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Topic: Adventures in Taboo 10Having my own apprtment let me do a lot of things I could not do before. . I was able to bring a lot of girls home to my house for sex. . After a while I needed a bigger pantie drawer for my torphies. . On Occasion I could sneak Dianne over and we would fuck all over the house. . The only room that was off limits was my daughter Alexa's room. . Then after a few months I would get a call from some one I have not heard of for years. . My one niece Rosalita got accepted to a collage near me and wondered if she could stay with me until she got a place. . I told her sure why not. .

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   I had a big place and she could sleep on the couch. . . Now I was not 21 and Rosalita was 19 going on 20. . She was not the smartest girl but she was very pretty. . She was also a Cheerleader. . She was half Spanish with green eyes and dyed bright red hair ( you know the color you could only get from a bottle?) She had monster 40 DD tits, a tiny waist and a big ghetto booty. . She was also short, maybe 5 foot tall. . She also liked to drink. .

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   She could out drink any guy I know right under the table. . After she moved in she would go to class in the morning and afternoon, got to cheer leading practice until night, Go out drinking until the bars closed, Come home, drink some more, pass out. . . She would wake up bright and early in the morning and repeat the process. . The stuff she would wear to the bar would have made a hooker blush. . Needless to say I wanted to fuck her. .  One day she came home early. . She ran out of money and didn't want to stay. .

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   She was still shit faced drunk though. . When she got home she went to go get her stash of booze but forgot she drank it all and didn't replace it. . I was in the shower washing up for the latest teen age girl I picked up at the mall and fucked and I walked into the living room naked not expecting to see my neice there. . She looked up at me and said "Hey uncle John, looking good. . So that is the cock you used to fuck my cousin Brittany huh?". . Not sure what to say I said "Yeah". . She then said "Do you have any alcohol?". . I told her "I have some.

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  . why?". . Rosalita the replied "I will make you a deal, I will suck your cock if you give a whole bottle of the good stuff". . I was feeling a little brave so I replied "Let me fuck youa nd you can have all of it". . She replied "I am not into that but I don't mind swallowing a little of your jizz if it means you supply me with some gin or vodka". . I said well If you want the good stuff, you have to suck my cock naked". . She replied "sure" and started taking off all her clothes. . She got down on her knees and gave me the best head I ever got. .

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   She would jerk me off as she sucked on my balls, she would tongue the head, she used her tongue to lick my balls as she deep throated me plus there is just something about a Spanish girls lips that feel so good on a man's dick. . In just a few minutes I was shooting hot sticky cum down my nieces throat and it felt so good. . She then took her booze, went to the couch ( still naked ) and started to drink. . I went to bed with a smile on my face but wondering the whole time what it would take to get my cock into forbidden niece pussy once again. . The next morning she wok up bright and early and asked to talk to me. .  I thought it was going to be bad but instead she said "Look I am running out of money and don't get more until the end of the month. . I know you want to fuck me so if you keep me supplied in alcohol, I will see how I can accommodate you". . I smiled and said "You got a deal".

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  . The next day she would only let me finger her as she sucked on my cock, then a few days after that we would 69. . Then after that she would let me put my dick in her pussy but only for a minute then she would suck me off, the day after that it was 5 minute. . The next day I hit the jack pot. . She said "I like the feeling of your cock in my pussy and I think I swallowed enough cum so you can fuck me the whole time. . You can cum in my pussy also because I am on the pill". . . She didn't have to tell me twice and after I got her all wet by eating her out I fucked her like she never been fucked before. . I fucked her with me on top, with her in the cowgirl, with her on top in reverse cowgirl,I fucked her doggy style and when I finally came I cream pied her pussy to the very top.

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  . I was enjoying this so much. . We continued to fuck for booze even after she got her monthly check until she got into a sorority. . If she needed booze she would still come over but would only give me head for it from that point forward. . I never got to tap that big bubble ass though before she left collage and moved to Arizona. .  I was still happy that I fucked 2 out of my 4 nieces. . My next note worth adventure as a 16 year old girl named Amber. . I was 23 at the time and enjoying life. .

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   I was made a boss at work, Alexa was 10 years old and just won the local junior miss beauty pageant. . Alexa also hated boys and that made me very happy. . Well I met this girl named Amber at a frat party. . She was pretending she was 21 but I happen to know her mother and know she was just 16. . That didn't stop me from wanting to fuck her at all. . She was a little blond Italian girl with C cup tits, blue eyes and a very dark tan. . I guess Amber her self wasn't that note worthy, just the two events that happened while I was fucking her made her  note worthy. . The one is as I was fucking Amber I noticed Alexa was watching me though the door.

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  . You see Alexa has big, beautiful blue eyes just like her mother and they are unmistakable. . She was watching her father get it on with a 16 year old girl. . I don't know why but that kinda bothered me. . It was on when Shyla was watching me fuck her mother but my own daughter watching me was a little weird. . After I finished up with Amber I got up, put on some pants and started walking toward the door. . I could hear Alexa get  up and run to her room. . I wrote it off to curiosity. .


   The next weekend Amber brought her 13 year old sister April to spend the night with us. . She was even more hot then Amber. . Her tits were bigger and she had an ass that was made for anal. . All 3 of us started drinking and it was not long before Amber and I were in my room fucking. . After we finished Amber and I fell asleep. . I started to dream of fucking her 13 year old sister April. . Man this dream felts so real. . It felt like April was really ridding my cock hard.


  . Next think you know I was cumming and it felt so good. . Suddenly I woke up thinking I just had a wet dream. . Instead I woke up with Amber passed out next to me and April still ridding my spent cock. . Unfortunately I was not wearing a condom wearing a condom and April was not on the pill. . Oh shit I was in trouble now. . How was going to explain this?. . Not only was I giving 2 minors alcohol but they both spent the night in my house and they both has sex with me and now the 13 year old was possibly pregnant. .

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   I was so scared. . I would lose my Job, they Would take Alexa away from me and I would go to jail. . We waited a month and had April take a pregnancy test. . It came back negative. . We did it again a month later and it was still negative. . Wow I really dodged a bullet there. . I swore off under age girls from that point forward. . Well that was until I was 26 and met a 16 year old goddess named Laurel.

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  . But that is another story.

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