Good Time Farmer, Part 2


"Explain to your mother to stand here and watch me fuck you", I demanded of Maria. Maria just stared at me, saying nothing. When she did not talk, I grabbed her mother's wrist again and twisted it to the side. Mom started to cry out when Maria burst out in spanish telling her mother to stand in the doorway and watch us. I walked to the bed and grabbed the panda bear off the pillow. With one swipe, I used the bear's to wipe my cum off Maria's face and chin. "Here", I said, "use this bear's nose between your legs. " Maria grabbed the bear from my hands and slowly placed his face in her pussy. She was too slow so I grabbed the bear's head and forced his plastic nose into her pussy. Maria jumped as the plastic nose and furry nose entered into her. I twisted the bear's head up and down and around trying to place more if it inside her. "Tell your mom to lift up her dress and show us her pussy", I demanded of Maria. Maria quickly said of bunch of spanish words and her mother slowly started to lift up her dress. Her dress was an old one, down to her knees and fitting very loose. As she pulled it up, I saw she wore "old lady" panties. Her legs were old and tired from a lifetime of work and she had fat thighs.

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   "Tell her to get those panties off and show us her pussy", I again demanded of Maria. To prove my point, I shoved the bear's nose as deep into Maria without fear of ruining her hymen for me later. Maria screamed out in spanish to her mother. Hearing the scream, her mother quickly grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them to the floor. With both hands, she pulled her dress up so her old pussy was fully exposed to her daughter and I. Her pussy was full of black hair with full pussy lips that you tell had been fucked often. I thought I could see a glint of moisture from the old lady's lips start to form. I returned my attention to her daughter. Removing the bear, I placed my hand on Maria's pussy. Using the bear, she had started to get wet on the outside. As I slipped a finger inside her, I could feel she was truly a woman no matter what her age. Her pussy felt warm and wet and began to spasm as I placed my finger in more. As I fingered Maria, I began to suck on her breasts, alternating from one to another. As I sucked on her breasts, Maria's pussy began to involuntarily suck my finger deeper into her pussy. I could feel my cock began to grow again and knew Maria and her Mom could see I was getting ready.

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   I placed Maria's hand on my growing cock. "Stroke this and tell your mom to finger herself", I demanded. As Maria began to explain to her mother what I wanted,I looked over and saw mom take one hand off the dress and lower it to her pussy. As I began to increase the pace in her daughter's pussy with my finger, mom began to rub her own hand up and down her pussy. Maria's hand had my cock standing up and ready to go. Although I had dreamed of this for some time and all the playing I wanted to do with Maria, I now just wanted to fuck her. I rolled on top of Maria and positioned my cock to her vagina. With one thrust, I jammed the entire length of it inside her. As Maria screamed, I could hear Emanuel getting off the couch and running towards the bedroom door. "Sit back down, she's fine", I yelled out. As I began to get a motion going, Maria began to relax. Her hymen had been ripped as evidenced by the blood spot forming on the bed. As I began to kiss her, feeling her tongue with mine, I could also feel he hips jutting upward to meet my cock inside her. After only a few minutes, Maria began to thrash and I could feel her pussy began to spasm around my cock. "See doesn't an orgasm feel good", I asked? Maria didn't answer but again lifted her ass up to meet my strokes.


   After a few more strokes, I knew I could not hold out much longer. As I came inside her pussy, I told her how great it was going to be to have the boss's kid inside her. After I came, I laid there on top of her for a minute. As I rolled off, I saw mom was still rubbing her old pussy and juice was running down both her legs. Maria also saw her mom still fingering herself and tried to cover herself up using the bear still on the bed. I motioned the mother to come to the bed. Knowing what I wanted and hoping to save her daughter another round of fucking, the mother quickly came to the side of the bed. I rose up to my knees and grabbed the mother's hand, placing it on my flacid cock. Using my hand on top, I pointed my cock towards Maria, still lying there trying to cover her body with the panda bear. Making sure Maria's mother could not move my cock or pull away, I began to piss on Maria and the bear. As Maria began to move, I grabbed her wrist with my free hand and forced her back on her back. Using her mother's hand to guide, I started to urinate on Maria's tiny tits, slowly move the stream down to her soaked pussy. "We are done for now, go fix me a taco", I stated as the last bit of piss left my cock. As a soaked Maria got off the bed and went to get food for me, I pondered, who next. .

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