Learning How - Part Two, Learning the Ways of the World


== Learning How - Part Two, Learning the Ways of the World – by LO == My name is Donna, and you already know me if you read "Learning How - Part One. " Then you know about how I was a young girl and gave myself to my employer while babysitting and became his little whore. I know some of you asked to hear more about my adventures, so here it is!
Anyhow, after Ron broke my cherry, we had regular sex a couple of times each week, and I was making real money from him at twenty bucks a pop. I was so naive, thinking that I was doing well financially for that trivial sum, but what the hell. I was only thirteen, and twenty dollars seemed like a fortune. He had to start using a condom after I told him I had my first period.
A few months passed. The factory where Ronnie worked shut down. Ron was offered a new job if he transferred to another plant in Kentucky, so he and Theresa sold their house and moved there with the kids. It was back to regular babysitting jobs for me, and the stash I had earned from Ron slowly dwindled in spite of my spending very conservatively. I had acquired expensive tastes -- no more cheap stuff for me!
On that last day, Ron and Terry were packing the car as the moving van drove off with their junk. I was watching the kids to keep them out of the adults' hair. Ron came inside and whispered that I should meet him in the basement in a few minutes. We met in a little storage room, and he quietly pushed the door shut.
"One last time, baby," he whispered. "Let's make it a good one.

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Ron let his pants and shorts drop to the floor. I knelt down on an old mat and began to stroke his cock, bringing it to a full erection. I fondled his balls and began to kiss the shaft from its base up to the head. As I pumped his hard penis, I began to suck wetly on the head. He began to thrust against my face in his urgent need. I stroked him faster. With a groan he jetted streams of hot semen down my throat. I milked him dry and stood up, licking a few stray drops from my lips. Ron pulled up his pants and reached into the pocket. He pressed a some twenties into my hand.
"Baby, I'm gonna really miss you," he said with genuine sincerity. "I hope we can get together again some time. " We each went upstairs separately.
After a few months, I began to take care of the Fiorio kids. There were three of the them.

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   Their mom and dad both had big jobs in sales, and one or the other was often on the road for days at a time. I was thirteen years old, and either the mom and dad had me over often. I even started to sleep over a few times so that I could keep a more watchful eye on the children when the parents were not able to arrive home in time. They gave me my own room, converted from a basement storage room, with a little bed and an old bureau to store some of my things. Soon they even obtained a desk to use for my school assignments and a comfortable chair to sit my cute little butt in.
Then Mr. Fiorio, Salvatore, had a change in his assignment so that he was not on the road so much any more. I still had to be there in the afternoons and evenings because of all his late work days.
My stock of cash had been depleted to a few dollars, and I knew I had to get some more money soon. I enjoyed shopping for new clothes, and I was now becoming interested in jewelry and perfume too. I began to wear some of my sexiest outfits, so sexy that I had to sneak them out of my house and keep them in my little room at the Fiorio's house. I put them on in there, for the benefit of Sal.
I could see my little plan was working because his eyes were almost always on me, especially if I left a button undone or had an expanse of soft flesh uncovered. It did not hurt that my immature boobs had expanded to fill out my tops better. I would find reasons to brush up against him or give him an extra special glimpse of my body.

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   I could see a bulge rising now and then whenever I was really naughty. Like all guys, his dick was soon controlling his male brain.
"Jesus Christ, Donna!" he finally yelled one afternoon. "You are driving me crazy!"
"What do you mean," I replied innocently.
"You sometimes parade around here like a cheap whore. . . Oh Shit! I didn't mean to say that, dear. Please forgive me and don't tell anyone I said that about you. "
I gave him a long stern look and gradually allowed the shocked expression on my face to change to a flirty smile. I wiggled over to him so that I barely touched him, allowing him to experience the sensation of my cute little body and smell my sweet perfume.
"Maybe," I suggested softly, "I'm not all that cheap. " I ran my little tongue wetly across my lips.
"Wh-What di-did you sa-say?" he gasped, amazed.
"I know it's so hard on you with Mrs.

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   Fiorio gone all the time, and I understand that a macho guy like you has needs, important and manly needs. Maybe I can help you out. . . if you want, but it will cost you. "
"But you're only a little girl, only thirteen. "
"I'm no virgin, Sal honey. I'm a big girl. . . really. "
As I said that, I pressed myself against him, feeling the bulge of his growing erection press against my body. I slid my hand along the bulge, and he did not pull away. I dropped to my knees and tugged his zipper down and pushed his shorts aside. Working his dick out, I was amazed at its size as I squeezed it lewdly in my small, soft hand.

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   I had to have it. I licked the underside of the shaft and peeked up at him, smirking brazenly.
"This is a really fine cock!"
"Oh, Jesus," he moaned. His hips slowly rocked as if to hump my face.
So I gave him a nice, sensual blow job, leaving him shaking with excitement and my mouth flooded with his semen. I left that evening with fifty bucks in my purse and my promise to give him more relief.
After that day, everything developed smoothly, according to my plan. Sal began coming home a little earlier, and I began staying a little later so that we had time together. Depending on what the children were doing, we would get together in the basement, or his bedroom, or any other place away from the little eyes. He almost seemed sad when his wife was coming home from a road trip, and we could not have our mutual amusement.
At last the big day came, and Sal fucked me. That's what I wanted. I needed his get that big dick inside my cunt. He arrived home ready for me to relieve his tensions, and I made sure the kids were in the family room engrossed with a video. I twitched my butt up the stairs to his bedroom, making certain he could see I had no panties on beneath my short skirt.

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   He followed me into the room and pushed the door shut quickly. I heard the lock click. I turned to face him and my eyes were fixed onto the enormous bulge in the front of his pants.
He began to yank his pants and shorts off, watching me slowly drop my few pieces of clothing to the floor. I backed up against the bed, which I had already prepared by pulling off the covers, and slowly reclined myself, spreading my legs. He was eying my cunt, and I gave him a good look at it, knowing he would not be able to resist diving into it.
Now stripped, Sal quickly moved between my legs, kissing my inner soft thighs and caressing my smooth flesh.
"Oh, baby, I got to suck that pussy," he whined.
He was true to his word. His mouth locked onto my cunt and his big tongue fluttered through my pink inner folds. His assault was both violent and experienced. Soon I was quivering uncontrollably as climax after climax rocked my body. I had to stop him after a while because he was driving me crazy.
"Sal, let me suck you for a while. .

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  . Then I want you to fuck me. "
I began to lick his balls. I sucked each one into my mouth to be massaged lasciviously with my busy tongue. He was already groaning and moaning before I took his cockhead into my mouth. I flicked the underside with my tongue and then sucked as much as I could into my eager mouth. His hands grasped my head, and he began to fuck my face, so I put my hand around his cock to keep him from pushing in too deep. I could only take so much of it into me, and I did not want him to choke me. Meanwhile I began to fondle his saliva-dampened balls, finding and rubbing the root of his immense cock.
"God damn, baby, I got to get into you!"
I pulled a condom out of a foil I had secreted under a pillow. Smiling up at him, I rolled it expertly onto his cock, slowly, teasingly.
"We have to use this, Sal. I don't think you want to give a thirteen year old girl a baby. "
Impatiently pulling his enormous pecker from my small hands, Sal finished rolling it down the length of his manhood. I could tell his need was great.

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   Sal pushed me onto my back and bruskly kneed my thighs apart. Guiding his dick with one hand, he pushed the head into me.
In spite of the slick wetness of my little cunt, Sal had to work himself in with some effort. I felt like I was going to explode with his dick ripping me apart, but my cunt soon accommodated him, stretching around his enormous erection as if it was made for it.
"Jesus, baby, your cunt is so fucking tight. This is going to be one great fuck!"
Sal began thrusting deep into my young body. I felt so filled with his girth that my pussy started to tingle again. I began to drum my heels against his legs, demanding more of his wild humping. Then he slowed down, not wanting to come too soon, and more deliberately drove himself into me. Damn he was big! I was really being stretched out, and it felt so good.
"Don't stop!" I begged. Don't stop fucking me!"
I began to come again and again. Soon I was lost in a dizzy whirl of pleasure, almost not noticing Sal groan as he shot his load. When he finished, he rolled over onto his back pulling me with him so that I lay on top of his sweaty, hot body. I was locked to him with his giant dick.

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   I fell asleep for a short time, worn out from my continual train of orgasms. I woke with his slipping out from underneath me. When he got up, the condom was still hanging from his tumescent dick, bagging out at the bottom, sagging with a heavy load of his thick come.
Rising from the bed, I followed him into the bathroom and joined him in a warm, rinsing shower, needing to cool and cleanse myself too. But no sooner had he turned off the spray, when I noticed his dick was in need of further servicing, excited by our showering together. I sat on the toilet seat and, leaning forward, took his cock into my mouth.
"Jesus, honey, you are going to drain me completely. "
"You betcha," I said, pulling his cock free from my lips momentarily.
So I began to pump on his thick pecker as I licked the end and sucked on the head deep into my mouth. He started to rock his hips setting his balls into a swinging motion. I grabbed them and began to roll them against each other in my palm. When he began to groan, I gently squeezed them as if to urge the flow of his thick cream.
Slurping noisily on his cockhead, I jerked him off into my mouth, pumping spurts of his sticky syrup that I gobbled up greedily. After I drained out the last few drops, he almost fell backwards and weakly leaned against the bathroom wall. He shook his head in disbelief, amazed at my precocious skills.

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I left for home with a fistful of tens and twenties in my hand.
As I said earlier, this became fairly regular, and I had so much money hanging around that I could no longer conceal it in my secret hiding places. At last, I opened a savings account and stashed the bank book in my favorite hiding place. I had not only replenished what funds I had from Ron, but had become rich by thirteen year old standards.
Still, Sal had to go on business trips too, as infrequent as they were. His wife Francine had me over to watch the kids whenever she expected to be delayed at work, which turned out to be rather frequent.
"Donna, I need to speak to you," she said one afternoon, calling me into her bedroom. Her face was rigid with annoyance. I knew right away that she had found signs of my nosing around in places where I had no business looking. "Have you been in my bureau, young lady?"
"I suppose so, Mrs. Fiorio. I'm really sorry, but you have so many nice things. I wanted to admire them. " Perhaps flattery would save my butt.
"Nice things.


  . . Like this, you mean. " She waved her vibrator under my nose. "These batteries were brand new the other day, and they sure as hell did not wear themselves out. "
"I was just. . . just looking at it. . . wondering what it was," I mumbled weakly. Bullshit, I thought. I figured out what it was in about three seconds, but then I could not put it DOWN because I was so busy putting it INSIDE. Damn, I had meant to bring some new batteries to put in it, but I forgot.

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   Hell, I was in a fog for an hour afterward.
"This is for grown-up ladies, not for silly little girls, so you just leave it alone and stay out of my private things from now on. Understand?"
"Actually," I boldly admitted, "I found that toy to be a lot of fun. "
"What!?! What did you just say?"
"Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut about that little device. It might be better for both of us, if you know what I mean. "
"Why you little slut! I think you need a good spanking, and I am sure that I can give you one. " Before I could even react to that, she had grabbed my arm and pulled me across her lap as she plopped herself onto the bed. As much as I struggled, I was not able to escape from her. She was a very powerful lady. She pulled down my shorts and panties and gave my ass a few hard slaps with the palm of her hand. Damn, but she was really strong!
I started to cry, and Francine stopped. She pulled me up and held me close to her. I sensed her fingers softly touching the hot, red welts that her hard hand had left on my butt cheeks. She started to kiss away my tears, but soon her mouth locked onto mine as her hands groped my soft flesh beneath my clothes.
My clothes began to loosen and fall from my body and our tongues were fluttering in each others' mouths.

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   I stepped out of my shorts and panties. Francine stood and undressed in front of me, allowing my to examine and admire her womanly form. She had long dark hair, wide hips and shapely, smooth legs.
"You know, sweetie, maybe I can show you some other ways to have some fun, but this has to be a secret, okay?" She reached behind her back and her bra fell off. She had big breasts with dark nipples. They were heavy and sagged enchantingly in front of my eager eyes.
"Yes, Mrs. Fiorio. I'm so sorry I wore out the batteries. "
"Just call me Franny. We won't need any batteries for this. "
"Yes, Franny. "
She slipped her hands inside her panties and slid them down her shapely legs. Her thick cunt lips pouted from beneath a trimmed bush of dark hair. I could see her large pussy lips being pushed apart by her pink inner flesh.

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   My eyes grew wide, seeing a grown up lady's cunt.
"Now come over here and lie next to me," she said, pulling back the rumpled bedclothes. I joined her, not knowing what to expect, wondering how we could have any fun if neither of us had a hard dick.
"Just do what I do, honey. " She began to stroke and massage my body, my breasts, my tummy, all over. I did what she did back. My hands felt her big tits and teased her dark, hard nipples. Our game began to feel really good, and I could see that Franny was enjoying our this activity too.
Franny put a leg between mine to rub against my pussy with her thigh as we kissed and fondled each other. I followed her lead and soon felt the first signs of an orgasm developing inside me. Franny switched around and began to kiss and lick my cunt as she knelt over me. After stirring me up, she lifted her head up, her face wet with my juices.
"Shall we love each other, honey?"
I smiled and nodded my head with enthusiasm. When she dove into my cunt again, I began to reciprocate. I pushed my face into her neatly trimmed bush when she spread her legs in invitation.

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   She slipped a finger, then two, inside me. When I did the same I found I could put almost the whole of my tiny hand inside her juicy cunt. Franny's hips bucked against my face as I began to feel the spasms of the first of several orgasms. Her body was also shuddering with the deep pleasure I was giving her.
We fell away from each other, panting and writhing. I gathered enough strength to swing myself around. As we embraced and kissed, I could taste my own pussy on her wet lips.
"Honey, you are really some hot little cunt!" Franny whispered. "We can have more fun like this, but you can't tell a soul. "
"Don't worry about that," I answered and kissed her firmly on the lips, sealing our secret pact. "I'm really good at keeping secrets. "
I went home with five twenties in my purse, much wiser to the ways of the world.
Anyhow, I have been their exclusive babysitter for the past two years, and I made a bundle. I serviced the mother and the father and cashed in fairly well doing them. I learned a lot of tricks from each one, for Sal was an expert cocksman, and Franny knew all the tricks in giving other women pleasure.

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   She told me how she and a friend had enjoyed each other when they were teens. I was bringing back her fond memories.
During that time my body grew and filled out. I was some sexy babe and had to fend off many of the young studs in school, telling them that I was too young or not ready for dating. They all thought I was a real tight virgin, maybe even a prude. No one knew my apparent innocence masked the biggest and youngest slut in town.
My wardrobe now included very conservative, but fashionable attire, which I wore to school and other public functions. I also bought expensive, even though flimsy, garments, to tantalize my two lovers. My specialty was my collection of semi-transparent undies I used to impress them, and I can assure you that I always made a big impression.
I often wondered about Sal and Franny doing it together, but I had no chance of finding out because neither was aware that I was servicing the other. That's the way each wanted it, and I had sworn to keep mum about my arrangements, my very profitable arrangements. I was sure if they found out each one was using me, I would be through in that household.
I'll get back to you soon and fill you in on my future accomplishments. Be looking for me!

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