Investigators Chapter 4


“OK – I won’t be sorry to see some of those people behind bars. Anyway, they don’t scare me anymore and I don’t give a shit. I’ll help you if you promise not to try to implicate me – or some of my friends - in any wrongdoing and use us as scapegoats so people of influence can walk away untouched. ”The detectives explained that they were after the ringleaders and that being a special squad had not come to him in an official capacity. His statement was just for them – not to be passed between smart lawyers and prosecutors. Mandy tried to reassure him further and emphasise their detachment from ordinary cops by making a little comment. “Hey, we know some pretty whacky stuff went on with those sex games. Look, what you have to tell us we may already know – but well – we like to listen anyway. Tell us about the women who were involved – just imagine you’re talking to friends – ones that like to hear sexy stories. There are only we three who will know which bits you tell us – we won’t put specific facts down to coming from you. Let me refill your coffee mug – then you can chat to us. ”The boy, still wary began to open up and gradually, after relating the usual pattern of events that lead up to him being involved started to mention otherwise unknown events. “They hadn’t the hold over me they thought they had – I was bisexual so to be honest I wasn’t too phased out by some of the things they wanted me to do – in fact I love sex – but would have preferred to pick my own partners, male or female. ”Both detectives listened to his somewhat staccato voice and knew once he started talking he was the sort who didn’t know when to stop. Both exchanged a little smile as though reading each others thoughts. “I didn’t like being threatened though or blackmailed – they could loose me any job I found and knew I was largely reliant on local authority help and housing.

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   All this followed us from the children’s home into adult life. Some of them just wanted the sex and were otherwise great but others got nasty. Quite a lot of those parties were very enjoyable – in various ways. ”“So tell us about the nasty ones and – well – we know some of the men liked to watch their wives – but – what else went on. So there were bi- men and kinky wives and I guess some gay men – but why did they need to blackmail you boys when you had become adult? Surely they knew which ones were willing and would indulge anyway – why force anyone to join in?“OK – some of them wanted other things – here’s a taster for you. Amongst these people were little groups who wanted more thrills. I know of one man who liked to take a boy home - for his wife. She liked to use the whip – they would tie him up and she would dress in leather gear and lash him. She would abuse him in many ways before he was allowed back. Here’s another story that I was involved in – so I hope you keep your promise about not wanting to charge me!Once, two other boys and I were taken to a house on night where there was a man, his wife, and four other men. We started off being given a drink and for a while every one just sat and chatted. We thought it was the usual sex party scene but it felt different. The wife was nervous, downright scared in fact. She sat quiet and was almost shaking as though she was the one forced to be there. I noticed how her husband was growing more and more excited inside as the evening went on.

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   I recognised it easily by then – I had seen it often enough – that build up knowing something kinky or sexual was about to take place. I had figured that he was getting turned on by the thought he was about to watch his wife have sex with someone else. It was different because usually the wife can be seen to get excited too. This one was definitely scared and nervous, almost ready to weep. Here’s the nasty bit – one of the guys I was with sensed it – and he was a known pervert. I knew he could almost smell her fear and his eyes stared at her – he grinned when she avoided him and began to visibly shake. The atmosphere became very tense and it seemed as though the other men to where waiting for it reach a certain point – enjoying seeing the woman scared out of her wits. That morning the man who took us there had told us not to use our medication. Sometimes we did that so we could drink alcohol without feeling ill but this time all of it was withdrawn altogether. We behave differently when we don’t take our medicine. ”The boy looked down as though ashamed and Mandy realised how this boy would one minute be rational and sound intelligent then the next he could react as though he wasn’t the same person. Neither investigator spoke not wanting to interrupt his story. “The husband told his wife to get us more drinks which she did almost beginning to sob while she did so. Then, while she was still standing he asked us if she looked desirable. We told him yes – that’s what he wanted to hear – she was about late thirties and had a good figure but she looked quite ordinary and plain.

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   Normally at a party a sex mad wife would dress in revealing clothes and flash for the men to get them aroused – this one was dressed quite frumpy. “Show the boy’s what good shape you’re in,” her husband suddenly demanded. Now she really did begin to sob as she stood with the drinks tray. When the man told her again she began to shake and almost spilt her drink. She was told to come to the middle of the room and then he told her to unfasten her shirt. She pleaded, “No! No! Please don’t do this!” but she was too scared to leave the room. The man made a couple of threats but I didn’t catch what he said because I noticed how the guy I had come with was breathing heavy and grunting. Then he let out a manic laugh and just grinned at the woman, staring at her. She saw him and began to shake and sob more still pleading with her husband. When he told her again to unfasten her shirt she obeyed – this time he told her he would leave her to the mercy of us boys. I resented that because he made us sound like animals. Though – well – we hadn’t had our medication – and the other boys were getting agitated – and excited. We all watched as she undid her shirt shaking like a leaf – then she was told to pull it apart to show her breasts. “There – hasn’t she got nice big tits?” he smirked. “Go and stand nearer to the boys and let them see,” he told her.


  Still weeping and pleading with him to stop she stepped a little nearer. “She’s always been a good but boring wife,” said her husband with a cynical voice. “I thought it about time I showed her off a bit – shared her. She’s never displayed herself to other men before – this is her first time – I thought she would like some young lads to show off with. Might make her exciting to if she starts to enjoy it – put some life into her. ”It was obvious he wasn’t joking – she had never done anything like this before and really didn’t want to. For some reason he had her under his complete command and clearly he wanted more than to see another man’s cock inside her. She stood with shirt open in front of us then he told her to slip it off her shoulders. She obeyed again and looked at the floor ashamed and belittled. The husband told her to face us and massage her tits through her bra. Reluctantly her hands went to her breasts and she stared into space as her fingers moved. Then she let out a frightened yell and mumbled a “no”. When I looked round I saw why – the boy next to me was unzipping his trousers and grinning like a Cheshire cat. Her husband told her to move closer to us. I suppose I had better come clean and tell you my part in this.

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   The guy who had just got his cock out was in the middle – he was almost manic by now – sheer lust – his head had gone. Me and the other guy each side of him pulled the woman closer in front of him and we both began to run our hands up her legs. All this made the watchers excited – this was what they wanted to see. The more the woman was frightened the more they liked it. When we actually touched her I’m sure I heard them suck in breath. Then they began to unzip their flies – including her husband. I think we all knew then what they wanted from us – they wanted to watch her being raped – by us three boys. At the end of the day it was us who would be committing the crime – who would believe us if we said all these respectable men watched for their entertainment. ”Mandy considered the statement and reasoned that if the men had become complacent and always assumed they would have control over the female victims particularly that it was a feasible story. They would have become intoxicated by the power and lust and thought they had all the angles covered. Maybe that’s how their crimes had come to light – by a wife like the one in the story who fought back. Later Mandy would find out that that is exactly how they came to be involved in this – that plus the vengeance of some of the boys. “So there you are,” said the boy, “That’s just one example of how it worked. ”The detectives looked at each other with a slight disappointment that the boy had stopped talking. “Come on, Lenny!” said Mandy smiling, “Tell us the nitty gritty – the sordid details.

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  ”“Why?” he asked, a little wary, “I’ll give you names and dates if you want – but look – I took part in this when my medication was being manipulated – you know?”Mandy looked at her partner, “Would you like to hear more – what happened next?”She asked with a knowing tone to her voice and got the reply she expected when her partner nodded his head. Mandy pulled her seat a little closer to Lenny and leaned forward touching his arm. “We would like the names and dates – but – this is just for us. We would like to hear what you did – with the woman. There are no hidden tape recorders – and we haven’t been taking notes – we would just like to hear about it. Do you know what I mean Lenny – it’s just for our benefit – because we like to hear these things – I’m sure you understand?”She spoke low and gently rubbed his forearm as she spoke, smiling at him. Leaning forward even more she whispered in his ear. “We both like to listen to stories like this – we enjoy listening to the details – we want you to tell us the rest. This is for our enjoyment only now – forget the investigation – just for us. ”As she drew away she let her lips brush his cheek for a split second and gently squeezed his arm. She stayed near to him and placed her hand on his kneecap giving him a provocative look. Lenny looked deep in thought and threw glances from one to the other wondering if he was being set up. Mandy realised his concern and whispered to him again. “Look Lenny – you’ve already admitted enough for us to arrest you – but we haven’t come for that. You know why we want to hear your story – don’t you – tell us what you did – it will excite us.

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  ” She rubbed and squeezed his inner thigh then as she looked at her partner she saw his erection and the expression on his face told her he was in like mind. Lenny finally gave way and continued his tale. “Alright, so we were all worked up sexually. The men knew that sexual desire is one of the first things we can loose control of when we don’t take our pills. So yeah – all three of us wanted to do things to the woman. The guy on the far right of me grabbed her but was told to cool it by her husband – he wanted it to be slow and see his wife gradually being degraded by having us maul her. All the other men where playing with their dicks now while they watched and the husband told his wife to turn round and look how much pleasure they were getting from her. She looked stunned and wasn’t used to seeing this – more than one cock at a time – she was a normal boring housewife who hadn’t done anything daring or kinky before. That made her tastier for my buddies – they were turned on by her fear and lack of experience – it was a bit like fucking a virgin. We pulled her skirt up and her husband had dressed her in stockings and a suspender belt and little black panties. Now her shirt was pulled off her shoulders and the men enjoyed watching us either finger her cunt under her panties or play with her tits. The pervy one with us stood up and held her arms in front of her while her unfastened her bra. She cried when her tits came on view and took turns to suck her nipples and tweak them. Some times we bit them – a little too hard – made her cry out. ”Mandy noticed the boys’ bulge twitching in his trousers and let her hand creep a little further up his leg.

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  “Now she was topless and having her pussy felt we were told to face her toward the men. The husband told her to play with my dick but she just cried and kept asking him to stop it. Then he told me to place her hand round it – so I did – we told her to masturbate me but she wouldn’t. We were told to make her do it – in any way. She held my cock but her hand was still – then she got slapped – across the arse cheeks – hard. It rang out and she screamed – her husband told her she would be spanked until she played with my cock. It took quite a few slaps before her hand finally started to move my foreskin up and down. She was being mauled and felt all over while she pulled my dick and when her husband told us to drop her skirt she hardly protested. Standing there in just panties and stockings she looked really sexy and to her horror one boy thrust his hand down the front of her pants and rammed three fingers in her cunt. She screamed and struggled with her body but her hand was still on my cock and the movements made her pull harder. I grabbed her hair and forced her head back because I was very carried away by then and kissed her hard on the lips. The men shouted instructions to us as the more roughly we treated her the more they loved it. As I held her by the hair and told her to rub my cock faster her panties were torn off her and I heard the sound of slapping on her arse. I glanced behind to find the pervy one trying to stick his dick in her arse between slaps. The other had taken her free hand and was making her play with his cock while he sucked and bit her nipples.

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  Her husband and the other men were breathing heavily and they were really excited watching all this especially, the husband when he saw his wife without her panties being touched and spanked. The pervy one entered her cunt from behind and stretched his hands round her waist to open up her pussy lips. To the delight of the men he fucked her and we made her wank us while they looked on and masturbated at the sight. ”The boy then suddenly stopped talking and went into a silent stare. Mandy and her colleague wondered what was happening and attempted to bring the boy back from his thoughts. To no avail they coaxed and gently prodded the boy, even at one stage using a little cold water as mild shock treatment. It was in response to a comment by Mandy that the boy was not reacting to anything that her partner sarcastically suggested he might react to one other thing. The lady detective, rather than treat the comment with contempt which was what the male officer had expected, looked at her subordinate with a thoughtful look. “Actually you may have a point – I’ll try it if you remember what the boss preached about keeping things within the team. ” She waited for an assurance from the younger male. Suddenly this had taken on a different mood and atmosphere – the man’s facial expression gave away his state of arousal at the implication of what his senior female officer had possibly in mind. “You can rely on me ma’am,” he told her almost with voice cracking. Mandy nodded slowly while she stared at him as though to say – “You better mean it – or else!”A minute passed before Mandy slid her chair very near to the boy and began to stroke his thigh – from his knee, up to his crotch. All the time she whispered to him trying to persuade him to resume his story and asked him to describe again what the woman looked like while she stood there almost naked while she was forcibly fucked. Mandy knew the language she was using was having more effect on her fellow officer than the boy.

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   Glancing behind she saw how uncomfortable the man was becoming and how he fidgeted in his seat as he watched her hand dwelling on the young boys’ dick. “Tell us what dirty things happened after she was fucked by your mate Lenny – did you want to put your cock in her too? I bet it was really exciting to watch – seeing three cocks – hard and rampant – like yours is now. ”The woman was becoming quite turned on herself, partly through picturing the scenes and feeling the boys’ dick – and partly by knowing the effect it was having on her watching junior investigator. For a while the boy sat immobile then, she felt a twitch from his penis and saw his eyes gradually loose their stare. Nothing else happened so Mandy decided she would press on with her treatment in a more intense way. Very deliberately she unbuttoned her shirt – just enough to open the two halves and display her bra. Reaching down she slowly inched up the hem of her skirt until her stocking tops ended and bare flesh was seen. The first response was from her partner who gasped and softly swore under his breath. “Listening has really turned me on – Lenny – shall I show you how much?”Mandy smiled as she heard her co-worker draw breath and declare his disbelief. “Fucking hell! This is amazing – Jesus!”Making sure she could be seen she took hold of Lenny’s hand and placed it on her thigh, then, keeping hold of his wrist she began to slide his hand toward the top of her leg. The junior officer grunted as he watched it pass the tops of her stockings then as it made contact with her white skin she turned the hand to her inner thigh and it disappeared from view. There was no mistaking as to where the hand finally rested as she had to widen her knees to accommodate it. The movements also gave a clue but most of all – the change of expression on the boys’ face told all. “Come on Lenny – talk to me while you play with my pussy!” she whispered hoarsely. Alternating her glance from Lenny to her partner she fumbled with the boys’ zip until it was open fully – her hands for the moment staying outside his trousers.


   With a little shuffle she was able to let the other male enjoy the view of her open shirt and although her pussy was hidden from his view she still showed ample amounts of flesh on legs and arse cheeks as her skirt was hitched very high. She also knew that the movements of Lenny’s hand and her wriggling would be an immense turn on to any man watching. In other words – just like the men in the story the male detective was getting a great deal of sexual pleasure from merely watching. The only difference being that he couldn’t masturbate at the same time – but Mandy would not have minded if he had chosen to!Lenny’s voice once more became active and he resumed his story as though nothing else was going on. “We swapped over – took turns to fuck her – but not till we came. The men waited until they knew we were really worked up then they shouted to us – bend her over. They were almost as far gone as us – they wanted us to fuck her hard. “Bend her over!” they shouted then they told us to do it to her – she was crying – screaming – that’s what they wanted though. They wanted to watch us rape her – in her arse! They wanted to us to force her to submit to anal sex. When the pervy one started to make strange noises because his head was gone they loved it even more. He needed no encouragement to carry on – he slapped her arse hard and forced his dick into her anus – then he went like a piston engine. ”His eyes were beginning to glaze over again as feelings of guilt overcame him and his voice faltered – Mandy acted quickly. To the amazement of her partner she drew out the boys’ penis and began to masturbate him while at the same time whispering to tell him how much she was turned on by listening. Her hips rocked against Lenny’s fingers and her eyes narrowed with a little smile when she looked across at he partner. Lenny was becoming very worked up and aroused so she eased off slightly with the hand milking his cock.

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  “She was fucked hard in her arse and slapped so by the time we were told to change places her resistance had gone. I was third in line and as I lifted her arse to position my cock she simply let me. The first guy had gone to her front and he had pushed his cock into her mouth and was making her suck. The finale was stage managed – we had to stand round her while she knelt on the floor – then she was told to open her mouth. It was her husband who shouted the command – we were told to piss on her. I was surprised that she obeyed by keeping her mouth open – she let us piss in her mouth!”Mandy hadn’t realised how much her own hips were moving almost making her reach an orgasm It was only when Lenny’s hot sperm hit her legs that she became conscious that he was about to withdraw his hand from her pussy. The boy laughed softly but manically as he watched the fluid spurting from his penis. The detectives realised then just how frightening it would have been for the woman having three guys like this abusing her. Lenny was still prepared to talk and as he calmed down he related how the men, having finished watching the entertainment provided by the boys then took turns themselves to release their fluid into the woman’s mouth – both their sperm and urine. Here was to be uttered the most significant fact for the detectives – the men took their turns after switching off the film equipment!Now with “work” taking priority the detectives pumped Lenny for more information – this was a breakthrough – somewhere, someone had tapes of the goings on – what a scoop this would be if they could locate actual film. Suddenly sex was not important and the detectives fell back on their expertise. It was later when Lenny had exhausted his knowledge and memory that Mandy became aware that her shirt was still unfastened. In her haste for more facts this had gone un-noticed until now the interview was almost ended she noticed how the young detective was eyeing her. Mandy thought how frustrated her partner must have been witnessing the scene of mutual masturbation while such a story was being related to them. Not spoiling his enjoyment of the sight of her breasts she left her shirt open a while and wondered just how unfulfilled he was feeling!Mandy wanted to move quickly on – their work here was finished for now and other thoughts occupied her mind.

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   While she stood in front of her partner discussing elements of their new found knowledge she slowly let him ogle as she re-fastened her buttons starting from the bottom upwards leaving more than usual undone to show off her eye-catching cleavage. The detective was finding it difficult to now treat this woman as his superior officer minutes after watching her masturbate a boy to climax while he had fingered her cunt!Taking the driving seat on Mandy’s instructions they moved off to their next port of call – things were returning to normal for him – until he glanced down at Mandy’s legs. He listened as the woman officer theorised about the films and who might have them and the names Lenny had given them. He listened intently until he saw her take a tissue from her bag and pulling one side of her skirt high she began to wipe the spilled sperm that had stained her leg and stockings. “Keep your eye on the road!” she ordered, “You’ll get us both killed!”The man apologised and fought to keep himself from stealing another glance while trying to concentrate on Mandy’s voice. “Take the next left and pull over!” she ordered. The detective did so and waited for the expected reprimand as he turned off the engine. “I seemed to have left you feeling very unsettled,” she suggested. “If we don’t sort this out it will interfere with the rest of the day – probably the week. Shall we sort it out and get it out of the way?”The young detective hadn’t a clue what this cryptic proposal involved but not being in the mood for puzzles simply nodded his head. “Drive and I’ll tell you when to stop,” she said. For five minutes he drove until they reached a derelict industrial site where Mandy directed him to park up by the side of an old warehouse. Turning off the ignition he turned toward his senior officer – his jaw dropped as he saw her hips raise from the seat and her skirt hitch up. “This is what’s unsettling you, isn’t it? This is what you couldn’t see properly – now if you want to watch me clean the sperm from me you can - without killing us”. She smiled wickedly while she used the tissue to wipe her legs making sure the triangle of pink that was her panty gusset was clearly visible.

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   When she had done she looked the young man directly in the eye. “Now – I’m getting in the back seat – you can either relieve your problem yourself – or – you can join me and I’ll assist you. Then we can get on with our work. ”Smiling she stepped out of the vehicle and calmly settled herself in the back seat. It took a while for the man to decide, then shaking nervously a little and wondering if this was really happening he joined the woman in the rear of the car. He waited for her to make the first move; he didn’t trust anyone being an experienced detective. She knew this and was happy to show him. Her hands went to her skirt and she hitched it back up to display her panties. Then her hands went to the buttons of her shirt and without reservation she undid it fully pulling apart the two halves. Lifting a knee and resting her leg against the back of the front seat she let her fingers tickle her pussy. “Get out your cock and do it then!” she chided smiling at him. The man knew he was being challenged to show he wasn’t bashful and unzipped his pants. As he withdrew his weapon he pondered whether she was testing him and trying to prove who was boss or if it was purely sexual. As his dick appeared and she clapped eyes on it the look on her face told him the answer. He was well endowed and knew it – he pulled on his cock while now it was her turn to ogle.


   Her hands pushed the material into her crack and he saw a damp patch appear. Looking to watch his reactions she bent her head and kissed his dick then lifted her head. “If you want more of that there’s a price to pay – what do you say?”“OK – I’ll go for it,” he said getting used to her cryptic ways. He was taken by surprise again as she stripped off her panties and returned her leg to its elevated position showing her open pink cunt. Bending toward her to kiss and fondle her he felt her arm push him away and her tell him no. Looking confused he straightened up and stared at her waiting for an explanation. “I said you have a price to pay first – lick me!” Her voice was low and seductive and she rotated her hand over her clit then pulled open her vaginal lips. “Lick my pussy – then I’ll give you what you want. ”Nervously the young man looked around him surveying the landscape to make sure they were indeed secure and private. He swallowed hard in disbelief that this senior female officer had just offered her body for sexual pleasure. Nevertheless he couldn’t resist, he took off his jacket and loosened his tie throwing both into the front seat. Slowly he caressed her legs and examined every inch of flesh – then adjusting his position he began to lick, first gently, then he sucked and slurped. Mandy’s body moved in rhythm holding his head in place and stroking his hair. Her movements increased, now she was fucking his face depriving him of breath. Her grip on his head tightened and she started to moan as she felt her orgasm building up to a crescendo.

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   All too quickly it was over and the man, sat gasping for breath looked almost disappointed thinking now her desire had been quenched that she would no longer feel like returning the pleasure. He was proved wrong when he felt her hands unzipping his fly and loosening his belt she pulled down his trousers taking out his stiff cock. “Don’t worry – I’ve enough for both of us!” she said climbing on his dick. He began to gyrate but she governed the movements as she buried his cock deep inside her pussy. He watched as she released her tits from her bra and pulled his mouth to her nipples. It was a long fuck – he was happy that it lasted so long – she squeezed her vaginal muscles round his shaft and knew just when to slow down and speed up. More unusual was the fact that they talked – talked dirty – throughout their fucking. They had a lot in common – both admitted much to each other – things that normally would be kept secret. Sex - forbidden sex – watching -listening – and of course, doing it for themselves was their greatest turn on. Yes – they both got incredibly aroused by their jobs and the things they experienced – yes – they enjoyed taking advantage of situations when they could. They would both be happy to remain partners in this investigation – and she would be glad to include him when opportunities presented themselves. They returned to base feeling very fulfilled and content with the results of their working day. .