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Emanuel begged for forgiveness and stated he would do anything to continue work and stay in the United States. He began to cry and state he would die back in Mexico. I explained he needed to pay back the money but that in addition, I wanted free access to anybody in his family at any time. Emanuel did not understand until I explained in detail that anytime I wanted to play, his family members would be made available to me. Emanuel got mad and began to yell until I took out my cell and started to dial immigration. Emanuel asked what I wanted that night. I told him to go explain everything to his wife and to send Maria int the kitchen. In about 15 minutes, Maria came inot the kitchen. She was still crying and shaking. I asked her if her father had explained things to her and she said yes. In order to save the family, she said she was ready for anything I wanted. She said she was still a virgin. She came over and stood by me. I began to fun my hand up and down her brown leg, coming closer to her crotch each time. Maria was holding her breath and trembling. I reached up and slowly pulled down her shorts, exposing little yellow panties.

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   As I began to lightly stroke her pussy outside the panties, Maria began to tremble visibly. S small wet spot also began to appear after a few minutes. I got up from the chair, grabbed Maria's hand and entered the living room. Emanuel and his wife were sitting in two chairs across the room. His wife had been crying. I explained that we were all going to sit and talk for a while. I sat Maria down next to me on the couch and began to question Emanuel about the crops. While her dad attempted to answer m questions, Maria sat on the couch in bikini top and panties. As Emanuel tried to answer my questions, his eyes followed my hand rubbing on his daughter's pussy. After about 10 minutes of talking, I reached over and untied the bikini top. Maria attempted to cover herself from me and her parents, but I grabbed her hands and placed them to her side. As her parents watched, I began to run my hands up and over her breasts. Her breasts were tiny, but with large nipples and areolas. Sophia came in the house through the backdoor and into the living room. At first she did not see Maria and I.

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   After asking her mother a question, she turned to find her sister sitting on the couch with her father's boss, topless and only in panties. Emanuel ordered Sophia out of the room, but I ordered her to stay with us and talk. Sophia sat next to her parents. As I asked her about school and friends, I reached down and pulled Maria's panties to the side. Her pussy was now exposed to her parents and sister. As Sophia attempted to answer my questions, I began to finger Maria. After a few minutes, I had Maria stand up and strip off her panties. As her family watched, Maria pulled off her panties and stood towards me. I ran my finger over her pussy as juice started to run down her leg. I stood up, undid my jeans and stepped out of them. Emanuel looked like he wanted to kill me. I sat back down and pulled Maria to my lap. As I continued to question the family on farm and school matters, my hand was alternating from Maria's breasts to her pussy. I could feel my cock pressing against Maria's ass and began to rock back and forth. I asked Sophia if she had ever sucked cock.

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   As she started to cry, I told her to take notes on how her sister did it. With that, I pushed Maria down to her knees and placed my cock in her mouth. As her mother exploded in tears, I began to pump my cock in her daughters mouth. After having her sit on me, it did not take long to me to cum in Maria's mouth and face. Sophia looked dumbfounded sitting there with her parents watching her sister in their living room. I told the family to stay in the living room and keep the bedroom door open. I grabbed Maria's hand and entered the bedroom. . . . . . . . .

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