Curteous Neighbor, Chapter 2


I worked as usual on Monday night and when I got home I was dog-tired. I slept very soundly and it was close to 3:00 before I stirred. I got up and poured a glass of orange juice and wandered into the front room. I was standing there in my bathrobe, looking out the window when the school bus pulled up near the entrance to the apartment building where Cindy and her mother lived. There were just the two of them as far as I knew. I watched Cindy get off of the bus with a bunch of her friends. I smiled at the wide range of maturity exhibited by the kids who dismounted the bus that afternoon. The middle school Cindy and these other kids attended ranged from Grades 6 to 9. So the kids getting off the school bus ranged from truly “little kids” to pretty mature – physically any way. Cindy, who was in the eighth grade, I think, stood out for her cuteness, but I noticed that several of her girl friends appeared further along in their physical development. I wondered if they were as far along as Cindy in their sexual experience. The kids laughed and giggled and teased each other for a few moments after the bus’s light quit flashing and it pulled back into traffic and down the street. The group split into a couple of smaller groups, some crossing the street to the subdivision where my house was, others moving into the apartment complex. I noticed that Cindy seemed to be moving off by herself. I watched her walk slowly towards her own apartment, and then stand in front of it as her chums disappeared from view. I saw her lay her books on the stairway, and smiled as she started to walk in the direction of my house.

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   About half way across the area between her apartment and my house, she broke into a quick trot. It took only a few seconds to cover the distance between her apartment and my front door. I walked to the door and when she rang the doorbell, opened it, and said “Hi, Cindy. ”“You said ‘anytime,’” she said with a coy smile on her cute little face. “Well, Mike, this is the time. Can I come in?”“Of course, Cindy. Come on in and make yourself at home. Did you lose your key again?”“Guess you kinda figured that one out, huh?”“Yeah. I guess I ‘kinda figured that one out. ’ Do you mind telling me what you were up to. ”“Gee, Mike, I thought it was pretty obvious”She went on to explain that the vibrator she had found had given her many pleasurable moments. It no longer operated – vibrated, that is, but it was still big and the shape of a man’s penis. She really enjoyed using it, and she had been able to make herself reach orgasm at first, but as time went on the attraction of the big dildo lost some of its appeal. “It was, in fact still is, great to have,” said Cindy. “But, I figured that the real thing had to be better.

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   I was sure right about that. ”“But, why me, Cindy? Why did you come on to me that day. ”“Well, Mike, I thought about doing it with some of the boys at school, but they are so dweeby…you know, so immature, like they just wouldn’t know what to do or how to keep their mouths shut. I would end up dissatisfied and the boys would blab it all over the school!”“Well, Cindy, I have to admit you are probably right. I confess that I pretty well did that to the first girl that I had sex with in school. Hell, I couldn’t wait to get to my friends and brag about it. “How old were you?”“Not much older than you, Cindy, fifteen. An older girl, a friend of my sister’s, kind of seduced me. She was “really old. ” She was, maybe, 16. ” We shared a laugh about that one. “Yep,” she said, “I didn’t know how you would react to my teasing, but you have always seemed real nice and you are so handsome. I get wet panties every time I see you. ”Cindy was dressed in her school uniform again, the same as last time, and she lifted her skirt to show me her damp panties. It was all I could do to refrain from jumping her right then and there, but I decided it was better to be a congenial host.

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  “Weren’t you worried about getting pregnant? I mean we didn’t use a condom or anything. ”“Oh, that’s not a problem, Mike. My Mom is pretty hip. She has had me taking birth control shots for several months. They’re neat and help with my periods, too. You don’t look like the kind of creep who would have AIDS or some other sick-o disease. And, I think it was pretty obvious that you were my first guy, right?”“Yes,” I agreed. “It still might make some sense to wear extra protection though. ”“It felt wonderful without any, Mike,” she argued. “My mother and her boyfriend never use condoms. They call it wading with your boots on… can’t be nearly as much fun?” Having a bit more experience than Cindy, I certainly had to agree. I offered her a soft drink, and she and I settled onto the couch in my den. The den was towards the back of the house, and its only window faced to the blank wall of the neighbor’s house. It asked her if she would like to watch some TV or listen to my stereo system. It was obvious that Cindy had other ideas when she moved over to be next to me.

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   I put my arm around her shoulder and drew her close. She lifted her face and offered her mouth to be kissed. I accepted. For such a young girl, Cindy has already learned how to kiss. She opened her mouth and our tongues engaged in a territorial battle. She moaned deep in her throat and my own moan echoed hers. I rubbed my hands all over her backside and down to her button as we caressed and continued to kiss. Her hand ran inside my bathrobe and entwined itself in my chest hairs. We broke our kiss and I began to unbutton her white blouse. Cindy maneuvered so that my task was easy and soon it was off of her, along with her bra. “I have been counting the moments until I could feel your mouth on my nipples again, Mike. It felt so wonderful when you sucked them. Will you please do that again,” she said, almost pleading. My answer was to literally dive at her chest and attack the budding tits and the incredibly responsive nipples. She wrapped her arms around my head and held my mouth against her breasts and I responded by licking and biting her nipples.

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  “Miiikkkke, that feels soooo good!” she said. “Oh, man, don’t stop. It feels so good when you bite on them. I thought it would hurt, but it just feels wonderful. ”I was simply too turned on to verbally respond, not wanting to remove my mouth from her engorged nipples. They had the consistency of pencil erasers it seemed and stuck out away from her chest about ¾ of an inch. They were extremely sensitive and each time I bit down on them, Cindy would hang onto my head even more tightly. It was not long before Cindy was on the verge of orgasm. She was one hot girl and getting incredibly horny…hornier by the minute. “I need to feel that wonderful cock, Mike,” she said, and having said so, moved her hands into my crotch, grabbing hold of my manhood. “It feels so warm and wonderful! Your balls are so…” I guess she couldn’t think of any superlatives, but no matter. She had moved to take my penis in her mouth and began to lick the head and suck on it. I lifted her skirt up over her hips and pulled down her bikini panties. Then, I maneuvered her so that I could reciprocate by feasting on her cunt. It was already producing some juices and I lapped the nectar.

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  “Oh, goodness,” she all but screamed. “This is so exciting. ” With that my cock disappeared back into her mouth and she managed to get almost all of it into her throat with gagging. Her head bobbed back up and she lick around the head of my member and then re-swallowed it. I scrunched forward and began to eat her asshole. I tongued her bunghole and rimmed her good. Cindy got an idea from that and started to move down on me. She sucked one of my balls into her mouth and then the other. Then she moved on down to my asshole. There we were, eating out each other’s shit hole and loving every minute of it. “Wow,” said Cindy. “That really tastes funny, but nice. I kinda thought it would make me sick, but I love it. Oh, Mike, eat my asshole some more. ”I was pleased to oblige and Cindy retreated to take my cock into her mouth once more.

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   She pulled away from my mouth and made it obvious that she wanted to give her undivided attention to my dick. “Mike, I want you to cum in my mouth. ”“Aw, Cindy, you shouldn’t have said that. Now I won’t be able to hold back. That is about the sexiest thing I have ever heard!”“Don’t hold back, Mike. Give me what I want. ”Her lips and tongue were all over the outside of my cock, and then her mouth ran down the length of my spear. She sucked and stroked my cock with her little fist simultaneously. “You are about to get your wish, Cindy,” I sighed. “I am just about there. ”She came up long enough to say, “Give it to me. I just know I am going to love the taste of your cream. ” She looked deep into my eyes, kissed me and then dove back to swallow my cock. My hands were still at her bottom, and as she sucked and licked and tongued my erect penis, I continued to play with her asshole. I stuck one of my fingers into her anus and another into her pussy.

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   She ground her hips against my probing digits and her oral attention to my cock increased. “I can’t hold out any longer, Cindy. Here it cums…now! Swallow it, you incredible cunt!”My cock erupted into Cindy’s waiting mouth and it was almost immediately overwhelmed by the quantity. You would have to have given Cindy and “A” for effort, because she tried hard to capture every drop, but inevitably some of my jism escaped from the corners of her mouth and dripped down her chin and onto her tits and my stomach and groin. “Ummph…unngh,” throated Cindy as she continued to receive my ejaculate in large quantities. Soon – disappointingly soon to both of us – the torrent of cum subsided. Cindy continued to suck on my cock until it had surrendered its last droplet. Then, she pulled her mouth off of my penis and licked up and down is now diminishing length to get every available drop. Her trek continued onto the area around the base of my cock and down onto my balls, where some of the jism had fallen. She was determined to find and eat every drop of cum I had produced. “Mmmmmm,” she cooed. “I was right…you taste delicious, Mike. ”She now moved upwards onto my belly where there were a few more droplets. I’ll swear that no lover I had ever encountered had cleaned me with half of the zeal that Cindy exhibited on that day. “Good god, Cindy.

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   You give fantastic head!” I lauded. “What does that mean…head,” asked Cindy. “What you just did…sucking my cock and eating my cum. ”“Oh,” she puzzled, “I thought that was a blow job; that is what mom and her boyfriend called it. ” She rose up from the couch and removed her shirt that remained bunch around her hips. She kicked off her panties and stood naked in front of me. I reached up and pulled her down into my arms and we snuggled, kissing and nuzzling. “That’s right, too. But it is also called giving head…I guess because you use your “head” as the receptacle. I have also heard it call “face fucking” and a couple of other things. All I can tell you is, that you did it great, whatever you want to call it!”She said that she was just glad to pay me back for the great feelings she had had when I was eating her pussy. And having said that, she returned to lick and clean my now flaccid cock. Due to this attention, it certainly did not remain flaccid all that long. We resettled into a less passionate, but very attentive “69” position and I licked and tongued her pussy, ass and in-between while she attended to my dick. It was just a few minutes before my cock started to get hard and her movements assured me that her desires were rising to the top as well.

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  “You sure know how to make me feel good, Mike,” she said. “My pussy is just squirming and wiggling all over the place. I can’t wait to see what’s next, but I’ll bet I can guess!”“If your guess is that I am going to fuck your brains out, Cindy, you are so very right. You get an “A” on this test. ”My cock had regained full turgidity and having just had a fantastic orgasm, I figured I could last for a long time when I mounted her. So, I was determined to be sure that she was completely primed before I actually penetrated that wonderful cunt with my cock. But Cindy had other ideas. She had enjoyed sucking my cock immensely, and also enjoyed having her pussy eaten and her asshole rimmed. But now, her desires were a bit more basic. She wanted to have my dick in her pussy and she wanted it without further fanfare. Cindy made that very clear by pushing me onto my backside, leaving my cock sticking straight up from my mid-section. Then, Cindy promptly climbed on top of me and straddled my cock with her waiting, willing pussy. “If I am such a good student, Mike, how about showing me how deeply your cock can go into my cunt,” she said as she began to lower herself onto my spear. “Oh, baby, that feels so good going in…so very good and big and wide and…my sweet…unggh…oh…it feels like it is splitting me in two! Has it gotten bigger since the last time we fucked, Mike?”“I don’t think so, Cindy,” I said. “But, if anybody in the world could make it bigger, it is you, you sexy thing.


   God, your pussy is so damn tight and wet. ”It took Cindy a bit to slide her pussy over the length of my rod, but in time I was buried to the root in her sweet snatch. I could feel the walls of her pussy squirming on my member and sense the building of orgasms soon to arrive. She rolled forward to kiss me and began to move on my pole. Her pussy was well lubricated and I could feel her juices flowing down between my legs, covering my balls. It was warm and very sexy. “Oh, fuck me, Mike. How can it feel so good to have a real man’s cock buried in my pussy? It is sooooooo wonderful,” Cindy uttered following the breaking off of a very wet, tongue-waving kiss. “I can’t believe what a great feeling this is. Your cock feels like a tree stump, but it is so good and ohhhh… my … ohhhh… ohhhh, God! I’m cumming, Mike. It was certainly no surprise to me, because I could feel her pussy spasms and sense the increased flow of her juices onto my legs and balls. She leaned back and braced her self with her arms, all the while continuing to ride up and down on my cock. She got too excited at one point and my dick slipped out of her pussy. “Oh, nooooo,” she cried. “Please get it back in!”I decided to take advantage of the moment and rolled Cindy onto her backside.

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   I moved quickly between her legs and reinserted by cock into her now sopping snatch. I drove immediately to the very bottom of her well and began to stroke her fiercely. “Oh, Mike…Mike…fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, Mike. Harder, baby… give me all you have got. I gazed down into her eyes that were absolutely burning with lust. She was staring down between our bodies. Each time that I pulled my cock out of her pussy, she was able to see my tool and as it reentered her, she could see it push into her quivering cunt. “I can see your cock going in and out of my pussy, Mike. It is huge and it fills me up. God, you fuck me so very well. Please ream me out real good. ”“It is my pleasure to make you feel so good, Cindy,” I said, easing up on the force of our sex just a bit to let Cindy’s heat boil towards another orgasm. “I love watching you and feeling you cum, Cindy. Your orgasms must be like watching a volcano erupt. Are you close to coming again, my sweet.

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  ”“Oh, god, yeeesssss!” And with that, this delightful young girl literally erupted beneath me, screaming and clutching and beating on my arms and sides with her clinched fists…shaking her head from side to side in pure ecstasy. Not before, had I seen such a combination of joy and sensuality. She simply came uncontrollably for what seem like minutes. Eventually, Cindy began to come down from the mountain of pleasure to which she had climbed. I had been able to hold back filling her twat with my cum. She relaxed momentarily, but then I began to stroke her cunt with increased strength. It took very little effort on my part to rekindle her wanton lust and soon she was on the verge of yet another orgasm. As I looked down at her, watching her swing her head from side to side and grit her teeth in the throes of creamy pleasure, I sensed that my own need was surging forward. “Baby, I am going to cum in your sweet, sweet cunt again,” I panted. “Are you ready to cum with me. ”“Oh Mike, yes. Please fill me up with your creamy stuff. I want all you can give me, deep, deep in my pussy. I am going to cum all over you, too!”And I did as she asked and she did as she promised. .

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