me that we’d be going to the lake, to his parent’s cabins. Yep, cabins. One for them and one for us. Their cabin was a good five-minute walk away so we’d have a lot of independence. I was told to bring a couple of pairs of swimming trunks, t-shirts and shorts, he’d provide the rest.
On the trip up Stevens parents outlined the rules, that they’d be out and about most of the day, but we’d all be expected to eat together in the evenings, other than that we wee free to do whatever we wanted. Here were other families around the lake, but their two cabins were fairly private so we wouldn’t be disturbed unless we wanted to be.
We were running late so we ate on the trip up and it was dark before we reached the cabins. Stevens parents dropped us off at ours along with our stuff and drove a little way along the long driveway to their main cabin.
‘Come on Mark, I’ll show you t the bedroom, I’m pretty tired and could do with some sleep. ’ Steven told me. We entered the small cabin and he gave me a quick tour. There was a living room/kitchen, bathroom and a single bedroom with a large double bed.
‘There’s only one bed, hope that’s okay?’ He asked. I just nodded my head sleepily.

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   Steven took my bag out of my hand and threw it in the corner. ‘Come on, let’s hit the sack, you look half dead. ’
‘Yeah, I feel it. ’ I agreed. I pulled my shirt of and threw it over the back of a chair before heading for my bag.
‘What you doing?’ Steven asked as he pulled his shoes and socks off.
‘Getting into my pyjamas. ’ I replied. Steven laughed at me.
‘You feel the heat?’ He asked. ‘You’ll sweat to death in pyjamas. ’
‘what am I supposed to wear then?’ I asked. Steven removed his shirt and pulled his jeans off.
‘Nothing. I’m going buff.

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  ’ He replied.
‘You sure?’ I asked somewhat nervous. I gave him a quick glance over. We’d been swimming together loads of times, but the idea of seeing him naked made me a little nervous. Especially considering the rather large bulge he possessed.
‘don’t be a pussy, the bed’s big enough, it won’t be anywhere near you if that’s what you’re worried about. ’ He teased me.
‘I’m not worried. ’ I shot back defiantly.
‘then come on, strip. ’ Steven said with a laugh. I nervously kicked off my shoes, pulled my socks off and let my trousers fall down around my ankles. I stood their in my briefs as Steven stood watching in his much better looking boxers. ‘Alright, so you don’t feel all self conscious we’ll whip them off at the same time. ’

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  ’ I agreed. We both slid our fingers around our waist bands. ‘One, two three!’
We pulled our underwear off and three them away. I was a little in shock. Steven stood with a four or five inch long, thick penis, a large mound of black hair at the top. I felt very self conscious in that moment as my own cock was only average size, three inches and completely bald.
‘Come on then, hop into bed. ’ Steven said without a care and jumped under the thin covers. I crawled into my part of the bed and laid on my side facing away from him. ‘Sleep tight. ’
‘yeah. ’ I said as I closed my eyes and fell off to sleep.
I woke up a couple of hours later, feeling the bed gently rocking back and forth. I opened my eyes and looked around in the half light to see Steven doing something, laying on his side, his back turned from me. I’d had some sex-Ed classes and knew what masturbation was, though I’d never done it myself.

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‘What are you doing?’ I asked. Steven looked over his shoulder at me.
‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you. ’ He apologised.
‘Are you masturbating?’ I asked.
‘Masturbating?’ He asked mocking me. ‘God you sound like a text book. I’m having a wank. Like you’ve never done it before. ’
He asked mocking me. ‘God you sound like a text book. I’m having a wank. Like you’ve never done it before. ’‘No, I haven’t. ’ I replied sheepishly.

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‘Really?’ Steven asked in disbelief. I nodded. ‘Wow, want to learn how. ’
‘What?’ asked in shock.
‘I love to wank, it’s fucking great, but I’m not going to stop for the week just because you’ve never done it before. So you can either join in and have a good time or sod off. ’ Steven told me matter-of-factly.
‘Okay then, show me. ’ I replied not wanting to show myself up.
Steven rolled over and his massive cock came into view, the swollen purple head catching my attention. He pulled the sheet of the bed and turned me over so we were both on our backs. My small cock had already begun to get hard from the sight of his own massive organ.
‘Okay, take hold of it like this. ’ Steven said as he grabbed his cock around the tip. It followed suit, though found it more difficult as I wasn’t fully hard yet.

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   ‘Stroke it up and down. ’
Steven started pumping his cock, picking up speed as he got more and more into it. It tried to keep pace but my cock kept sliding out of my hand, half flaccid. My nerves were getting the better of me. Steven noticed this and stops wanking.
‘What’s up?’ He asked.
‘I’m a little nervous, I can’t make it hard. ’ I told him embarrassed.
‘Relax, stop thinking about it s hard. ’ He said, smiling at the pun he’d just made. He pushed my hand off my cock. ‘I’ll help. My big brother had to do it for me first time he showed me too. ’
My cock started to get harder just from his touch. ‘See, better?’
I could only nod as I watched him slowly work me hard.

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   He slid his hand up and down, making circles around my head as he went. My breathing started getting heavier as I got more and more turned on.
‘Don’t just sit there and make me do all the work, do mine. ’ Steven complained. I thought about it for a second and thought, why not he’s doing me and it’d be only fair, plus it feels really good.
I carefully took hold of Stevens massive cock and followed his motions, we’d occasionally stop wanking to stroke and play with each others balls before we started picking up the pace on our shafts.
It wasn’t long before I felt a siring feeling in my loins and my stomach tightened up. I almost screamed as my first orgasm flooded through me and I sprayed cum all over stevens hand, my stomach and chest. I laid panting as I came down from my high, completely spent.
Steven pushed my unmoving hand off his cock and played with himself. I laid cover in cum and watched as he finished himself off/ His cum shot all over the bed, some of it oozing over his hand, mingling with my own love juices. He reached over to the bedside table and removed a roll of toilet paper. He wiped the cum of his hand and the rest of his body, before cleaning me up. He paid particular attention to cleaning my cock, which I admit I enjoyed.
‘What about the sheets? I asked staring at the cum covered bedding.

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   Steven threw the used toilet paper across the room.
‘forget about it, I’ll wash it tomorrow. ’ He said as he shoved the dripping sheets off the bed. He laid back down on his side. ‘Good night. ’
‘Yeah, thanks. ’ I replied as I laid down and fell off to sleep too.
More coming soon. . .

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