Lost & Found Part 7


I didn’t respond. I leaned forward, and placed my lips on hers, giving her a real kiss instead of the quick pecks that I’d given her a few times. When I pulled back a few seconds later I replied, “Good morning to you too. ”“That was nice last night. ” she spoke with a smile. “When can we do that again?”I’ve got a little nympho on my hands. “Any time you would like, my dear. ” I smiled back. “Can we do it now?” she said as her hand reached over and grabbed my limp cock. It started to grow in her hand. “Certainly. Would you like to do it at the same time?” I asked. “How would we do that?”I pulled the covers back. I had forgotten how beautiful she looked naked. I then spun on my butt until my head was down by her feet. “Get on top of me and lay on your belly.

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  ” She did. “Oh, I understand now. ” Brandy proclaimed as she grabbed my hardening cock and started to squeeze. I bunched up the covers underneath my head to prop myself up a bit, and pulled Brandy down to me a little. I reached up and grabbed an ass-cheek in each hand, and pulled them apart to expose her bald nine-year-old pussy and ass. I marveled at it for a minute before starting to please her. I started to lick her pussy, and just like last night, Brandy nearly jumped off the bed. She would have squealed, but my cock was already in her mouth and muffled her squeal. I love to 69. It can be so exceedingly sexual. Rutting at each other’s sex spots, sucking and licking with just the intention of making each other cum. Working towards each other’s orgasms. This was different. This was tenderness. Her most intimate part against my most personal part, and mine against hers.

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   Yes, the pace would pick up towards the end, but for now it was just enjoying affection each one was showing the other. We licked and sucked on each other for a while. The site of her perfect, pink, hairless ass hole was splendid. I got my middle finger wet on her pussy, and rubbed over her ass hole. I lightly penetrated it, but not even as far as the first knuckle on my finger. Meanwhile, Brandy was sucking and stroking my cock, and milking my balls. Every few minutes she would take my cock out of her mouth, and lean forward to suck and lick my balls. I was licking Brandy’s pussy, working her clit over with my tongue and fingering her ass hole with my middle finger. He pussy tasted as sweet as it did the night before and she was grinding it back against my face as I licked. With my middle finger in her ass hole, I took my index finger and slowly slid it up her pussy hole to the first knuckle. It had the desired effect. Brandy started to cum. I like to think of myself as a sensitive lover. I prefer my partners to cum before me, so that I know that I’ve given them pleasure. Sometimes I’m able to continue on until they have a second, and on the rare occasion a third, orgasm.

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   Regardless of however many orgasms I’m able to provide, it is still a proud moment for me when my partner cums. Knowing that I was making a nine-year-old girl cum again was enough to trigger my own orgasm, and I started to cum right as Brandy did. Brandy’s second-ever orgasm was as powerful as her first. He back arched, her legs tightened against my head, and she cried out loudly. A smooth pussy mashed against my mouth and a pink ass hole shoved onto my nose muffled my own cry of orgasm. Because she came so hard, my cock had popped out of her mouth but she never stopped stroking it and my cum sprayed everywhere. On my stomach, on her hand and on her arm. Once her orgasm subsided, Brandy realized that I’d not cum her mouth she exclaimed, “I’m sorry!” and started licking up my cum with furor. She licked my cum of the head of my cock which sent a jolt of electricity up my spine because after an orgasm my cock is hypersensitive. I jumped and grabbed Brandy by the shoulders to make her stop. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to waste any. ” She said, upset with herself. “That’s ok. You don’t have to worry about wasting it.

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   I can always make more. ”“I know you can make more, but a girl is always supposed to swallow everything so it doesn’t get wasted. ” She argued. “Was that one of the rules of your old house?” I inquired. “Yes. ”“Well, you can forget all of those rules. You are in my house and you live by my rules now. And one of those rules is you don’t have to clean up my cum if you don’t want to. Nothing is hurt if you don’t. OK?”“Are you sure? My step-dad was angry when I let some land on the floor. ”“He was an idiot. He should have just been happy that you were willing to give him such pleasure, not about what happened afterwards. He was also an idiot for never giving you the pleasure back. ” I reassured her. “You are so nice.

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  ”“Thank you. Its easy to be nice to such a beautiful angel as yourself. ” I smiled at her. “Now, you don’t have to clean me up, but would you mind getting me some tissues from the bathroom?”Brandy hopped off the bed and I watched her ass swish across the room to get some tissue. Just then the phone rang. I answered it and it was my lawyer, George. “Hi George, what’s up?” “Hi Tom. I’ve got some good news for you. ”I could hear Brandy peeing in the bathroom. Luckily she didn’t flush. She came out with a wad of toilet paper in her hand. George continued. “I was able to make all of the necessary arrangements. Brandy is now officially your dependant, willed to you by your late cousin. You can keep her.

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  ”“I’d better be able to keep her. ” I thought to myself as I looked down to see Brandy wiping my cum off of my cock and stomach. Especially after what we’ve been doing. “Thanks George. I really appreciate your work. I think it’s going to be good to have someone else around here. She seems to be really responding. ” I said as Brandy squeezed the last drop of cum out of my cock and licked it off. “Don’t forget to get her enrolled in school. I had all of the documents she’ll need made up. I suggest that you have her tested before starting, just so that she doesn’t get stuck repeating what she’s already learned, or worse, getting put in a grade too high for her. I’ll overnight everything to you today. Just sign the spots that I have marked, and send them back to me and everything will be “legal. ” he chuckled. I thanked him again, and hung up.

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   Brandy had walked out of the bedroom and was playing with the dog. He bare butt was sticking up as she bent over to scratch his belly. Damn, did it look good!I was amazed that her ass aroused me so soon after cumming twice in less than eight hours. But Brandy had that effect upon me. I walked out to the living room and placed my hand on her ass and lightly rubbed it. She looked up at me. “Brandy, I have some good news. I told you that you could stay here as long as you would like, and now you can legally. This is your new home. Not a foster-home, but a real home. You don’t have to leave, ever. ”She stood up, turned around and hugged me. “Oh thank you. I’m so happy. I hated those foster homes but I love it here.

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  ” she cried. And she did cry. I hugged her back. We were quite a sight. A man and a child hugging; both naked and both crying. **end part 7**.

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