After School Detention


I suppose ever since I became a teacher, I've had to fight the urge to look at my female students lustfully. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't masturbated over the thought of some of the girls. But I never came on to them, I mean, this was my livleyhood. All I had was my job, and I didn't want to throw it all away for nothing. After a while though, it became almost unbearable and there was many times when I had to slip out of my lessons to have a quick wank in the toilets. Especially when the summer came round, and all the girls were wearing their short skirts. I couldn't help myself. I tried to fight the urge, but come one hot summers day, I had organised an after school detention with two young girls, Mary and Jo. I had caught them smoking pot behing the bikeshed. They were only 14! But my god they were beautiful. Mary was perfect in every way and she had a breast size that defied her young age. Easily a DD. And Jo was just as good. Not as perfectley formed as Mary, but beautiful in her own way, with ginger hair done up in pigtails, freckles on her face, and beautiful young eyes. So come 4 o'clock, I had some menial cleaning tasks ready for them, and sure enough, they were late. They came in my room at 4:15, stinking of weed.

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   "Been smoking again girls?," I asked. "No sir, we've learned our lesson, we're hear to do our detention and go home," replied Mary, looking hotter than ever. I could feel the bulge in my trousers already. Would I be able to contain myself?"Well, you've got until 5 o'clock to tidy this room from top to bottom, here's some polish and a duster, and you'll find a mop over there. Make sure you do it quietly as I have papers to mark, and I don't need any distractions""O'k, sir," said Jo, "you won't hear a peep. "Then I saw them exchange the dirtiest of smiles, and Mary reached for the polish, and Jo walked over to the mop. And so they began to clean. For 10 minutes, nothing really happened, I marked my papers and they carried on cleaning. It was only when Mary came to polish my desk, that I noticed she had unbuttened the top of her blouse. "Excuse me sir," she said as she leaned over my desk and my god, what a cleavage! But not only that, she wasn't wearing a bra, and just as I got a glimpse of her perfect nipples, she quickly rose up, with a shocked look on her face. "SIR! Were you looking down my blouse?"My face went bright red, "Er. . . no, of course not. You're 14!!! How dare you.

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  . . ""We know sir," said Jo a she walked over to my desk and joined sophie. "Know what?""That you jerk off to the thought of our tight young we want though sir," she said as she exchanged a smile with Jo,"is for you to jerk off and shoot your hot spunk all over our young faces," said Mary. And all of a sudden , her blouse was off and Jo was rubbing , kneading those beautiful young breasts. "Oh god. . . . " was all I could say as my cock was fit to bursting out of my trousers. "Now," said Mary as she turned around and Jo went round shutting all the blinds and locking the door, "Spank me!" And she lifted her tiny skirt to reveal the most beautiful ass with only a tiny G-string covering her. "NOW!!!!"SPANK!!!! I couldn't help myself, SPANK SPANK SPANK, each hit made my cock even harder and there was no turning back now. I stood up and immediatley grabbed those amazing breasts, and started to suck each nipple in turn. As I was doing this, Jo came over and bent down, unzipping trousers, finally releasing my throbbing 8" cock. Then Mary also knelt down and before I knew it, both girls were licking and nibbling on my rock hard member.

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   I couldn't believe what was happening, two 14 year old girls were sucking me off!!!! It was insane, but as Mary finally took my whole member for herself and started to suck, it felt so good I lost all sense of self control. "Oh yes, suck it, take it all you dirty little slut. " As Mary masterfully sucked my cock, Jo stood up and ripped off her blouse, to reveal her tiny breastsdropped her skirt and stood there with just her pink panties on. "Come here now!" I demanded, and as she started to kiss me, I felt between her legs for her hot pussy, and began to stroke it. It was soaking wet, and after a while, I had my index finger all the way in, and she started to moan. "Thats right, how does that feel?""Oh. . . . so . . . good. . .

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  sir""Now, both you little sluts bend down, I'm gonna cover you're little faces in my spunk, but first, you must beg for it. BEG!!!!""Please sir," they said in unison," Cum all over our faces, please, we want to taste your hot spunk now! PLEASE"That was it, I jerked off as they looked up at me with their 14 year old faces, and then, I exploded"AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"Jet after jet of spunk flew out all over their faces, I had never cum like that in my whole life! They were absolutley covered in Jizz, and they began to lick and kiss each others faces, not wasting a single drop. Some had dripped onto Mary's tits, and Jo didn't hesitate to lick it all up. "How was that?" I asked, exhausted. "Amazing, but we want more!""Well, I don't think I have any more for now. ""No, now we want you to piss all over us. Please, piss all over our young body's. "Wher did that come from? Two 14 year old girls wanted me to piss on them. Now, I can't say I'm into that sort of thing, but I had totally lost my mind, and I couldn't say no. "Right, lie on my desk. "They both complied, and as their beautiful cum sodden body's lay next to each over, they started to make out, and piss started to geyser out of my cock onto their body's. As I soaked their body's, I realised how much this turned me on, and when Mary got up and opened her mouth, I aimed straight for it, and she guzzled it down. It was amazing. All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. "Oh shit!" I screamed and all of A sudden, I felt like a dirty old man.

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   As I furiously tried to gather my clothes,  I heard the door unlock, and in stepped the Headmistress, taking in the whole scene. Now I was in BIG trouble. . . . . . .