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I first became aware I was different when I was in the Boy Scouts.   We were at camp showering when a scoutmaster looked in on us and did a double take on me and said, "Kid, you are going to please a lot of girls. "  In high school gym, the guys admired my tool and nicknamed me "Meat".   Some of the teachers heard the nickname and thought it was just a play on my initials that are M. E. T.   Several of the girls in high school heard about the size of my dick and wanted to see for themselves.   After heavy petting and we were getting ready, when they saw the size of my dick, they would not let me fuck them.   One girl said, "That damn thing would go up into my chest. "  The sometimes gave me a hand job, and once a girl tried to give me head, but she could only get a few inches in her mouth.   When I was a junior, I went to the area of the city where prostitutes ply their trade and hired one of these ladies of the evening.   I told her I wanted straight sex and we agreed on the price.   We went to her room around the corner and she stripped without any foreplay and said, "Well come on, boy, get your clothes off and let's get going. "  I was surprised at the abruptness of this, but I was determined to finally fuck a woman.   When I dropped my shorts and she saw the size of my member, she sat up and said, "Wait a minute, big boy.   I don't think I can take that monster.

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  "  I'll give you a blow job or a hand job, but you are not about to stick that pole into me. "  I left still a virgin. I was also having a little trouble with some of the classes at school and barely passed to the 12th grade.   All summer I worked at various jobs and trying to get laid.   Another trip to a prostitute brought the same results.   When September came, I started school as a senior and still a virgin.   And my dick had grown some more.   I had finally developed a good study habit and my grades had improved, although I was still having some trouble with algebra.   My teacher was an Indian lady named Mrs. Gupta.   About halfway through the first semester, she asked me to stay after class.   It was my last class of the day, so it was no problem.   Mrs. Gupta asked me what the problem was with her class.   I told her I just did not understand the formulas and couldn't see why I should even care about adding x and y or simultaneous equations and such.

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    She asked me what I did on the weekends.   I told her I did odd jobs for people and she asked me if I could come to her house and mow her lawn and help her move some furniture in the house.   Afterward, she would show me some practical application to algebra and maybe it would help me.   I arrived at her house about 10:30 and she showed me where the lawn equipment was.   It was a large home with about 1/2 acre of back yard.   I set about mowing and trimming the grass and it was about 1:00 when I finished.   It had gotten hot and I was sweating a lot.   When I went to the door to tell her I was finished, she looked at me and asked if I would like to cool off in the pool and then join her for lunch.   I told her I didn't have any trunks, but she said some of her husband's swimsuits should fit me.   I was a little concerned about her husband coming home and finding me in his house with his wife so I asked her when he would be home.   She explained her husband died about a week after they arrived here from India.   They were both from families that were well off, but she had been trained as a mathematician and decided she wanted to teach. , so here she is.   She got the trunks, and they were much too large for me, but I tied the string and went to the pool.   She was swimming laps, so I jumped in and started to swim, also.

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    After a few laps I stopped and was standing in the shallow end when she stopped next to me and stood up.   She had on a string bikini and breasts that were about a 32C.   A small waist and absolutely beautiful long black hair that trailed down her back to her nicely rounded hips.   Her skin was very light and flawless.   I started getting a boner standing there looking at her.   I must have had a strange expression on my face because she looked into my eyes and asked if there was anything wrong.  "No," I stammered, "Everything is all right. "She asked me if I ever used the diving board.   I told her I could do some dives, but I certainly wasn't Olympic material.   She laughed and said she wasn't either, but she enjoyed diving.   With that, she turned and climbed out of the pool.   Her bikini was also a thong and her beautiful ass was definitely Olympic material.   She climbed up on the board and did a very high, perfect swan dive.   When she came up in the shallow end and stood, her top had pulled down.   She laughed and pulled it up.

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    "Come on, now Mike,"  she said, "Let's see what you have. "  I wasn't sure what she meant, but I assumed she meant in diving.   I climbed up on the board and performed a decent jackknife.   I swam underwater to where she was standing and came to the surface and stood up.   Suddenly she yanked down my trunks.   "I meant for you to show me what you had. "  Her top was gone and her breasts were inviting.   Her areolas were dark and her nipples were like grapes standing out in full excitement.   As I stood there in surprise, she let out a gasp and took hold of my dick.   It jumped in surprised, but she did not let go.  "Come on," she said as she let me to the steps out of the pool.   She led me to the family room and then to the couch, never letting go of my dick - just pulling me along like a child's pull toy.   She told me she had heard talk about me, but thought it was just talk, but she heard the talk by the girls and boys, both, so she wanted to see for herself.   She pushed me down on the couch and stepped out of her bikini bottoms.   Her pubic hair was trimmed into a small straight line directly up from her slit towards her navel.

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    Her skin was perfect.   She walked over to me and pulled my head into her breasts.   Needing no further prompting, I took one of her breasts into my mouth and started licking and sucking.   I took the other nipple between my thumb and forefinger and started rolling it back and forth while pulling it outward.   She moaned very loudly and reached down for my dick again.   We continued this activity for a few minutes, and she pushed me back and told me to lie down.   She dropped to her knees next to me and started to caress my dick and lick the shaft. "Just how big is this thing?""About 14 inches along the top and a little over 3 inches across. ""How many girls have you pleasured with this thing?""None. ""None?  You are still a virgin?""Yes, ma'am.   The girls would not let me put it in them.   They said it was too big. ""Well, mister, when you leave here, you will not be a virgin anymore. "  With that she took me into her mouth.   She got about half of it in her mouth and then repositioned herself and got yet more into her mouth and down her throat.

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    As she was leaning over, I could see her pussy lips from behind, so I reached between her legs and started to caress her.   She suddenly took my entire dick down her throat.   I heard her gag a little, but she had it all in.   She pulled up and started going back down again just as I found her clit.   It stood out more than I knew they could and I squeezed it between my thumb and finger.   She stiffened and started having an orgasm.   When she moaned with my dick in her mouth and she tightened down on it, I shot my load down her throat.   That was when she had an intensive orgasm causing her to shake and collapse to the floor.   I asked her if she was okay.   She assured me she was fine, but it had been three years since she had experienced an orgasm from a man and she was overcome with pleasure.   I started to get up and she told me to stay put.   She said she had just started with me.   She asked me if I knew how to pleasure a woman.   I told her I had read a few things and watched a few porn movies, but that was all.  "Well, Advanced Sex Ed is now in session," she said.

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    She told me about a woman's erogenous zones while showing me and demonstrating how to excite them.   We experimented with various positions of foreplay.   Finally she told me it was time to loose my virginity.   First, I lay on the carpet and she straddled me and took hold of my dick rubbing it back and forth between her pussy lips lubricating both herself and my dick.   She then guided it into place and slowly lowered herself down onto my dick.   Never had I felt anything so good!  She pulled up a little and then lowered herself some more.   Each time she did this she got a little more into her.   She finally stopped with about 3 inches sticking out.   She leaned forward grinding her pubic bone against me and began moving up and down on my dick with increasing speed.   I reached up and took her tits in my hands and started massaging them.   It began to feel like a volcano was building up inside my guts and I let go of her tits and grabbed her by the ass, pulling her down onto me.   She grunted a little sound and I felt my balls hit her ass.   With that, she started to fuck me as fast as she could.   I joined her thrusting my ass up to meet her. I yelled, "I'm going to cum!"  That was all it took for her to climax, also.

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    After we lay intertwined for a few minutes, she rolled off me and snuggled up to my side.  "That was marvelous, Mike. ""It was for me, too, Mrs. Gupta. "She told me to stay put and left.   When she returned, she had some washcloths and a bowl of warm water.   She started to clean me and told me to clean her, also.   I took a washcloth and put it into the warm water.   When I rung it almost dry, I smelled a fragrance that smelled like Jasmine.   She had scented the water.   I started washing her taking care to get all the sweat and juices that had run down the crack of her ass.   I washed her pussy carefully and completely then moved the rag down towards her ass.   When I got to her asshole, she pushed back against the cloth.   I wasn't sure I was ready for this, but she told me to go ahead and put my finger in.   As I slowly pushed my middle finger into her asshole, she did the same to me.

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    What a surprise that was, but she took my dick into her mouth again, so I allowed her to continue while I finger-fucked her ass.   She started massaging my prostate gland while sucking and licking my dick and to my surprise; I felt an orgasm building again.   I pushed my thumb into her pussy and squeezed my thumb and finger together putting pressure against both the wall of her pussy and the wall of her ass.   She shuddered with another orgasm and that brought me to my climax.   We finished cleaning each other and got up.   She led me to the shower and we showered together, washing each other and playing around.   Although I started getting another erection, it hurt, so we stopped and got out of the shower.   She put on a short robe and I got dressed.   She went downstairs and fixed us a tuna salad sandwich and some chips and a soft drink.   When I came into the kitchen, she turned around and bent over to pick up a napkin off the floor showing off her magnificent behind with the swollen pussy lips protruding between her legs.   After we finished lunch, she told me about the uses of mathematics and explained adding, subtracting, and multiplying unknowns and after school how many different occupations used math in their daily lives.   It slowly became clear and she told me she knew the moment because it looked like a light bulb had come on in my eyes.  She gave me $40 and I told her I could not take it.  "Mike, what would your parents say if you worked here all day and went home with nothing but a satisfied look on your face?  You understand that if anyone hears about what we did here today, I will loose my job and maybe go to jail.   What we did was illegal.

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    You needed it, and I certainly needed it, but it will never happen again.   Do you understand?""Mrs. Gupta, what we did here today will stay with me the rest of my life.   You were wonderful, but you are my teacher and several years older than me.   Thank you for everything, and especially the help with the math, but I will never tell a soul and I will always refer to you as Mrs. Gupta. "My grades did improve to a B average and I understood math.   Neither she nor I ever mentioned what happened at her house.   There was no change in the way we acted at school, but when I graduated, I received an unsigned card that said simply, "Remember with happiness. "  In the card were two $20 bills.   I knew who the card was from. More to come in the story titled:  Shorter but better.   .