Katie and Friends - Chapters 4 & 5


LaToya came up, pushed her larger tits against my arm, spread her legs a little, and slid down till her crotch was rubbing on my knee. She was wearing black shorts, much darker than her skin, and a light-blue t-shirt. It was obvious she had no bra on - although she would need one soon, if her development continued as promised! She put her little hand on my dick, next to Karen's. They both started to squeeze and rub it. LaToya's hand, nearer the head, kept slipping over it, in the slippery precum drooling from my little cumhole. "Oh, yes!" LaToya muttered. "We'll get some good fucking from this prick today, I think! Katie has already had it in her cunt - at least! Now it's our turn!" They both kept stroking my cock, with Karen hunching against my left leg, and LaToya trying to fuck my right knee. Katie found a comfortable chair, hooked her legs over the armrests, and began fingering her cum-filled pussy, watching her two little girlfriends play with me. "You two had better get your clothes off," she suggested, "or you're not even going to get his fantastic tongue!"Both newcomers instantly complied, and almost ripped their few clothes off. LaToya was the first of the two to get naked. Her little tits were probably B-cup, going on C. Her skin was like coffee with two creams, and looked smooth as fine silk. There was a sparse triangle of black, krinkly hair above her cunt, but its outer lips were bare, and protruded between her teenie thighs. It seemed to beg for attention. She squeezed her tits and toyed with her little brown nipples, while she thrust her crotch toward me, spreading her little legs. She opened her nearly adult pussylips, and gave me a big grin.

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   "My uncle, or at least my mother says he's my uncle, says I already have a grown woman's cunt!" she said, "except for hair, and he says that's OK! He doesn't like picking pussy-hair from between his teeth! He hasn't fucked me yet, but he eats me out all the time, and I suck him off! We usually sixty-nine before he screws Mom! Up till now, I've only fucked boys, but I really want some mancock in my cunt!" Karen spread her legs for me, almost as soon as she had stripped off her micro-skirt. None of these little whores wore panties, I guessed. Too time-consuming. Her tits were only slightly more developed than Katie's, but she had large, already-erect nipples, which she squeezed, looking in my eyes. She smiled, and dropped one hand to her pussy. She slid a finger into her slit, and started rubbing. Her eyes never left mine, I think, but mine dropped to her center attraction. She was hairless there, like Katie, and her cuntlips were rather small, barely defining her pussy, but concealing her fuckhole. I figured that hole had to be very tight. "I want your cock in my cunt, Katie's lover!" she said. "She said we could fuck you, and I'm gonna do just that! You probably think Katie gave you a tight fuck! Just wait until you sink your dick in my pussy! Then you'll know what tight twat really is!"I heard a little moan from Katie's direction, and glanced over. She had three fingers jammed tight in her cunthole, and was wriggling and blinking her eyes. She obviously had given herself a present: a good cum!She blinked again, and took up her role as MC. "Ricky," she mumbled, then cleared her throat and sat up. "Lover, Karen is twelve, just a few months older than I am, but I've been fucking a lot longer! I think the only cock she's had in her pussy is her brother's, and he's a jerk! Neither of them can get anyone else to fuck them, so they have to be satisfied with home-grown!"LaToya may have had even more cocks in her cunt than I have - I don't know! But she is fourteen and having periods, so she can get pregnant.

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   You'll have to cum in her ass or her mouth, or on her pretty tits, or risk becoming a daddy! We all hate using rubbers!" She spread her legs as wide as she could, pointing to her cunt with both index fingers. "This is the best and safest young pussy you're likely to get, Lover! I want you to fuck them both, because they're my friends and I like to share. But bring your loving prick back to me, when you're done!"Karen blushed, glared at Katie, then dropped her eyes. LaToya nodded in agreement, and only said, "I like assfucking a lot, Ricky! And sucking up cum from a hard cock, too!" To emphasize her statement, she put my almost stiff dick in her little mouth, and gave it a hard suck! She guided my right hand to her tits, and rubbed it on her erect, brownish nipples. "Mmmm!" she moaned. Karen, not wanting to be outdone, stood up, pulled my face down to kiss me, and put my left hand on her smaller chest. I rubbed my palm across her little preteen tits, and she pushed back against my hand. She found my tongue, and sucked it into her mouth. I squeezed and twirled her nipples, and she reached down under LaToya's bobbing chin to tickle my balls. My prick was fully hard in LaToya's sucking mouth, now, and I had begun slowly fucking her face, almost unconsciously. She took it all in, smiling up at me. Glancing over at Katie, I saw her leaning forward in the chair, her feet spread wide on the floor. One hand was tugging and rubbing her tiny nipples, and the other was busy between her legs. She looked me in the eye and grinned, then opened her little thighs even wider, so I had a good view of her fingers in her cunt, four of them rapidly stroking in and out!Chapter FiveI cleared my throat. "Hey, girls! Girls!" I said, trying to get their attention.

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   "Stop for a minute, OK? I love what you're doing, but let me say something. " They backed off a little, and listened, but Karen kept my hand on her tits, rubbing, and LaToya slowly stroked my throbbing cock. "OK," I said. "I have about one good cum left, right now, so you two will have to share it. They looked at each other and nodded. "I want to eat both your beautiful little pussies till you cum in my mouth, to begin with. OK?" They giggled and bobbed their little heads up and down. "OK!" "Yeah!" they said. "Then you can take turns fucking me until I have to cum. While one of you rides my dick, the other one sits on my face - if she wants to. " They laughed out loud, and LaToya gave my cock a squeeze. Karen started rubbing her hairless little twat. "Katie will watch all the action, and say when it's time for you to switch places. Then, when I have to cum, you both pull off and suck me dry! Katie can get in on that too, if she feels like it. OK with everybody?" They all agreed, enthusiastically.

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  "Good!" I said. "Let's get started! LaToya, you just gave me some fine head, so I want to go down on you, first. Get over on the sofa, lean back, and spread your pretty little legs!"Karen looked a little disappointed, but didn't argue. She sat on the floor cross-legged, and started warming up her pussy with her fingers. LaToya was on the sofa with her legs spread almost before I saw her move! Katie got up from her chair and came over to rub her body against me, giving me a hot, deep kiss, bobbing down a bit, to rub her pussy on my knee. "You're so sweet!" she whispered. "You think of everybody! I've been sitting there remembering our great fuck, and I can't wait till you're up inside me, again!" She turned away, then turned back. "Next time in my ass, too!" she grinned, and went on to sit beside LaToya, on the sofa. I went to LaToya, who had her fingers busy in her brown little cunt. She gave me a big smile as I knelt between her legs, and licked her own wet fingers. Karen scooted her bare ass over closer to get a good view, and went back to fingerfucking herself, watching as I bent to LaToya's wet and waiting pussy. I took a good look at LaToya as I lowered my head between her legs. She was squeezing and rubbing her breasts, twirling her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. As she did, they grew to almost an inch in length. Her aureolae were a darker brown, a more chocolate color, than her tits themselves: about the size of a silver dollar - NOT the Susan B.

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   Anthony, but a real one - and seemed to swell up, following the rise of her nipples. I put the thought in my mind to attend to her breasts as I ate her cunt. Dropping my head further between her smooth-skinned thighs, I licked up her little left leg from just above her knee to her pussy, and flicked her protruding clit with the tip of my tongue. She moaned with pleasure, and humped up against my face; I then did the same on her right side, this time seizing her hard little nubbin between my lips, and squeezing. She writhed and bucked against me, grabbing my hips and pulling my face into her cunt. "Oh, yeah!" she muttered, "keep doing that, baby! Chew my clit! Eat it up!"I sucked her thobbing teenage clit, and even bit it a little, very lightly, rubbing it between my teeth. "OH! FUCK!", she groaned. "Bite it, honey! Give my girlcock some memories!" Remembering my resolution, I reached up with both hands and found her hard little nipples. I twirled and squeezed them, bringing another moan of pleasure from her, as she tried to push against my hands and mouth, at the same time. Slipping my mouth down her pussy a little, I found her fuckhole with my tongue. My nose was now against her clit. I pushed my stiff tongue into her pulsating twat about an inch, and began rolling my head in a small circle, clockwise, then in reverse. This way, my tongue stroked her inner lips and hole, and my nose massaged her swelling clitoris. "My GOD!!" she said, loudly. "Your face is fucking me better than some cocks I've had! Do it more! You eat me even better than my uncle, white man! MORE!" LaToya jerked my head further into her now-sopping pussy.

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   I sucked up her girljuice, and then pushed my tongue into her twat as far as it would reach. I curled my tongue and licked up her cunt to her clit, which I half-surrounded, and mouth-stroked her throbbing little tower of love. I repeated this motion, cunthole to clit and back, half a dozen times, until I felt her body stiffen and her thighs tighten around my face. She screamed. "I'm gonna CUM! I AM CUMMING!!! AHHHH!!! EAT IT THERE! LICK IT THERE! DON'T STOP! UNNGGHHHAHHHH!!" Her pussy rammed into my face once more, held there for a moment as she ground against me, and then she collapsed. She pushed my head away and lay there, whimpering and giggling. "Sheeitt!" she whispered. "You give some kinda head, you ol' white man!" she snorted. "I'm gonna give you my numbah! Any time you get a yearnin' for some black pussy to gobble, you jus' give me a call!" She laughed out loud, and turned to the other girls, who were sitting motionless, their fingerfucking of their own cunts interrupted in mid-stroke by LaToya's cumming. She regained her composure a bit, and said, "You guys have to try this! Well, Katie, I guess you already have, right? So you know! But Karen, wait until this old man gets his tongue on your twat! You have to feel it to know!" Katie grinned. "I do already know!" she said. "I've never been eaten out like he does it, either. And I think he tried out something new with you! I may be jealous!" She laughed, though. She was only half-serious, or less. "Karen, you're up next! But let him rest a few minutes, OK? Old folks need their rest!" She giggled, and gave me a long, hard kiss.

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   "Can you repeat that performance for Karen, Lover?" she whispered. "She needs it more than LaToya did. We need to get her away from her dweeb brother! She might turn out to be really something!"I half-stood between LaToya's legs, but leaned forward to give her juicy, pink, little cuntslit, which was just visible between her slightly-parted, dark brown labia, a "see-ya'-later!" lick. She moaned and humped her hips up, in anticipation of more tongue in her hole. But I stood up straight, stretching and arching my back. Of course, this caused my nearly-erect cock to stand out over her, within easy reach. She grabbed it. "I want this in my pussy, SOON!" she giggled. "But you give Karen what she's over there waiting for, first! Then we fuck! Oh, wow! Then we FUCK!"I turned my attention to little Karen. .

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