An Amazing Day


It started out as a normal Thursday morning, I (Mike, 22 years old) was going to meet Chris, who is about 35 years old and Candace, who is 45 years old for our morning cycling workout (anywhere from 25-50 miles) which was followed by our run (anywhere from 3-10 miles). Today we all met at Candace’s house and left from there on our bicycles, I showed up a bit before Chris so I went inside and Candace and I just hung out and talked until Chris got there. It had been raining this morning so we were not sure if we were going to ride or not and this is why I was there before Chris. While we were waiting on Chris it had stopped sprinkling so Candace decided to change into something a little bit better for the now current conditions so I did as she did.
As we both got undressed and redressed Chris got there and we started off on our ride, it was a very windy morning and a little cool but fairly comfortable when the sun came out. We rode 28 miles this morning so we had plenty of time to have idol chit chat. Today we talked about old T. V. shows and funny things that we have seen on them. Candace got on the topic of old dating shows and how that she was watching one in college and the question at the end was “what is the strangest place you have made whoopie?” and the brought the boyfriends back out and asked them the same question but they had to say what they thought their partner had answered. When the boyfriends got out on the set they proceded to ask the question where one of the participants answered “well I don’t know, I think I’ll go with the kitchen table” and so the host asked the girl to flip her board over and show her answer, as she did her board read “why, in the butt Bob”. This got us all laughing and Candace said quietly “I actually kinda like it in the butt” I don’t really think she was wanting anyone to hear her but I was close enough that I did and as I did I turned to look at her and she realized that I had heard her last comment and then gave me a wink and looked me up and down. As our ride went on we would give each other looks and raise our eyebrows at one another. As we arrived back at Candace’s house to change shoes, drop off our bikes, helmets, gloves, and stretch our legs before we left for our run and since we were at Candace’s house she went in and changed into her running shorts, a dry shirt, and her running shoes. When she came out to stretch she sat right next to me almost facing me but not completely. This gave me a great view up her shorts and to my surprise she had no underwear on and I got an amazing look at her completely shaved pussy.

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As I was mesmerizing she caught me looking and kinda cleared her throat to get my attention, as I looked up she just gave me a smile and discretely rubbed her pussy and her ass hole and gave me yet another wink. Chris decided not to run today saying “I have some errands to run and need to get to an appointment before 1”. This gave us some time to ourselves and as we ran she asked “did you like what you saw?” I was caught off guard but eventually replied “oh, sorry about that, I apologize”. From this reply I got an answer I had only dreamt of for the past year, she looked back at me and said “I was hoping you would notice and I would love to show you more when we get back to my house” with this I simply said “Lets just run 2[miles] today, sound good to you?” followed by a very quick “Fuck 1[mile] is fine with me”.
As our run ended, we did 2, and we got back to her house she said “Come on follow me, you’re gonna have the best day of your life today” so I quickly followed her into her house and up the stairs to her (and her husbands) bed room. As soon as I got in the door she turned around and said “take off everything on your body, I want to see you” so I did as she said, I took of my shirt followed by my shoes and shorts and finally my underwear. As I finished undressing I felt her hand reach down and grab my cock and she simply whispered “I can’t wait for you to ram this huge fucking cock in my ass”. This got my cock harder than it have ever been and I went to pick her up to lay her on her bed and take her clothes off of her when she said “Hey, you do what I want when I want, you to got it?” and I replied with a very quick “Yes, I got it”. “O. K. , now Mike since we have that issue cleared up you need to lay on the bed and spread your legs and make sure that dick stays hard cause I’ll be right back” said Candace. As she disappeared into the bathroom I continued to rub my cock and caress my balls even though just the mere thought of watching her rub her pussy would have kept my dick hard as a rock I still wanted to rub it and be rubbing it when she came out. About a minute went by and she came out of the bathroom in nothing but a completely see through lace shirt and a black thong. As I laid on the bed rubbing my dick she looked at me and smiled and went over to her window and raised the blinds a little, just enough to reveal the video recorder as she hit record. Candace then walked over and started jacking me off and making out with me at the same time as I was about to cum from her amazing hand job she stopped kissing me and started sucking my cock.

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   I came in her mouth and watched her swallow every last drop. This got my cock rock hard once again and this time I was in for the best part of the day. She was so horny it was absolutely amazing, she said her husband hadn’t fucked her in 6 months and she needs it more than I could imagine. She got on top of me and put my dick in her pussy and started to moan as soon as she took it all inside. As she put my cock in her I told her “I don’t know how long it will take me to get off again, it’s usually really hard to get me off twice in a row” and was followed by her replying, “good, the longer the better you are gonna be my sex toy for the day”. As the day progressed we fucked in every position we could think of and when we had done that we did it again only I we did them anally. This was my first anal experience and it was absolutely amazing. We now do this atleast once a week and sometimes twice. Candace turned out to be a real freak and loves it when I cum on her face and tits and back and in her ass. I couldn’t ask for a better woman to fuck