Katie and Friends - Chapter Two


"I keep trying to get a bunch of boys to give me a gangbang, but they are all too embarrassed to fuck in front of other boys. I think they are afraid some other boy will tell on us, too. " She thought for a moment, then giggled, "I know I'd love to have one cock after another fucking my little cunt! I want to do that a lot. When I'm in bed at night, I imagine all that cum up inside me, drooling out after all the fun was over!"Then she giggled again, hugged me tighter, and bent down to kiss my cockhead. "I really want to fuck in a bed! I want to fuck with you, in your bed! Then we'll really be lovers!" She took my hand, and we started toward the bedroom. The doorbell rang, again. "Shit!" I exclaimed, then, "Sorry, Katie! we don't need interruptions, right now. "She shrugged off my language, and said, "You'd better put your robe on, and answer the door! If you don't they'll probably just keep pushing the button - and I want you to push my button!" She smiled, spread her cuntlips, and stroked her tiny clit. "This button," she said. I pulled on my robe, not bothering to tie it, and went to the door. I opened it, my dick pulsating inside my robe as I thought of Katie. There stood another little girl! "Hey, Mr. S. ! Is Katie still here? We've been waiting for her!" I looked further out and saw three other girls out on the street. "I'm Karen," said the one at the door. She was blonde, while Katie was brunette.

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   Karen was wearing a little tank-top, and a tiny little skirt that barely covered her pre-teen ass. Checking them all out, I saw all the little girls were wearing very few clothes. One of them was black, I noticed, and I thought one was oriental. They all were grinning, too. Karen's gaze dropped down to my untied robe, and she smiled. She lifted her hand, parted my robe, and started to reach inside. Just then, Katie appeared at my side, took in the situation, and smacked Karen's hand away. Katie was stark naked, which didn't seem to bother her at all. She took command. "Listen, you guys!" she said, just loudly enough for the girls on the street to hear, "I won, and I'm in here now, and we've hardly gotten started! If you want some of this, you wait for me to finish fucking Ricky! Then, IF my lover wants to put his big cock in your horny little cunts, AND I say it's OK, THEN, MAYBE, you can fuck him, too. " While she was giving this little speech to her pals, she opened my robe and grabbed my tool, waving it at her wide-eyed audience. Fortunately, my front door was not visible - or audible - from any neighboring condos. She dragged me by my cock away from the door, slammed it, and went down on her knees, pulling my dripping rod between her lips. She licked up my precum, and said, "ME first, baby! Always me first! After you fuck me and cum in my cunt, then those other little sluts might get a turn!" She then enveloped my prick, rock-hard again, with her sucking little mouth and put her hands on my hips, pulling and pushing. I got the idea and started fucking her face, while she sucked and licked my dick.

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   She stared up at me and smiled as widely as she could, with a full mouth. "MMMMM!" she moaned. The vibrations of her muted voice on my cock made me hunch forward, reflexively, so that my cockhead went into her throat. "MMMmmmHMmm!" she mumbled approvingly; and then she started to hum! It must have been a tune popular at the time, but I didn't recognize it. It soon became one of my favorites, though! This little girl gave a hell of a humjob!After a minute or two she backed off my dick, grinned and wiped her lips, and asked, "Can we go to the bedroom now, Ricky? I want you to eat my wet little cunt, and it's better if I am lying on my back, with my thighs spread wide open for your head!" She stood up and tugged me by the hand, first, then grabbed my shaft again, and pulled. What could I do but follow?As soon as we got to the bedroom, she looked at my queen-size bed, said, "That's perfect!" and dived belly-down onto it. She looked back at me over her shoulder, wriggled her sweet little ass, and said, "Well, come on, slowpoke! Gee, don't you want a taste of my twat? Are you a slow poker, too? I like slow poking, but not all the time!" She giggled, rolled over on her back and opened her thighs and pussylips. Her inner lips and cunthole were glistening with her moisture. "See how wet I am for you, Ricky?" she grinned, rubbing her fingers up and down her wide-open pussy, and pushing them into her fuckhole. Then she sucked her wet fingers, and said, "Mmmm! It tastes so good, like a girl's pussy should! Get your tongue in here, baby! Eat me! Eat me now!"By that time I was so horny for this eleven-year-old nymphomaniac, I think I would have jumped between her legs if we had been in the middle of the busiest intersection in town, at rush hour! I knelt beside the bed, pulled her toward me until the backs of her knees reached the edge and her feet dropped down, almost touching the floor. Her hairless, tiny pussy was less that a foot from my face. I reached forward with both hands, and spread her outer lips apart with my thumbs. I have never seen a more beautiful cunt, and I am not inexperienced, by any means. She hunched her hips upward, smiled a knowing little smile, and said, "My pussy's pretty, isn't it? Every boy I fuck says so, and when I look at it in the mirror, I think so, too!" Her outer lips were very well-developed, for her age - plump and well defined, but not puffy. They and her surrounding crotch were a warm, pastel pink, like a maiden's blush; but there was nothing maidenly about this blush! Her inner lips, the hood of her tiny clit, and the soft flesh surrounding her tiny cunthole were a hotter, deeper pink, almost red.

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   Her clit protruded from under its hood, and was a deeper color, red and almost brown. I believe she was sexually excited by my examination, even more than she had been, before. "Do you like to look at my pussy, Ricky?" she asked. "I like your looking at it! I'll show it to you any time, any place! All you have to do is ask! If we meet on the street and you say, 'Show me your pussy!' I'll push down my shorts and panties - if I'm wearing any - and give you a good look!" She pushed it toward me, grinding her little hips. "But now I want your tongue in me, and I know you want to put it there! So, go ahead! Lick my cunt!" She slid forward a little, raised her hips with her hands, and brought her wet girlflesh to my lips. The ball was in my court. I didn't hesitate. I replaced her hands with mine on her firm little asscheeks, pulled her twat tighter to my face, and began stroking her crotch with my tongue. I started at her asshole, which made her jump a little, and licked up to her clit, which I squeezed between my lips for a second, while flicking my tongue rapidly over it - and then dropped back down to my starting point. After a dozen or so trips up her now-dripping pussy, I began to stop off at her cunthole, where I stiffened my tongue and probed inside. A few laps later, I started to pause at her asshole, first just licking, and then tonguefucking. She liked it, I believe! It seemed to me that she enjoyed the use I was making of my mouth on her pussy and ass. I'm pretty sure I'm right about this, because she never stopped writhing, humping up against my face, moaning, and several times stiffening her body while she groaned with pleasure. I think she must have cum five or six times while I ate her out, but neither of us was counting. I am sure her girlcum was filling my mouth, flowing down my cheeks, and dripping off my chin, onto the bed.

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  But all good things must come to an end. She had just cum, again, and had dropped back onto the bed, her eyes closed. She grabbed me by the hair and pushed my face away from her crotch. "OH, SHIT! Ricky, honey, let me rest a little! I've had a lot of tongues in my cunt, but nobody ever ate me like that, before! Who the fuck are you, anyway? Some old bachelor! Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?""From the female of the species," I grinned. "Being a bachelor doesn't necessarily mean being celibate, you know. There have been other girls, and women, in my life. Quite a few, really. I learned from every one of them, and I learn quickly. For instance: you like my tongue in your asshole, just as much as in your cunthole. I learned that about you, just in the last few minutes, and I'll remember it. The inference I draw from that lesson is that you probably enjoy a cock in your ass, as well as in your pussy. I'll learn that about you, too. "Her eyes had widened, as I talked. "Hey, Ricky, honey, you haven't even fucked my cunt, yet! And here you are, talking about fucking me in the ass? Aren't you moving kind of fast?""Well," I said, smiling, "just about as fast as you were when you wiggled your bare butt at me in the bathroom, and when you told me I could fuck you without worrying about going to jail!"She sat pensively for a few seconds, then laughed out loud. "Yeah!" she exclaimed.

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   "Honey, baby, Ricky, Best-Cuntlapper-in-the-Whole-Wide-World, let's just keep on moving at this pace!" She dropped back onto the bed, and giggled. "You spoiled me for everybody else, you know? No matter who it is or what they do, I'll always be thinking: 'Ricky is better!'" She swiped her hand through her soaked pussy, and licked it. "Look at all this cum!" she said. "I made this just for you!"I stroked her hairless cunt with my hand, and licked her juices. "Beautiful! Delicious!" I said, "but I like it better first-hand, straight from your pussy to my mouth!"She giggled and rubbed her finger on her clit, her eyes half-closed. "Do you fuck pussy as well as you eat it?" she murmured. "Has your cock learned something, too, or are you all mouth?""Well, that brings something up besides my cock, darling," I said. "I'll be blunt. Can you get pregnant? I don't want any babies popping out of you, looking at me and crying, 'Daddy!' Have you started having periods, or are you using some sort of contraceptive? I will use a condom, if necessary, but I hate them!""Oh, sugar, I thought I had told you, but I guess we've been too busy!" Katie smiled. "I have a little birth defect. The opening to my uterus is shut tight. " She actually blushed, as if this were something to be ashamed of. "My baby factory is closed for business. The doctors say it can be corrected surgically, when I'm a little older - but I love fucking so much without having to worry about that, that I plan to leave things the way they are. I want to feel a man's cock squirt his cum in my cunt, and not have to think about where those little wigglers are going, or what they might do! And I love feeling real man-meat stroking in and out of me, without some piece of plastic between us! If I want to fuck plastic, I'll use one of my mother's dildoes! Oh, yeah; I haven't even started having periods yet, anyway!""Well!" I said.

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   "Then we can fuck whenever we want, can't we?""You bet!" Katie grinned, "and right now would be a good time to start! Fuck me, Ricky! Put your big hard cock in my wet little pussy, and fuckmefuckmefuckme! I need to know if your prick is as good as your tongue!"She dropped back further on the bed, and spread her legs, again. "Here's where it goes!" she said, opening her tiny twat with her fingers. I climbed up between her thighs, my cock bobbling up and down in front of her. "Do you want me to put it in?" Katie whispered. She was opening her hairless cuntlips wide, showing me her wet fuckhole. I was a little surprised. A fair number of my sex partners had asked my the very same question, but I hadn't expected it from Katie; then I remembered she was a very experienced eleven-year-old, who had probably fucked several virgin boys who actually didn't know where to put their dicks. I also remembered that many of the girls and women who asked that question really liked guiding a stiff, hot cock into their steaming cunts. (I even knew one woman who liked a semi-soft dick better than a hard one. "I like to stuff it in down there with my fingers," she told me. "That's better than a hard thing ramming up inside you!" Different strokes for different folks, as the song says. ) "Yeah," I answered. "Put my dick in your pussy! Make me fuck you!"She propped herself up one one elbow, put her other little hand around the base of my tool, and pulled the head toward her cunthole. I offered no resistance. .

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