Boys In The Dark


Then my friend started saying "Remember that Blow Job picture? Do you want to do that?" And I replied ok sure you do me and then I’ll do you. It was more of a probing question, was he serious or was he testing me? He replied that I would have to promise to do him and I assured him that I would. Next thing I knew my penis was sticking out of my flies, still half hard from the earlier masturbating, and my 14 year old friend was on his knees in front of me. I just remember my penis being there and the first touch he made on it made it jump slightly and I took a sharp breath in with the wave of pleasure that passed through me. Soon he put it into his mouth and closed his lips around the head and I felt an intense feeling as his wet mouth took my virgin penis into it and sucked me. I remember briefly looking up from my daze and seeing my other friend standing there looking at us with a "what the hell are you doing!??" kind of impression on his face but with the pleasure that I was in I really didn’t care any more. I just stood there for about 30 seconds in the most amazing bliss as he sucked my penis head. Next it was my turn on him and as dismayed as Iwas to have to stop I was also looking foreword to feeling his dick in my mouth, I wanted to know what it tasted like. I nealed down and looked at his cock 3 incest from my face. He was already pretty hard in anticipation and I just put my hand out and took hold around the shaft and placed my lips up to his head and slowly took his relatively small penis (we were still 14) into my mouth as far as it would go. The soft skin was really warm on the insideof my mouth and he started moaning quietly. I wasn’t going to do this all night so I stopped and stood up leaving him hanging. Only one problem left, my other friend who had witnessed it all and was threatening to tell everybody. Only one way to fix it, blow him off as well,then he can’t tell anyone because he was involved. So after a bit of persuasion I was soon sucking his cock as well and guess what, he loved it so much that he wanted to join in as well. Pretty soon after that we were standing in a circle holding each other in our hands.

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   The feeling was amazing and we had no inhibitions. We were all totally naked in a field at 2am doing things we had never done before in our lives and loving them. I was getting pretty into it and on the next round of blow jobs I had them both working on me. One of them was sucking my hard dick while the other stood behind me probing my ass with his penis and fingers. We tried everything including a 69 on the grass. Feeling my dick get sucked while another boy's dick hung a inch from my face and I could just reach out and take it and put it into my mouth and taste him was amazing. During one such 69 we both came together. It's not like we had never cum, I mean, we all had jacked off before, but never from another person, let alone their mouths! The feeling as his dick got suddenly hard and started to throb and then his hips started to move and thick cream spurted first in my mouth and then on my face and chest, right after he came I did likewise on him. After we had both finished he collapsed on top of me with his sexy warm body rubbing our juices into each others smooth skin. Needless to say we have repeated the experience several times since then. .