Lisa, My Dark Secret


I had seen Lisa a few times only in passing and she has always grabbed my attention. Lisa is this stunning black girl. She has the darkest skin that looks like a chocolate silk pie. Her eyes are so deep brown you can barely make out her pupils. She has a great body ,, titties are small but her legs are long and beautifully shaped . Her ass is to die for , it’s a classic bubble butt. I swear it sticks out so far , that if it were raining, you could get under it and not get wet. It’s just amazing. Lisa shows up in this blue, very small bikini. I am cooking the hot dogs on the grill and having one hell of a time just watching all the girls swim and hop around the pool. Lisa is very attentive to me, asking if I need any help with any thing. I decline her offer and say just have a good time and relax. With a smile that could melt the polar ice cap , she says “Well Mr. Young , if you need any thing just ask me ok?”Wow! What a look she gave me! I am trying my best to not get a hard on now and just concentrate on cooking the dogs. Soon as I have them all done , I tell my son they are on their own and that I am headed for the kitchen. I don’t want to seem too obvious about staring at the girls.

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   I get to the kitchen, which is just off the deck and pool area and grab myself a beer. As I sit down at the bar between the kitchen and the dinning room in walks Lisa. She flashes those incredible white teeth again and says “ We need some more ketchup. Is there any in the fridge?” I , having a real hard time not drooling over her say “ Um yea, there should be more In the fridge. Lisa walks to the fridge which is just opposite of me and opens the door and then she bends over giving me a view of her amazing ass I could have never hoped for! Her suit is so tight on her , I can see the outline of her cunt lips pressing hard against the material . Dear Lord ! I want to just drop on my knees and kiss that ass so bad ! My cock is now jumping in my shorts , damn wish now I had worn my briefs under them. She finds what she wanted and then slowly stands back up. I keep wondering if she bent over for my benefit or not . As she closes the door , she turns to me and walks around the bar to where I am sitting . She hands me the bottle and says “Mr. Young ? will you open this for me please?” I take the bottle from her barely able to keep my hands from shaking at her nearness. As I am twisting the cap off , I see she is looking at my crotch and I know she can see my hard cock bulging out my shorts. Lisa doesn’t say anything but smiles like she likes what she sees. Then after I hand her the opened bottle she turns and leaves. I want to go jerk off so badly right now , but know I have to stay within earshot of the party.

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   My cock is so hard , it hurts to sit down. I get up and get myself another beer and just stand leaning against the kitchen counter. Thinking I am safe for a while, but how wrong I was. Within five minutes she is back again , this time when she walks in the kitchen , she is staring right at my cock! She is about to say something to me when a large group of the kids come in wanting more sodas. She moves out of their way and backs right up against me , pressing her fabulous ass onto my now fully erect cock! Then she just stands there while she carries on a conversation with one of the other girls! I am about to bust with her ass moving ever so slightly back and forth across my cock. Now I can feel her moving up and down on her toes but rubbing my cock at the same time. . oh man its all I can do not to cum right there!As all the kids grab the drinks and leave the kitchen headed back to the pool, she turnsfaces me and just smiles. Then she leans up and kisses me on the cheek . I am in a daze now and the next thing I know she is gone. Whew! I can tell you , that was the hottest thing that has happened to me in all my forty years of life! I am shaking with excitement and my mind is going in circles. Does she know what she’s doing to me ? Of course she does, how could she not have felt me that hard ?I go back and sit down at the bar and hold my cold beer in my lap against my cock to help it go down some. She was feeling me up with her ass!! It’s almost unbelievable! It’s all I can think of the rest of the party. Then about 11 , they are only fifteen , the party breaks up and they all leave. I am almost relived and disappointed that she didn’t come back one more time.

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   I tell my son not to worry about the mess as I know he’s tired from football practice that day and tell him to hit the sack . I walk out on to the deck and its such a warm night and the air so still , I think what the hell , I am going for a swim first. I drop my shorts and take off my t-shirt and dive in the deep end. Ah the water feels so good. I love swimming naked and the fence around the pool keeps the neighbors from being offended. I swim laps for about thirty minutes and decide to take a breather. I climb out of the pool and sit on one of the chase lounge chairs where I left my beer. As I am taking a nice long swig of beer I hear “ I thought you could use some help cleaning up here Mr. Young . ” It’s Lisa! Oh shit and here I sit naked!I stammer “ Ah Lisa , umm well gee that’s nice of you to offer but I can take care of it ok . ” She walks around and sees that I am naked and looks directly at my now hardening cock and says “ How about I help you with that?’ pointing to my cock. Ok now here I have reached a moment of crisis. I know this girl is underage and I know I can go to jail for what I am thinking I want to do to her. At the same time, she seems to be very willing and so forward in her actions and remarks. I have always been a sucker for sexually aggressive women, I just can’t say no.

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   I also know I have to be very careful as to not hurt her feelings so badly that she goes and tells her parents that I was sitting around staring at her all night and then she finds me naked by the pool. “Lisa honey, I am extremely flattered that you would even think of such a thing with me. And I am even more honored that you are or seem to be attracted to me. You are a very beautiful and desirable young woman, but you know I would go to jail and you would be in very serious trouble if any thing happened between us. ” I hoped this was a gentle enough let down for her. She smiled even bigger and said “ Silly Mr. Young, Do you really think I would tell any one and do you think you are the first ?” “Oh I have had a couple of boys but never a real man like you and that’s why I was throwing myself at you tonight. ”Oh man! Now my head is really spinning and my cock is fully erect ! I just don’t know if I can do this or not . Lisa makes the decision for me by sitting down on the chair between my legs and reaches out and takes hold of my now throbbing cock. I jump as her soft hands touch me, its like electricity running through me. She gently begins to pump my cock up and down and then leans down and licks the head. I hear her moan as she tastes me and then I can feel her big full ruby lips capture my cock. Lisa slides those delightful lips down my cock as she sucks and I grip the sides of the chair and thrust my hips up to meet her. Her hand grips me tighter and she pumps me faster . I know I won’t last long like this and not being some superman, I want this to last past this fantastic blow job I am getting.

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   I reach and pull her off my cock and she looks at me with some disappointment inher beautiful big brown eyes. “Lisa baby , I want to taste you so bad, please may I eat your cunt?”She releases her grip on me and stands and then takes off her top to reveal the sweetest pair of small but firm tits. Her nipples are so dark like Heresy’s kisses but twice the size and sticking out so hard. Then she unties her bottom and lets it fall. My mouth drops open. Here before me is a young goddess , her smooth firm body shines in the light from the pool. My eyes fall onto her cunt and it’s the most beautiful sight!Her lips are full and puffy and all I can see is the small tight slit between them. I get up and motion for her to sit down. Lisa puts one leg on either side of the chair and I get down on my knees and move forward, slowly kissing and licking my way up her long luscious legs. Her cunt is fuzzy with closely trimmed black curly hair. It glistens and reflects the light. My nose is touching her cunt now and I deeply inhale her scent. My senses are in overload now and I take the tip of my tongue and run it softly up and down her slit. I want to savor this moment for as long as I can. This could well be my last so I am going to make it memorable for the both of us.

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   The tip of my tongue now separates her lips and I taste her for the first time. Her cunt is slightly tangy but oh so sweet too. Moving my tongue up and down her slit , I feel her clit sticking out nice and hard and flick it gaining louder moans from her as she reaches down to take my head in her hands. She lifts her hips up and I push my tonguedeep into her young cunt. Fucking it in and out of her cunt while she moves her hips in circles now and pulls my face hard against her. Lisa is speaking softly but passionately for me to keep sucking her cunt and I am glad to do so. I move my right hand up under my chin and push two fingers into her now wet hole and move my mouth up to her clit. Sucking her clit into my mouth, I dance my tongue around on it moving it up and down and side to side. This has her moaninglouder now and moving at a frantic pace against me. I am not sure if she is going tocum or not but that is soon answered by her mashing my face tight to her cunt and the flood of fluids I feel on my fingers . I keep sucking her clit till her orgasm subsidesand then move my mouth off her. I look up at her and she has the most satisfied look on her face. “Wow Mr. Young!No one ever made me cum with their mouth before. That was incredible!” Damn! I was her first oral orgasm! What an honor unto itself.

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  I look her in the eyes and say “ Baby , I am not done tasting you yet roll over . ” she hasa puzzled look in her eyes but does so. There before me now is one of God’s perfectcreations, Lisa’s ass. I take both cheeks in my hands and spread them apart and lean down and begin kissing her asshole and the incredible cheeks. As my tongue pushesaround on her asshole she rises up and presents it to me more fully. Now my tongue goes in her and she quietly squeals with pleasure. I reach to fondle her clit as I tongue fuck her ass rapidly. Her ass seems to relax and accept my intrusion. It doesn’t take long and she is cuming again , soaking my hand. I pull my mouth off her ass and lick her cum off my fingers. It’s delicious. Lisa gets up off the chase lounge and pulls me to her and kisses me deeply. I never knew that kissing a black girl with lips like hers would be so different. They seem tocover my entire mouth and suck at me from all around my lips, it was fantastic!“Now Mr. Young lay down.

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   I want some of that fine white cock in me now. ” She straddles the chair and takes hold of my cock and lowers herself down on me. Lisa’s cunt is like black wet velvet inside and it seems to suck on me as she takes me in. “Oh , I have never had one this big before , you fill me so good. ”I reach up and take a nipple in between my thumbs and fingers and begin to pull on them gently. Lisa starts riding me slowly at first with a long deep downward thrust. I can feel the sweet cheeks of her ass touching my thighs. She leans back and closes her eyes and increases her pace of pumping up and down on my cock. I know I am doomed now and within a few minutes I start cuming. Feeling it from all parts of my body , my orgasm seems to be all of me shooting liquid fire into her . The feeling of my cum squirting so hard into her set off another of her orgasms and she floods my cock and balls with her cum. She collapses down onto my heaving chest and we lay there holding each other for what seemed like hours. Lisa raises up and kisses me deeply again and then looks me in the eye and says “ Mr. Young? Do you think next time , we could try anal sex?”Butt that’s another story…. .

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