Bob Show Off


Bob entered happily in class he was happy as before he had entered school he had just given his usual 13 yr old "accidental" peep to some juniors. Now he longed to let the girls of his class have their usual share during the maths lesson. Mrs Lucas, as usual, was too busy reading from the textbook to notice anything and so Bob slowly lowered his zipper, hardened his cock in anticipation and soon pencils started falling form the desks in front as his dick was well in view. Some girls even smacked their lips in delight as theiy caught sight of that protrusion so big for its age!!After lesson Anne came and told him that she and 3 of her friends needed some Biology practice at her house and she would be glad if he would be their model and reference. Bob was only too glad to accept. He arrived at 6 and found Ann and her friends waiting impatiently. He was soon lying on her bed and the other girls ready with their biology book open on the Chapter!- Bob we are studying about the male sex organ could you please be so kind as to give us a demo?- sure ladies - he said as he quickly slid down his bermuda and undies. The girls gasped as he lay there with his dick in air a few inches away. . . . - this is how it. . . . .

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  . . but there was no time to continue as the girls were laready licking around his balls and Anne was sucking his cock deep until she could take no more. . . . - Yes Yes -said Bob - that'as it actually that had to be the third lesson and you seem to have studied already. . . . and as Anne and the others were still pleayfully attending his teen meat . . . - their girls this is the fifth lesson . .

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  . and with that he showered them with his fresh cum and they fought to take the most of his warm and creamy cum. . . . Just then the front door opened. . the girls were terrified. . . Clean him up quickly - said Ann while I keep Mum downstairs. . . . Soon bob was "clean" and sitting on the bed with his book open on the first chapeter dedicated to the Animal World!.

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