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"It's simple darling. There is extra work you need to do to get your grades up. Here in America young girls like yourself have to complete tasks for their teachers for better grades. "He reached for her and sat her up on the desk. She gave him a confused and helpless look as she crossed her legs beneath her short little skirt. "It's okay, Sui, baby girl, all other girls do this with me. They all understand what to do. Don't worry, it will all be fine. "She struggled slightly against his hands as he groped her little body. Dan pushes her shirt up to reveal her preteen small tits. He smiles approvingly as he pinches her small nipples. Her legs part a little as she bites her lower lip and stares dreamily up at him. He pushes her skirt up and takes off her little pink panties. He growls with lust and approval as he traces one calloused finger over her bald pussy. He slowly slips his finger into her already dripping pussy and feels the hymen has already been broken. "Looks like somebody's already had a turn fucking your cunt.

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   Come here baby. " He pulls her young body towards his big cock. She struggles back a little, "N-no, only Daddy has baby's pussy. ""It's okay little Sui, I'm your teacher. I'm your Daddy right now. "With that he shoved his big cock into her tight little slit. She yelped slightly as he slammed into her. The tight velvetly warm Asian cunt he buried his big dick into was delicious. In all his years of teaching and fucking he did not find himself nailing his huge member into such a fine piece of young pussy. With the stamina and ease of an older man, he shoved the full length of his meat in and out of her tiny cunt. He could feel her small body shudder beneath him. A young slim Asian body, on her ass with her legs spread wide open, rocking back and forth moaning in pleasure. He rams in deeper and faster as he takes her small brown nipples into his mouth and suckles hard. He could no longer hold it back anymore, with one last shove he pushes in deeply with a grunt. Humping furiously against this little Asian girl he pumps his hot thick seed into her young sweet pussy.

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   He pulls out still hard. Cum drips from her little slit as she falls back onto the desk exhausted. "Is my grade im-improve?" little Sui stammered in broken English. "Oh baby, this is just the beginning. The more we meet and the harder you work to please me the better your grades get. Open your precious little mouth, little Sui. Suck me hard baby. "Dan stands with his pants around his ankles as he fucks little Sui's mouth. Her half naked body is draped over the desk, so innocent waiting to be ravaged again. He reaches over to her little pussy and starts to rub her pussy juice and his cum around her cunt. As Dan fucks her little mouth, he can hear her muffled moan as he forces a finger into her fuckhole. He moves his hand up and smears the mixed cum all over her tits. He could feel the tension in his balls again, his cum wanting to spurt out again, all over this little Asian cunt. He pulls out of her mouth and starts to jerk off all over her tiny tits and hairless pussy. At his old age he could not believe how hard this little pussy was making him.

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   He had to fuck her again. Dan took out his keys and unlocked the bottom drawer of his desk. He took out a small dildo and went back over to little Sui's pussy. She looked up at him, red faced with sweat across her forehead. "Please, Mr. , I cannot take anymore. " Her pussy was red and swollen. He wanted to fuck her pussy until it was sore. "One more time. One more and you're done for today, okay?"Obediently she nodded. Dan smiled approvingly and kissed her on the lips. He rubbed the dildo over her pussy lips and shoved it into her. Getting the rubber cock wet with her pussy juices he pulls it out of her. "Okay, turn over girl. " He takes her and flips her over onto her stomach.

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   With his fingers he pushed her small asscheeks apart to reveal her tiny asshole. He slowly eases the lubricated rubber cock into little Sui's asshole. She flinches but eases her hole open to receive the full length of the cock. With that, he shoved his cock into her pussy. Dan fucked her tight swollen pussy as he pumped the rubber dildo in and out of her asshole. The sight of this young little Asian whore with her tight holes being fucked made him lose control. With his free hand he groped hungrily at her little tits and clit as he pounded into her from behind. He wildly fucked her cunt stretching it further around his thick engorged member. Finally, in one last jerk he humped hard against her small body. Shoving his big cock deep into her pussy his body shuddered as ropes of warm cum sprayed into her already cum filled pussy. He pulls out and shoots the last jets of cum onto her ass and the dildo. As he slowly strokes the rubber dildo into her open ass, he leans down to her and whispers, "We'll do this again tomorrow. I'll have a camera, and I don't want you wearing any panties tomorrow, okay?""Yes, Mr. Hanning," little Sui moans as she humps her tiny ass against the dildo. To be continued.

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