I went to the change room to rinse any grime away and put on my trunks. When I got out of the shower there was Shelby putting on her bikini. I jumped back in the shower and asked, "What the heck are you doin?". "Gettin dressed. ", she replied. "I know but I'm not dressed, yet. "  "It's ok I see my dad naked all the time at his house, we hardly any clothes over there. "  I couldn't believe what I was hearing. What else went on over there?  Anyway, after she left in her rather small bikini. Small for a girl her age, I couldn't believe her mom let her wear a very small string bikini. And even though she was 11, she had a real cute, round butt, and just a bump for tits. We got in the pool and I just kinda sat in the 3 foot water relaxing, when Shelby came over and asked me to throw her towards the deeper water. After about 5 minutes of whinning, I agreed, but told her I needed instructions on what she wanted me to do. She told me to squat with my back against the wall, and she would put her feet on my knees and then launch. But what I didn't realize is that she didn't know how to tell me that she would also sit in my hands so "I" could launch her.   I couldn't believe it, I was worried she wouldn't be comfortable around me, and now I'm holding this cute little butt in my hand about 4 inches from my face.

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    She would count down and jump when I pushed that cute little ass with my hands. She giggled every time, and when she would swim back she was touching me every where, I don't think she even noticed, but I did. Once when she got up on my legs her bottoms had slipped half way down her butt. There it was, in my hand. Now I'm a little ashamed, but I was getting a hard on. . Finally I decided I'd had enough, "I'm goin in. "  The only problem was my excitement showed. I covered up as best I could and ran for the change room. Once inside I tried to change quickly but Shelby came in while I was still completely naked, I grabbed a towel and she said, "That's ok I see my dad naked all the time, I even help him play with his dick".   "Well, not Mine. " I shouted. I told her to get out, she said she had to change, and with that took off her suit, dried off and put on her clothes and walked out.   I sat there for a while, thinking, I didn't know if I should call the cops or just shut up about the whole thing.    I finally went in where I find Shelby in the kitchen looking for something to eat, I asked "How about a pizza?"She jumped for joy so we order one and I asked her to wait for the pizza while I showered.

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   She did and when the pizza got there we sat and watched TV and had a pizza picnic on the floor.   The pizza was good and I had just about forgotten about the pool when Shelby tells me she was going to take a bath before bed. Now I couldn't help thinking about what she looked like taking a bath. But I sat there and watched Sportscenter. All of a sudden I hear Shelby yelling for help, so I run in and there she is sitting there naked in the tub, but she had shampoo in her eyes, and I guess it wasn't the no tears kind. I knelt next to the tub, told her sit down and lean her head back in my hand and close her eyes. She did as I told her and I got the soap out of her eyes. She said, " I don't usually take a bath by myself, but I didn't want to ask you for help, I didn't think you would. " I told her if she needed help I would help her out.   With that she handed me the wash cloth, and stood in front of me and said, " OK, wash me. "  I couldn't believe it I was being asked to rub my hands on a naked 11 yr old. I did, but very carefully!!!! When she rinsed and got out so did I. Trouble still wasn't over.   She came out of the bathroom in her PJ's, a half tshirt and a pair of white panties. She went to her room and dried her hair and came out looking great.

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   She jumped on the couch next to me and curled up, telling me she was cold. I let her get a blanket and curl up to watch some tv before bed.   While we sat there I had to ask her, what she meant when she said she played with her dad's dick. She said that when he did things like get Ice Cream cones at the DQ or Pizza, or maybe take me to a carnival, I would do things for him.   She said she had been doing that since her mom and dad divorced three years ago. I couldn't believe it. I just sat there. Now I know I'm a jerk off, but, I asked if he did things to her. She said he kissed and licked her but never put his dick in her pussy. I told her that wasn't the way it was with me.   I told her to go to bed and that I was doing the same. I went to bed but couldn't sleep.   I went to Shelby's room opened the door to find her asleep, only half covered, and she had a nite lite.   I stood there thinking about everything that had happened that and my cock sprang to life. I figured no touch.

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   no harm.   So I dropped my underwear around my ankles and started jacking off. Standing there almost hoping she would wake up and catch me, but I just looked at her pussy in her underwear, till I shot a load of cum all over Shelby's floor, I took off my underwear and wiped up the cum and split. Now I still don't know if I should tell my friend about the goings on at the ex's. Or was it none of my business, after all she sounded like she enjoyed her self. Oh well, I'll figure something. .

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