Gentle Journey Chapter 5


Topic: Gentle Journey Chapter 5 Gentle Journey Part 5
Mika was stunned, and totally confused, until just yesterday she had been a novice in the art of sex, and in fact she was still a virgin 24 hours ago. Now she was lying on her bed with a woman who had a very large cock under her dress and also a pulsating wet pussy as well. Carly could see the confusion and the lust in Mika’s eyes, Carly bent down and began licking and suckling Mika’s thrusting breasts, taking her gorgeous nipple into her mouth and chewing it rolling her tongue over it at same time. Mika once more distracted by the sensations coursing throughout her nubile body, she saw Kit move behind Carly, he grasped the little black dress from around her waist and pulled it down Carly’s legs and off her slender body. Now Mika could see Carly’s man dick in all its glory thick and bulbous not as long as Kit’s but it was sticking ramrod straight up, almost like a soldier, her belly rippling with muscle sporting an extremely tight six pack. Mika watched in awe as Kit placed his hands around her front from behind, grabbing Carly's rampant member, Kit began sliding his clenched hand up and down her seeping she cock, his other hand went behind Carly's cock and his fingers disappeared she guessed inside her pussy. Then Mika saw Kit’s massive cock appear between Carly's legs and his hand directed his cock up into her pussy. Carly's face turned almost red as she accepted his monster cock inside her, then looking at Mika she said to her now it’s my turn to give you a ride on my she cock. Pushing Mika’s legs apart, and pulling her body down the bed on to her throbbing erection, Carly pulled her onto her cock and has she penetrated her tight wet pussy box, Kit rammed home his monster inside her own she pussy. Mika felt Carly's cock drive into her then she felt another push as Kit humped his bulbous meat into Carly's pussy, the double seesaw carried on, as each thrust by Carly, was being copied doubled by Kit’s own thrusting member. Mika’s body was torn in two as she felt her pussy being filled and ravaged by a tandem fuck, she began thrusting herself downwards onto Carly’s cock, meeting each thrust from Carly and subsequently from Kit. She never knew what ecstasy was until this moment, grasping both of Carly’s voluptuous breasts, she squeezed the m and dragged Carly’s body down onto her and pulling her tits forwards in time to Carly’s thrusts and Kit’s tandem thrusts. She began to feel her juices percolating inside her centre being was ever increasing in turmoil and extreme sensations, when suddenly her head and body exploded with an orgasmic earth shattering explosion, she thought she was dying, then she was riding the most wonderful crest of the biggest wave ever. Mika feinted with an overdose of pleasure invading her body with such ferocity and intensity, Carly also at her own pinnacle erupted and blasted her hot seed into Mika’s ravaged body adding a higher level of pleasure to her already overloaded senses. Kit hit his own button has he too exploded with such a force into Carly’s body, his body shook, it was almost like his own earthquake had began, both Carly and Kit fell back totally exhausted and worn out from their ultimate excursions.       
Mika awoke, her ravaged body aching from the excursions and manipulations of the past hours, her pussy encrusted and sore, and then the realisation dawned upon her what had transpired.

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   She felt totally unsure, her mind was in such turmoil, she fled to the bathroom, and diving into the shower she wanted to wash off all the remnants of the past hours, her mind finding the situation almost too hard to comprehend.
After her shower she dried herself off and pulled on her Yellow silky tracksuit bottoms, she left her thong as she would have to go back to her room, she grabbed her matching tracksuit top, again no bra for the same reason, then pulling it on and zipping it almost to the top of her neck, she went downstairs to the kitchen where she made herself a pot of tea and consumed almost 3 cupfuls before she could begin to contemplate and assess what she had gone through over the past 2 days.
2 Days before she had been a virgin of sorts, a little naive but also aware of sex and its potential pitfalls, she always thought she would be in control? Until Kit proved otherwise, also the Carly shock! A man girl, now that she found absolutely hard to comprehend, nor understand why Kit had introduced her into this weird set up? In fact how she had allowed herself to be drawn into it in the first place. Her mind in turmoil, she heard a sound behind her and turned, Carly walked into the kitchen, dressed in her mother’s black and gold kimono, tied with a gold cord around her slim waist. I hope your won’t mind me borrowing this, she pointed at the kimono with her head bowed slightly.
“I know you must be wondering what the hell just happened and what or who the hell I am. ” Carly was visibly shaking “I have never done this before in my life, in fact it’s the first time I have openly paraded myself in such a way, I have only recently come to terms with myself about my mixed gender. ” She said quietly but with a great sense of serenity. “Well I am also doing things I have never done before; Kit seems to have contrived this whole set up for his own perverted reasons. ” Mika quipped back at her, but regretting the tone and sound, her voice made.
“No you have it all wrong, Carly replied.  Kit and I have never done this before, well not in a threesome anyway, this all happened as it did, the booze and Kits goading I suppose, but there was no plan and you were certainly not meant to a part of a threesome with me involved. In fact you are the first girl, woman, I have ever made love to and that’s the truth” Carly said fiercely. “Please, you have every right to be shocked and upset, but this simply was spontaneous honestly!”  
Mika was deep in thought she felt bewildered and tricked, yet she also sensed the sincerity in the way Carly had explained her actions and the past hours to her, she felt less used and felt a little more aware of her own fragile naivety. Carly had moved behind her now and she placed her hands on Mika’s shoulders, “Although this was spontaneous, I enjoyed every minute, she bent her head to Mika’s ear, and did you enjoy it just a little?” Carly asked her as she stroked the side of her face from her temple down over her cheek.

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   Mika nodded her head gently, “I expect you have mountains of questions to ask me and I will try and tell you everything I possibly can. ” Carly whispered into Mika’s ear, “Come on lets go to your room so we can enjoy some privacy. “What about Kit, he will still be there?” “No my dear he thought it would be better to give us some space to chat and clear the air. ” Carly said gently rubbing her hands up and down Mika’s shoulders and arms. “Come on we can talk ourselves to a standstill if you like. ” Carly gripped her shoulders pulling Mika to her feet, and they tripped off to Mika’s room, once inside she got Mika to sit at her dressing table on the large dressing table stool. “Here Mika let me brush your gorgeous red hair has we talk, I love the length and texture so much. ” Carly said with a great sense of enthusiasm. “Your hair is so vibrant with the Yellow of your tracksuit, I love it. ” she said Carly began brushing her hair gently feeling the hair cascade down over her shoulders and the brush travelled through her hair so easily, she felt the brush snag the neck a little of the tracksuit top. “Mika dear open you top a bit its catching the collar against the brush, I would not want to put any snags in this lovely top?” Carly smiled at her in the mirror. Mika reached the zip of her top and pulled it down at the same time she noticed the swell of her breasts appear, and she stopped. Carly pulled the collar down and patted it on her shoulder to keep it flat and out of the way of her hair. “That’s it my dear lay your head over the top of the chair so your hair falls over the chair back, it makes it easier to brush. ” Carly brushed and stroked her hair as she pulled each stroke through her red locks.

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   Mika closed her eyes feeling the tranquillity of her hair being gently brushed. Carly could see that her top had unzipped further and the top of her pert breasts were exposed, Carly licked her lips at the sight of this luscious body in front of her. “OK lean up straight so I can do your parting in the right place?” Carly said in her most seductive tone.
Mika straightened up in the chair wishing this could go on forever,  Carly pulled her fingers down over her scalp and through the tresses of her silky smooth red locks, she pulled her hair back around the back of her neck and now through the mirror she could see more of Mika’s pert voluptuous breasts, as her top opened further. Carly pushed her hands down onto Mika’s shoulders and began gently massaging her shoulders, her fingers dipped longingly down towards her perky breasts, Mika was beginning once again to fall into that tranquil accepting state as she did with Kit.
Pushing her breasts up to meet the sinuous fine fingers, smoothly rubbing the tops of her now engorged breasts, Carly noticed the change immediately in Mika’s skin and body relaxation, she knew Mika was once more getting turned on under her manipulations. “Is this nice do you like me massaging your body like this Mika?” “Yes, it is so divine I feel I am travelling outside of my body. ” Mika whispered. Carly took this as a key to progress further; she pushed her fingers gently down under the top and moved her fingers gently but firmly around the pert buds of her nipples. She could feel them grow under her touch they were like stalks erupting through her fingers, Mika drew a sharp intake of breath, as she felt Carly’s fingers clip and pull her nipples, electric sparks emanated inside her head and her loins felt as though they were on fire. As Carly carried on with her manipulations of Mika’s firm pert breasts, tugging and twisting her nipples bringing them into full hardened nubs of sheer ecstasy.
 Mika could feel the man cock of Carly drilling into the small of her back. She put her hand behind her and felt about blindly and she found the open folds of the kimono spread apart as she found Carly’s rampant 8” man cock. Automatically Carly pushed her hips forward into the grip of Mika’s tight grip, and her hands pushed further down over Mika’s breasts and pushed the top wide open exposing the luscious creamy pert tittles’ Carly bent down over Mika’s face and crushed her mouth over Mika’s lips at the same time she ravaged and groped her tits, sending great big shockwaves to every part of Mika’s body. Holding onto Carly’s turgid man cock she dragged her around the side of the stool, where she pulled the rope holding the kimono together, the kimono opened and dropped to the ground leaving Carly naked her big tits in Mika’s face, Mika began to pull Carly towards her and she bent and took Carly’s rampant member into her mouth sucking and licking it as she jacked her hand up and down her throbbing man cock, Mika’s other hand went behind Carly's smallish ball sack where she found her wet pussy, she sank 2 fingers into her already splayed labia, pushing her fingers inside her at the same time as she sucked and licked the turgid man cock.

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   Carly began to groan and shudder, she could feel her seed beginning to erupt, it was one of the quickest cum’s she had ever had, her body shivering and shaking, her juicy seed shot down Mika’s throat taking her by surprise, she gagged but kept it in and swallowed it every last drop of this man cocks jism. Carly was still being pumped by Mika’s fingers and now Mika was strumming her clit like a harp, Carly's man cock became rampant almost immediately. Carly pulled herself from Mika’s grip she stood Mika up and pulled her tracksuit trousers down, seeing she had no underwear on drove her ever harder to get her now throbbing rampant man cock inside Mika’s love hole as fast as she could. Twisting Mika around she bent her frontwards over the stool, Mika’s arse stuck up into the air, Carly spread Mika’s long legs and could now see her ripe labia wet and puffy. Carly stood forward and holding her now massive weapon she thrust it in one massive thrust into Mika’s wet and waiting avenue of delight, looking into the mirror as she thrust full pelt into Mika’s dripping pussy, she saw the surprise and delight on her face in the dressing table mirror, Grabbing a big handful of Mika’s red hair she yanked her hair back as she drove her rampant man cock into her quivering pussy hole. Mika was trying to talk but as she tried another thrust took away her breath and drove her deeper towards her building orgasm.
Suddenly changing tack Carly pulled out of Mika’s love channel completely, her hand grabbed a load of the wetness and cum juice from around Mika’s wet pussy and rubbed it into her little puckered arse bud, pushing two fingers into her arse as she did, and then without warning she rammed her man cock into her arse hole replacing her wet fingers with the cum covered man cock. Mika let out a cry much like a wild wolf, it felt as though she had just been impaled on a big thick tree trunk, suddenly Carly pulled her man cock back out of Mika’s ripe arse and then almost immediately she rammed her throbbing man cock back into Mika’s  dripping pussy, Mika’s body exploded into a million shafts of lights and lightening shocks, her nipples felt as if they would jump off her tits,  she felt Carly shoot what seemed like a bucket of cum into her grasping pussy, as Carly shot her load she orgasmed repeatedly, her body vibrating with the sheer force of the cum she was ejaculating into Mika’s now shuddering body.
Minutes felt like hours, Mika was still feeling the thrill and rush of blood coursing through her now aching body, she had extricated herself from Carly’s now flaccid wet man cock and she lay on her back wondering if this was or had really happened. Carly woke up shaking her head with amazement. I have never had such an orgasm ever, your body is insatiable Carly groaned totally tired and worn out. Mika felt just as drained, she headed for the shower and she stood under the cascading water for what seemed like hours. Stepping out of the shower she wrapped herself up in her big fluffy thick bathrobe. She tripped across the landing and into her room. Carly was busy pulling on Mika’s yellow tracksuit, look I am sorry but can I borrow these for now, my Mums been taken ill and I have to rush to her OK.

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   With that she was passing Mika and pecked her on the lips and she was down the stairs and the front door closed with a bang. Mika listened to the sounds in the house it was totally quite and surreal. Had all that she had experienced actually happened, or had it been just a dream, but her body told her that she had experienced the most exhausting but enjoyable hours she has ever had in her short life.
Mika spent the rest of the day cleaning up the house and replacing her bed sheets for clean ones and putting the dirty stained ones through the washing machine, to hide any evidence of what had transpired. At 5. 35 she heard Kit’s car arrive outside the house, voices mumbled as the door opened, Kit said look who I just met on the doorstep? In stepped her Mum Petra, come give your Mum a great big hug she said loudly and her face beaming with smiles and happiness. They cuddled and spoke about her trip for what seemed an age, Kit brought some drinks in, and passed them out, oh it’s so good to be home Petra said, but I am only going to be here for just tonight?  We have landed a really big contract with one of the top fashion houses from France, and I have to travel to Nice tomorrow and search out some exciting spots for the prelim shoots of their new range, all in all I am going to be away for 7 days arriving back next Tuesday but possibly Wednesday if things don’t go according to plan. Petra looked at Mika and Kit how will you manage, Mika should be ok as she has no school for another 10 days and you Kit, and you’re not going to be away are you? If I am, we will arrange something to cover us, no worries. What time do you leave in morning? Lesley said she will collect me at 5. 30am we have a flight from Stanstead Airport at 8. 45am. So I will try not to awaken either of you she smiled, Mika grabbed her Mum I will be awake and see you off, so will I Kit chimed in. Soon they had eaten and were watching TV for a short while. Mika excused herself, saying she was going to get an early night; we won’t be far behind you her Mum said goodnight dear how about a kiss then, Mika bent down and kissed her Mum on the lips and she headed for the door.
Kit was just coming back towards the door from the kitchen.

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   He grabbed Mika into his arms and he kissed her full on the mouth, at the same time pulling her denim skirt up over her bum and his hands inside her panties, feeling her pert globes and his fingers sliding up and down her now wet slit. Goodnight Mika he said a little too loudly and again crashed his lips to hers and forced his fingers deeper into her now soaking pussy. Won’t be a second dear he called to Petra, need the little boys room. OK dear she said yawning as she replied. Pushing Mika in front of him Kits hands still with his fingers pushing in and out of her soaking wet pussy, he directed her up the stairs, his hands pulling out of her pussy and pulling her now soaking panties down and off her legs. They reached the top of the stairs, Kit pushed her onto her knees on the top step, he now had unleashed his monster cock and he drilled it directly into her soaking waiting pussy. Mika rammed her body backwards to meet his thrusting cock, she felt him grab her hair like a rein on a horse and pulled her back has he thrust into her hard and heavily. Mika grunted, but enjoyed the monster meat filling her to capacity.
Are you ok, Petra called from the lounge, no probs dear, Mika tripped on the stairs and winded herself, she is fine now, I won’t be a minute need a pee? Petra replied hurry up or I will be fast asleep she said. Kit with his cock still inside Mika’s cunt, he marched her down to her bedroom and he maintained his deep thrusts, clamping his hand over Mika’s mouth so she could not make anymore sounds that would get them caught. Mika was experiencing such tremors deep inside her she felt her juices beginning to blast deep from within, Kit’s hand came around the front of her his fingers searching out her clit, he gripped it between his fingers squeezing it and pulling it forwards as he pulled his cock backwards, then thrusting and squeezing her engorged clit, this set Mika’s body onto the most explosive orgasm she had had so far. Thank god Kit had clamped her mouth. They both orgasmed together, lifting Mika totally off her feet, she shook and quaked with sheer orgasmic pleasure, Kit pulled his now empty flaccid rod out of her pussy, she fell into her room totally satiated. Kit turned around and went to the bathroom to clean up and remove any evidence of his carnal works with Mika.

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