confused part 3


I was awakened by Shelby plopping herself on my bed and asking if I was awake. Of course now I was. She sat there showing me her panties under her T shirt. I woke with a morning woody and it showed.   Shelby noticed it and said it looked big. I got embarassed and told her to get out so I could get dressed. She hopped up and left. As soon as she left I took off my clothes and quickly beat off thinking about my cute house guest. I got dressed and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. When I finished I went to the kitchen to get a drink. Shelby came in asking if her top looked ok. When I turned to give my opinion, she was wearing a white halter top and panties. I tried not to stare but couldn't help it, she is really cute. I told her it looked fine, when she turned to leave the room, I found out she was wearing a thong. I couldn't believe my eyes. Next was button down shirt tied up in front, and still no pants.

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   I told her I liked the first one better. She agreed and ripped the one she had on, off. Now she's standing here in panties and nothing else. She turned very casually and went to her room to finish dressing.   Shelby asked what we were going to do today?  I told her it was her choice. She wanted to go to the mall. I agreed, and off we went.   Of course she wanted to look at clothes and shoes but I couldn't leave her alone. I told her she could have 20 dollars since she had been such a good house guest.   She bought some panties, some body spray, earings and some hair things.   She was very grateful and thanked me more than once.    We went to the food court for a soda and a snack.   We sat there when out of the blue she asked again about when she saw me having sex with her mom. I told her she should ask her mom not me.   She told me she had asked her mom once and she was told never to talk to her about that.

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   I was surprised, Dee wasn't up tight about sex, I guess she was just embarassed that we got caught at it. I told her I would think about it. Later, back home, Shelby asked about it again, so I told her I would try,  but she couldn't tell anyone about it. She agreed. We sat down and I tried my best to tell her what she wanted, without being to graphic. She seemed satisfied with my answer and that was that. Later that night she came out of her room in only a training bra and a pair of the panties she had bought that day. She said," See aren't they cute?". I agreed. She dissappeared and came back wearing a big t shirt.   After we ate dinner and took our showers we sat down to watch a movie.   It was an old Dracula movie, so Shelby pretended to be scared but those things didn't scare anybody.   We were sitting on the couch kinda close when Shelby laid her head on my leg and strechted out on the couch. Her shirt had crept up her back exposing her cute little butt.   About the time the movie ended I realized Shelby was sleeping.

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   I got hard instantly. I turned off the lights and left only the tv on. I began stroking my dick thru my pj's. Then with out planning it or any thing I began to touch Shelby's butt. I didn't want to wake her but I had to touch her. I slid my hand under her shirt and lightly touched her little tit's. Then I had to do it I gently slid my hand down to her ass and slid my finger between her legs and stroked her little slit thru her panties. That was it, I exploded all over myself. It was great.   Later, I woke Shelby and put her in bed. She didn't seem to realize anything had happened. Wheeewww. I felt bad but not that bad. Later, when I was sure she was asleep again I went to her room, sat by the bed and touched her as she slept while I jacked off right next to her. I have to say it felt wonderful.

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  . .   Sunday. . . . part 4. .