Katie and Friends - Chapter 3


"Yes and yes and yes!" she muttered. "I want your whole shaft inside me! Feed my eleven-year-old twat some more hot prick! It's hungry!" I pushed another inch into her fuckhole, watching her face. Her mouth opened, and her tongue fluttered randomly on her lips. "MMMMM!"she moaned. She reached down and felt my cock stretching her little cuntlips. She gently squeezed my still-exposed rod, saying, "But you have more to give me, honey! I can feel it, out there in the cold! Let my pussy warm it up for you, please? Won't you give me a little more?"I slid another inch into her welcoming cunt, leaving an inch or so to go. Her inner muscles massaged me, rippling up and down my dick. This little girl was fucking me, and both of us were holding still! My eyes closed and I took in a deep breath, absorbing the sensations spreading through my body. "You really like my cunt hugging your cock, don't you, Ricky?" she asked. She squeezed me harder. "Put the rest in now, baby! I want it all in me, right now!" I pushed forward until I felt my balls against her ass. She sighed. "At last! I have your whole big dick in my twat! It feels so fine!" She wriggled under me, hunching up, rubbing her clit against my body. "Now we are lovers!" Katie said. "Love me some more, Lover! Fuck me, in and out, in and out!"I ground my crotch back against hers. "Do you know how good your wet little pussy feels on my cock, baby?" I whispered in her ear.

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   "I want to get my whole body in down there, and feel you hug it with your tight cunt!""That would be great, honey," she said, squeezing me hard, again, and wrapping her legs around my waist. "But right now just screw me with your dick! Take it a little slow, to begin with, OK? Like you've been doing? I want to feel every inch of your rod, as it moves in my pussy. "I began to fuck her as she wanted, slowly pulling out to the head, then easing back into her, as deep as I could go. On one outstroke, I looked at my cock. It was glistening with her fuckjuice. She matched my tempo, her eyes closed, pulling me in with her little legs, then relaxing, to let me slide back. This was the best fuck of my life, so far, and a little girl was giving it to me! I wanted to repay the favor. We fucked like that, almost in slow motion, for about twenty minutes. Katie was moaning with delight, humping up against me and tugging my hips with her legs on every instroke. I think she was minicumming the whole time, because not only was my cock wet, but my balls were dripping, moistening her little asscheeks every time I fucked down deep into her cunt. Occasionally she would tense up for a few seconds, too, and squeeze my prick extra-tight, then pick up my fucking rhythm again. I decided it was time to move things along. I was eager to cum in this little nympho's pussy! I picked up speed, shoving into her faster and harder. She looked me in the eyes again, and said, "Yeah, honey! You had been slow-poking just long enough! Could you tell when I was having little cums? I came a bunch!""Oh, yeah, Katie," I said, "your pussyjuice dripping off my balls told me!" I smiled, and she giggled. Then she thought for a second, and said, "Pull out for a minute, Lover! Pull your cock out of my cunt all the way, and lean back!"I did, and she sat up.

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   She leaned forward and licked me from my soaking balls up to the tip of my cock. She repeated the motion two or three times, then took my whole dick in her mouth, sucking and using her tongue. She slowly raised her head, and my prickhead popped from her mouth. She licked her lips. "Now fuck me some more, Ricky baby! I just had to taste my cum on your cock! Fuck me some more now, real good!"She flopped back on the bed and spread her sopping cunt wide, grinning. I lost no time in shoving my hard cock back into her waiting twat! Now I began fucking her in earnest, deep, fast and hard. "Yeahhh! OHHH! FUCK! YEAHHH!" she groaned loudly. "That's the way, Lover Ricky! Screw this little kid's pussy! Make me cum hard!" She was squirming and bucking her slim hips up against me, trying to keep up with my humping. I fucked into her dripping, tiny pussy as fast as I could. I began to feel that old, familiar pressure building up between my balls and the base of my cock. I knew I had to cum soon, or stop - and I sure as hell didn't want to stop! "How close are you, Katie?" I gasped. "Are you close to cumming?""I'm right on the edge, you big fucker!" she rasped in reply. "You wanna cum together with me? Let's DO IT!" She squeezed and stroked my thrusting dick with her tight lovetunnel, and reached down to tickle my balls. Suddenly, I felt her whole body tense up, and she rammed her crotch against mine, threw her legs around me again, and held me tight. At the same moment, I felt the rush of my cum through my shaft.

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  "AhhhhAHHHHH OHHHHH!" "YES! CUMMING!" "I'm CUMMING BIGTIME NOW! I feel your cum shooting into me!" "I feel you milking my cock!" "FUCK ME!" "SQUEEZE MY PRICK!" Our orgasmic cries blended in harmony. Our bodies jerked reflexively against each other. We jammed our crotches together as hard as we could, and held still - except for the little involuntary twitches we both made. Then we collapsed, still joined at the groin, and tried to breathe. Katie came out of it first. "You BASTARD!" she said, grinning. "What a fuck!! You should hang a sign out front: 'FINE fucking done here!' or something!" She moved under me, a little. "You're still in there, in my cunt, in ME, too! So good! We don't want all that good cum to leak out, do we? I want to keep it!"I bent forward and kissed her on the mouth, realizing it was the first time we had kissed. She responded eagerly, but gently. Our mouths parted, and our tongues caressed each other. We kissed for a couple of minutes, exploring each others' mouths, then I drew back and rolled off her, on my side. She whimpered, "Why are you leaving, honey? I loved having your cock in my pussy and your tongue in my mouth!"I slipped down beside her, so my face was even with her cunt. "Show me your pussy, Katie! Remember? 'Any time, any place!' I want to see your just-fucked hole!"She gave me a big smile, her eyes gleaming, and spread her cuntlips. Her little orifice was red as a ripe strawberry, and a glistening mix of our cum was oozing out of it. It was absolutely lovely! She dipped two fingers in it and put a big glob in her mouth.

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   ""Ummm," she said, "tasty!" She repeated the process, and held her fingers to my lips. "Go on, lick it up!" she grinned. "See how we taste together!" I hesitated a moment. I had never had male cum in my mouth, and didn't think I wanted to start. She rubbed it on my lips. "Lick it off, Ricky!" she ordered, "or I'll never kiss you again! In fact, all my lips will be off-limits to your mouth and your cock!" She sat back a little, and pouted. I licked my lips, and swallowed. She smiled and gave me a deep kiss, roaming around inside my mouth with her tongue. "There!" she said, pulling her mouth back and hugging me. "That wasn't so bad, was it? I've eaten lots of guys' cum, and it hasn't hurt me a bit! Besides, my cum was right in there, too, and I know you love to drink it down!"She was right; but I knew in my head that these circumstances were unique. At my age, I knew I was neither gay nor bi-sexual. I loved pussy, and cocks were just rather ugly pieces of meat, so far as I was concerned, and the only cum I wanted in my mouth came from a cunt. Speaking of cocks, mine was drooping down my thigh, oozing a little cum, still. Katie leaned down and caressed it. "You gave me a great fuck!" she enthused, apparently talking to my dick! "I really hope there's a lot more cumming!" She giggled, and gave my limp prick a big kiss, licking the little bit of late cum off the tip.

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  She flopped back on the bed, legs slightly spread, and began fondling my diminished dick. I responding by playing with her wet pussy, trying to push all our cum back into her fuckhole. She giggled, humped up against my hand, and squeezed my soft cock. I leaned over her and took one of her little nipples in my mouth, sucking and nibbling gently. I moved to the other. Another first, at least for us! Her eyes closed, and she pushed her little-girl chest against my mouth. "I don't have real tits yet, Ricky," she whispered, "but I love your sucking my nipples like that! I can't wait until I have something else there for you to play with! I want us to be lovers for years and years, even if I get married some day!"Then she sat up on her elbows and asked, "What time is it?" I was a bit startled by the question, but looked at the clock by the bed. "About 12:30. " "Wow! we've been loving on each other for almost two hours! Usually, a fuck only takes me a half hour or so!" she said. "You are sooo good, I lost track of everything!"She slumped back again, staring up at the ceiling; but she reached down and pressed her hand on mine, still at her cunthole, trying to put all the toothpaste back in the tube. "Ricky?" she said, a bit hesitantly. "Lover, listen for a minute - but don't stop what you're doing! - You know, the deal we girls made was, one of us would come in and fuck you first, then all the others would get a shot, if the first one told them it was worth it. I got lucky! But they've all been out there for a long time - if they're even still there!" She hunched her cunt up against my busy hand, and rotated her hips. "I'm giving you an 'A-plus', honey!" she said. "But you may not be ready for four more horny little girls, and that's OK! I know guys wear out quicker than girls, and take a while to get back up.

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   So, what would you like?"I thought for a minute. "Let me peek out and see if they're there," I said, temporizing. "You come look too, and tell me their names. " We went bare-assed into the living room, and lifted a slat on the Venetian blinds. We caressed each others' asses, as we peered out. Only two little girls were still there, playing a slow game of jacks, and looking toward my front door, once in a while. "Who are they?" I asked Katie. "Well, the white girl is Karen, remember? The one who was about to grab your cock at the door? The black girl is LaToya. I think they both like to fuck, almost as much as I do! Karen says she fucks her big brother, and LaToya says she's fucked almost every boy in her homeroom; but I haven't seen either one doing it. "Katie's squeezing my ass and tickling my balls, and her repetition of "fuck" in her description, had my dick stirring again. "Well," I said, "they've been so patient. Ask them in. "Katie squealed with delight, bent over quickly, and gave my slowly stiffening dick a fast lick. "I knew you would be up for it!" she giggled. "Just remember, Ricky! You're my lover! You can fuck them and go down on them, or anybody, all you want - and I will, too - but you and I are lovers!"She went to the living room, her bare little butt swaying, pulled the front door open, and called out: "LaToya! Karen! Come on in!".

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