Daddy's Kitty


Kitty started developing at the age of 9 when Shaun first flew from the US to Vietnam to adopt her. Now, at 12 years of age, Kitty had a very large chest. She still had a very skinny and slender 12-year-old body but her tits were a mammoth double d. Shaun loved and admired his little girl’s petite form. She was barely 5’2” with long straight hair and smooth tanned skin. Kitty weighed in less than 100 lbs, most of her weight due to her fat titties. While on her fours, Shaun continued wedging her panties into her ass crack. Her tits hung freely the tip of her nipples touching the carpet floor. Shaun reached under and gave her tits a few hard smacks, watching them swing and flop as he spanked them. Kitty whimpered each time her daddy’s hand made contact. “Your such a good little Asian slut baby,” Shaun whispered as he grabbed a fist full of her hair and laid a warm kiss on her soft lips. Kitty kissed back, loving her daddy’s warm mouth. “You know what else good sluts like you do sweetie?” Shaun got up and went to the couch to sit down, a noticeable bulge stretching his boxers. “Yes daddy,” Kitty said innocently. She crawled to her daddy and seated herself between his legs. Kitty then reached into his boxers and pulled out her daddy’s big white cock.

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   Kitty gasped. No matter how many times she saw it, she was always surprised by her daddy’s large size. Shaun was a good 9 inches long and thick. “That’s it baby, show daddy what a good little slut you are. ” Shaun looked down at Kitty. She looked so cute stroking his massive dick with her soft tiny hands. Kitty then gently started to lick the tip of his cock. Expertly licking slowly and gracefully. Then she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of his hard rod. “That’s it baby, “ Shaun moaned as he grabbed a handful of Kitty’s hair. Kitty sucked deeply, her soft warm tongue wrapping and slurping her daddy’s cock head. “Now open your mouth real wide, because daddy is gonna fuck your mouth with all of his cock. ” Shaun pushed his cock deeper into his daughter’s mouth. His thick white cock stretched Kitty’s lips to the limit. It was only half way in and Kitty was already having a hard time.

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   She whimpered and struggled, tears running down her cheeks and drool slipping through her lips. Shaun stopped going deeper and started to move her head up and down along his hard pole. Up and down. In and out. He then picked up his pace, bobbing Kitty’s little face faster and faster onto his prick. Watching his nasty little Asian girl being face fucked turned him on so much. It encouraged him and he sped up, pushing his cock even deeper and faster down her throat. Kitty violently gagged and choked. By this time her face was fully covered in tears, her chin dripping with drool and pre cum. “Your such a nasty little whore, “ Shaun growled. He then pulled out of her mouth, spat on her face and violently gave her a hard smack across the cheek. “You like being face fucked baby girl? Do you like daddy ramming his cock into that filthy mouth of yours, “ Shaun growled as he rudely poked his cock into Kitty’s face. “Yes daddy,” Kitty said in a quivering voice. “Then I want you to beg for more. Beg like a dog, like the bitch slut that you are.

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  ”“Please daddy! Please fuck my filthy mouth! Please fuck your Asian whore in the mouth!” Kitty cried. In one motion Shaun violently rammed his whole cock down Kitty’s throat. All 9 inches forcefully buried into her slut mouth. “mmmmfffffff!!!!!!!. . . mmmmmfffff!!!!!” Shaun roughly thrusted his hips up as he pulled Kitty’s head down. He throat raped his little girl fast and hard. At this moment Shaun was ready to explode. He continued to assault Kitty’s mouth while his cock got ready to shoot its load. “I’m cumming slut!!” Shaun pulled out his dick and violently came, spewing streams of cum onto Kitty’s open mouth and face. The cum hit her tired face hard, splashing it into her hair and tits. After enjoying his orgasm, Shaun roughly pushed Kitty’s face into his crotch using it to spread his cum all over. Satisfied that he didn’t miss a single spot on her face, he then ordered Kitty to clean him off. Kitty obediently complied and started licking her daddy clean.

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  With his cock cleaned, Shaun picks up his sweet little girl and placed her on his lap. “You did good baby girl. ” He gently kissed her lips. Kitty gave her daddy a wide smile. She then laid her head on his shoulders and closed her eyes. Shaun lifted her up and carried her into their room where Kitty’s sister was already asleep. Shaun tucked kitty and himself into bed. “Tomorrow, we’ll have fun with sis. ” With her eyes still closed, Kitty pleasantly smiled. .