Lost & Found part 11


I closed the door behind us, grabbed Brandy’s arm, spun her around, and kissed her hard and deep. My hands pulled up her dress and grabbed her bare ass. We French-kissed as I squeezed and pulled her ass cheeks apart. I pulled back from the kiss but not from her ass. I gripped and squeezed as I kissed down her neck and behind her ear. I looked in the mirror behind us and could see how her pink ass hole and pussy had opened up from me pulling her ass cheeks apart. My cock was hard and poking her in the belly. Brandy pulled away. “I’ve got to pee. ” She took her dress off and headed to the bathroom to pee. I got undressed and went into the bathroom with her and turned the shower on. “I’m going to clean up a bit. Then we can have some fun. ” She liked that idea. Brandy flushed the toilet, and I heard her hop onto the bed as I got into the shower. The water was cold to start off, but that didn’t matter.

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   It wasn’t going to make my cock shrink at all. I finished, grabbed a towel and dried off. I walked into the room drying my hard-on off. Brandy was sitting on the bed cross-legged watching TV. “What does this mean on the TV? ‘Adult Movies?’” “Umm, well…. ” I stammered. “Those are movies of people having sex. ”Her eyes lit up. “Really?!? Can we watch one of those?”“I don’t know. They’re only supposed to be watched by adults. ”“But what is the difference if I watch someone else having sex if I’ve already had sex myself?”I loved her logic. “OK. You win. ” I got on the bed and lay on my side behind her. Brandy lay down in the same direction and scooted back against me.

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   She felt my hard cock on her ass and wiggled against it. I punched up the number for the porno movie. It was a typical porno movie, as it only took a minute or two for the action to start. Some big-titted blonde chick stripped for some hung guy. Brandy didn’t say a word as the sex went from mutual masturbation, to oral, to fucking in several different positions. I reached my hand over Brandy, and cupped her bald pussy. I fingered her while she watched the fucking. I placed my fingers on either side of her smooth clit, and rolled it around and stroked it. Every few minutes I would dip my fingers into her hole. Right as the stud pulled his rod out and covered the girl’s face with his cum, Brandy shuttered and came. Brandy and I watched the next few scenes in silence. I kept my fingers on her clit, and she had reached around and groped my cock and slowly stroked it against her ass. About half way through the movie, the scene was a guy about my age with a girl who was 18. 19 at most. She had black hair and didn’t look much like Brandy, but she was very small-chested.

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   I guessed that she would consider herself lucky to be an ‘A’ cup. Brandy said what I was thinking. “That reminds me of us. A man fucking a girl. ” She then released my cock, lifted her top leg, reached underneath, and grabbed my cock again. She rubbed herself against my cock to get it wet, and then pushed back so I slid into her. I grabbed her hip and pushed forward. We both moaned. I started pumping my cock into Brandy’s little pussy and she thrust back. I moved my hand up her side and across her chest and lightly squeezed her nipples. Brandy reached down and took her clit between her fingers and started rubbing it. I wondered if it would fall off from all of the attention it was getting. We watched the young girl suck the guy. She was on her knees and he was sitting on the bed. She stroked his cock as he lifted up his hips and she licked his balls.

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   Then under them, and finally rimmed his ass. “I’ve done that before!” Brandy stated. The girl then got up and mounted the guy’s cock. I fucked Brandy harder. I could feel Brandy’s fingers hitting the top of my cock as she played with her clit. The guy flipped the girl over and fucked her missionary style. Brandy panted harder and rubbed faster. The actor then pulled his cock out of the girl’s pussy and crawled up the bed so it was over her face. She grabbed it and stroked until he started to shoot his cum and give her a facial. Brandy’s second orgasm was bigger than her previous one as she first curled forward then shot back and got as stiff as a board. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…. ” she kept saying. I eased up on her and let her catch her breath. “Do you like the movie?”“Yes. I just don’t understand why the girls keep wasting the guy’s cum.

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  ”“They’re not wasting it. They show a guy cumming like that in the movies so you know he really did cum. Besides, its fun to do it like that sometimes. ”“You’ve cum like that before?” she asked incredulously. “Yes. ”“Would you mind doing it again?”“For you, sugar-britches, I’d do anything. ”“What should I do?”I got up from the bed and stood at the foot of it. I had her move so she was sitting on the edge with my cock sticking straight up and at her. “OK, now stroke it until I cum. When I cum, point my cock wherever you want my cum. ”Brandy grabbed my still-wet cock and stroked. I could see the TV in the mirror. Two chicks were licking each other’s pussies. I love lesbo stuff, but the sight of this nine-year-old, naked and stroking my cock was better. I had been close before so it didn’t take long until my hips started to buck uncontrollably, and I started to cum.

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  “Oh Brandy, I’m gonna cum for you!” I cried out. “Oh yes. I want your cum. ”My nuts tightened up and my cock started to pulse in Brandy’s hand. I had been so worked up from watching her masturbate, and from fucking her earlier that I came in ropes. My first shot parted her hair and ran down her cheek. My second shot of cum hit her in the forehead and nose. My third and fourth shots found her tongue and mouth. The rest of my cum dribbled out and fell onto her chest and lap. I looked down and had I not just cum, I would have cum again. Brandy was a wet dream cum true. Flat and smooth, sitting naked and spread on the bed with a huge load of cum covering her face. “That was fun!” she declared. I collapsed onto the bed on my face next to her. Brandy scooted up and lay on her back.

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   Brandy turned off the TV and within a few minutes, we were both asleep. **end part 11**.