Jenny's Accident


I have known Jenny since she was born, her mom was one of mine and my wife's best friends. Her dad died when she was very young an her little sister meagan was only a baby. Three years later my wife and little girl were killed in a car accident and Jenny was the first person to see me sitting crying. She came over and gave me a hug and said "im really sorry that Elaine and Ashley were both killed. I going to miss Ashley so much she was my best friend even though she was 5 years older than me".
 The next four years were pretty uneventful i sometimes did a bit of babysitting for Vicrtoria while she had went on some dates with a guy from her work. Me and the girls would eother play some board games or watch a dvd waiting for their mom to get home,sometimes they even stayed the night. Then one day while taking my dalmation for his morning walk i saw in the distance a little girl getting hit by a car,my heart just sank because it reminded me of what happened to my precious daughter. I pulled my cell from my pocket and dialed 911 and got an ambulance when i got to the scene of the accident i noticed who had been hit. When i saw it was Jenny  my heart missed a beat. All the girls were crying and one boy said "oh my god Jenny's dead. " I moved some kids to get  to see and there was a lot of blood but she was still alive and i told the girs and boys to calm down. I knelt down and took Jenny's hand and told her an ambulance had been called. Then i called her mom to get to hughes memorial as quickly as possible as Jenny had been knocked down and id meet her there.
   At the hospital while Jenny was being treated Vicky was in tears worrying about her daughter and the medical bills as she didnt have enough insurance to cover the costs. Itold her that the insurance was taken care of.

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  When we were shown into the room Jenny was hooked up to an iv drip. She was very pale and frightened. We were told  she suffered  a broken arm broken leg that needed surgery to set it properly and 3 broken ribs. And she would need to be in hospital for at leasst 3 weeks. I leaned down and kissed her forehead and said "sweetheart you gave us all one hell of a fright. " She smiled for the first time and said " im so sorry. " "Thers nothing to be sorry about it was an accident. ""Vicky  i need to go but ill be back later and i will pick up Meagan from School and bring he here. "
    When i got back to the hospital Jenny was sitting up and looking a bit happier. Meagan passed her the bag i bought from the supermarket. "whats in it" she asked. "Look and see,"she opened it up and pulled out a new nightdress and  undrware as her panties had been soiled due to the accident. " Come here Meagan lets go get some juice while your mom helps Jenny get changed into her nightie. " When we got back and i saw the cutest 13 year old ever
A bit later i asked one of the nurses if it would be ok if Jenny Could have some food as she was feeling hungry. The nurse said "YES but the kitchen is closed for today you will have to get something in, but nothing too heavy something like a bit of pizza or some chinese food.

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  " "Ok everyone whats it to be pizza or chinese. " ll three at the same time said chinese so i gave the local chinese takeout a call and ordered some soft noodles and spring rolls. During the meal jenny looked a bit sad. her mom asked her whats wrong. "Well" Jenny said "im going to miss talking to Beth and Michelle my friends from england on Yahoo while im in hospita. ""Now theres no need to worry about that  finish up here and get back into bed as i have a surprise for you. As her mom helped her back into bed and meagan cleared up the table i popped out to my car and got 2 packages . When i handed one to Jenny her deep blue eyes  lit up like a christmas tree,and she squeeled in delight as she saw what i had given her. "Oh my gosh it a laptop. Thank you Kevin>" Meagan pipped up and said "can i use it too. " Keeping a very straight face i "said no. " And she was about to cry>"The reason why you cant use that laptop is because i got you one too" and i got the biggest smile i have ever seen Meagan give. "But you cant use yous till you get home and it will be very late so it will be after school tomorrw before you can use it. Is that ok with you. She couldn't say anything she just nodded her head.

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As it was time to head home  i kissed Jenny on the forehead and told her i weill come visit her again the next day. As we were driving home Vicky said you shouldn't spend your money on expensive thing like laptops. i said i,ve got more than enough and buiseness is really picking up with the new contract to repair the police and fire departments computer systems. " When we arrived  Vicky sent Meagan for a shower and then to bed after some hot chocolate with marshmallows. Once Vickey tucked  Meagan in she came downstairs and offered a glass of wine. "Kevin i really ought to thank you for the way you helped Jenny if it wasnt for your quick thinking  she might not even be here or permantly in a wheelchair. "And she started to cry. "Come on  its ok shes safe thats what matters now. " And i hugged her. I looked at my watch and saw it was 11. 00 pm. "Its  time i was heading home its been a long day for all of us. "She held my hand and looked iinto my eyes and said "stay. " And she  hugged and then kissed  me
" Vicky you are the first woman that i have kissed since Elaine died" and she said "your the only guy i have kissed apart from bill. " "you dont need to do this vicky" i said.

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  "but i want to" she replied,as she kissed with more passion. As we kissed my hand went to her pert little ass and pulled her in close so as she would'nt see my cock making a tent in my pants. But i need'nt have worried as her hand moved down to the front of my pants and she felt how hard i was. "MMM thats a nice hardon then she led me to the bed room and took off her dress and stood with just panties on with a slightly wet patch. Her tits were nice and perky. then she led me to the bed and sat me down taking off my shirt she kissed my nipples then undone my belt and unzipped my pants slipping them down then she pulled down my boxers letting my very hard 7 inch cock  free. "Mmm nice size" as her mouth went to the head and she started to lick  my cock  ny precum was leeking out and i knew it wouldnt be long before i shot my load . She must have known as she went down andtook my cock right into her throat and sucked for all she was worth after about a minute  i could hold on no longer and shouted "IM CUMMING. " "Now its my turn to make you feel just as good as you masde me feel. " I kised her neck making my way to the valey between thos two perky tits before sucking on the left nippel and pinching the right kissing further down stoping at her belly button and tongue flicking it making her squirm in pleasure. then i moved farther down stopping at her panties,i could almost taste the sweet juices with just the smell. I hooked my fingers i the waistband and slowly pulled them down. What greeted me was a sihght i willremember forever her pussy was neatly trimmed and soaking wet.
As i took her panties right off i gently stroked her pussy and she shivered as she had a mini orgasm. Then  i movd up kissing  and licking till i got to her pussy and licked her clit and she exploded into one almighty orgasm.

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  "OH MY GOD  IM CUMMING," she screamed out in utter pleasure. After vicky came back down from the pleasure trip she held me in her arms and kissed for ages. "I really need to feel your cock in me will you fuck me please. " "wth pleasure sweetheart. I started to move my cock teasing her pussy then she said "put it in me and fuck me for all your worth. " As we fucked all i could think of how i had misseed my wife ,just as i was about to cum i whispered into Vickey's are oh elaine i love you and shot my hot sticky cum into her and Vicky called out i love you too bill. We told each other we were sorry for what happend and we both just said "its ok as we both lover our parteners" 
   The next day at the hospital Meagan dropped us right in it by blurting out that i had spent the night with vVicky. And Jenny thought for a minute and said as long as your happy mom im happy. But i saw a sadness in her eyes,but could'nt place what was wrong.
  Three month had passed and Jennifer was home from hospital and back to school ut was still walking with a limp. About a week leter i was round for dinner and i heard vicky shouting "Jennifer Jayne Watson what the hell do you think your doing. ?"Then i heard Jenny Crying "imsorry mom i didnt mean it. " At dinner there was a bit of an atmosphere and Jenny was very quiet for once. "After dinner Jennifer i want you to go straight to bed and no dvds or laptop till i decide what to do with you. " said Vicky.

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   After both girls had showers and went to bed i asked what actully happened. Then vicky told me she caught Jenny masturbating. " Oh" i said  Well  she is 13 ,"i said. And Vicky jusy sat and cried. The best thing to do is talk to her without getting angry,because that will help no one. Vicky called Jenny,when Jenny came into the living  room she had been crying. "Im sorry mom i didnt mean to make you mad. " Vicky waited for a minute before replying, "You dont have anything to be sorry for im the one who should appologise for shouting at you. " " can i ask where did you learn to do that anyway. " "I cant say because i dont want Kevin to hate me" "I could never hate you " i said. "But you might if i tell you " she said. I told her "i promise I wont hate you. " She took a deep breath " you know Ashley was my best friend even though  she was 5 yers older than me well i saw her doing it and i coppied her  when she was supposed to be babysitting us and i really started doing it in hospital last mionth" Then i saw the tears  start to flow. " come here sweetheart" i took her hands in mine and told her "im shocked but not angry. " She calmed down and her mom gave her a hug and sent her to bed.

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    Two weeks later my cell rang and it was Vicky she was frantic asking me to come over as there was something wrong with Meagan.  I picked up my cell and went over. When i got there meagan was very listless and  pale. i didnt hesitate i called Hughs Memorial. " Hello Mare is john in the office. " Whos calling please. " I told her. "one moment please. " HI kev whats the problem" John i

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