Lost & Found Part 9


She pulled my cock out of her mouth. “Hi sleepy-head. I thought you’d never wake up. You aren’t planning on sleeping the day away are you?”I glanced over at the clock. It read 4:30 in the A. M. “I usually don’t get up quite this early, honey. ” I said as Brandy went back to sucking my cock. “But, I think I could be sucked into waking up. ” She had a muffled chuckle. Brandy’s nine-year-old tongue worked its usual wonders on my cock. I was hard and ready to go in no time. I reached my arm out and grabbed on of her ass cheeks and slid my fingers between them down her slit. She was already wet. Her pace on sucking my dick slowed as she allowed herself to enjoy my probing fingers. Again she pulled my cock out of her mouth.

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   This time, she crawled on her hands and knees away from me. She got to the end of the bed, looked over her shoulder and asked in a sexy voice, “Do, you like what you see?”“Um, let me think. ” I said with a smile. “A gorgeous girl, naked on her hands and knees on my bed with her perfect ass and beautiful pussy staring right at me? Yeah, I think you could say I like what I see. ”“Well, come and get it then. ”I didn’t have to be told twice. I got up and walked on my knees until I was behind Brandy. “Fuck me. Hard. ” She commanded me. “Yes ma’am. ” I said as I grabbed my cock and rubbed it and down her pussy to get it wet. And she was wet. Dripping wet. I placed my cock-head in her pussy, gripped Brandy by her hips, and pulled her back onto my cock.

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   She moaned pleasantly then pulled away from me. I was just about to pull her back onto my cock again when she slammed back onto it. This time I moaned pleasantly. I let go of her hips and leaned back a bit. Brandy fucked my cock back and forth into her pussy. I could see not only her lips bulge around my cock but her asshole bounce up and down as my cock head moved under it. I took my thumb and rubbed it around her pussy to get it wet and then slowly slid it into her ass. This made Brandy fuck harder. It was a delicious sight. My cock sliding up a tight nine-year-old pussy and my thumb up her smooth asshole. I was getting close and decided to take things into my own hands. I pushed up until I was kneeling more upright but I still had my thumb up her ass. I squeezed her cheek with that hand and grabbed her hip with the other one and started to fuck her hard. My balls slapped solidly against her clit and I felt her asshole and pussy start to contract around my thumb and cock. This time Brandy called out “Oh Fuck!” as she came.

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   Her orgasm shook her whole body and her arms gave out on her and she fell so her shoulders and chin were now resting on the bed. This new angle made my thumb pop out of her asshole, but it was still open and winking at me as fucked her pussy. It also changed the angle in which my cock was rubbing inside of her. Instead of just fucking her pussy, the bottom of my shaft was now rubbing against her pubic bone. That and the pulsing of her pussy caused my cock to explode inside of her. Usually when I cum doing doggie-style, I’ll just ram my orgasm deep inside of my lover. This time I kept fuck against her pubic bone and kept cumming and cumming. Finally spent Brandy and I both collapsed onto the bed next to each other. Brandy immediately rolled over and went down and stroked the last few drops of cum out of my cock and licked them off. “Brandy, I keep telling you that you don’t have to do that. You’re not wasting any of it. ”“I know. I really like the taste of your cum. I like eating it. ”“Well then,” I said jokingly, “Don’t forget about the stuff between your legs.

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  ”She spread her legs wide and looked down at her now dark-pink pussy with my cum seeping out of it. “Oh yeah. ” With that she took two finger, stuck them up her pussy, pulled a glob of my cum out of her pussy, held it up to her lips, stuck out her tongue, and let it drip off of her fingers and onto her tongue. She smacked her lips and made a “mmmmmm” sound as she reached down for another finger full. I just looked on in amazement. We fucked and sucked any chance we got. Or should I say, any time she felt like it. We must have done it a three dozen times over the next couple of weeks, and I didn’t initiate a single time. I didn’t have to. Brandy was always ready to go. We’d fuck before going to sleep, and when we woke up. A couple of times I got up in the middle of the night to pee, and she’d be waiting for me with her legs spread when I got back to bed. Brandy would even suck me while watching TV. She’d lay across my lap, pull my cock out of my boxers (if I bothered to put any on) and suck until either I came in her mouth, or she would climb up onto my cock and fuck me to a cum. Once, when I said I was hungry, Brandy offered to get something for me to eat.

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   When she called me to the kitchen table I found her with her ass on a plate, her feet on the edge of the table and leaning back on her hands. “I hope you like pussy. I made it myself!” she proclaimed. I of course dove right in. After eating her smooth pussy to an orgasm, I stood up and slid my cock right into her dripping hole. I fucked her standing up, holding an ankle in each hand with Brandy leaning forward to watch my cock sliding in and out of her. After she thrashed around to another orgasm, she got off the table and sat down on the chair, and started to suck me off. After a second or two, she pulled my cock out and licked her lips with a quizzical look. “You taste different. ”“What do you mean? I haven’t cum yet. ”“No, your thing itself. ”“That’s probably because you taste your juices on it. ”“Oh. ” Without letting go of my cock, Brandy looked down between her legs, and with her free hand, ran her fingers up and down her pussy and brought them up to her mouth to taste. “Yeah, that’s what it is.

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   It tastes good. Not as good as your cum, though. ”Well, if that isn’t some kind of compliment. Satisfied with the knowledge of why my cock tasted different, Brandy finished the job she started and received a mouthful of cum as a reward. We went at it like that day and night. I’d be fixing something in the kitchen when the next thing I knew Brandy would be on her knees in front of me with my cock in her mouth. Or I’d turn around and she’d be laying on her back on the table waiting for me to fuck her. A few times I was relaxing and watching TV, when she would come in, climb up onto the sofa with a leg on either side of me, grab the back of my head and push it into her bald pussy and rub it against my tongue until she came. A lesser man would have felt used. The times that we went outside I made her put on a t-shirt, but she refused to wear her panties. “I’m only going to take them off in 5 minutes, so why should I bother putting them on?” was her reasoning. And 5 minutes was about how long it took until we were going at it. We’d be sitting on the blanket having lunch and she would pull off her t-shirt and pull down my shorts and get into a 69. Or take the blanket into the barn, climb up the ladder (which gave me great view) and spread it out on the hay and pull me down onto her. Once, we were making love under the afternoon sun, came, fell asleep, and woke up in the evening.

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   We then made love under the stars. I didn’t remember ever having as much sex as I was having with Brandy. Even when I was a kid and had just learned how to jack-off, I didn’t do it as much as she and I were doing it now. Sure, I jacked-off 5 times in a 24-hour span once, but that left sore and me spent. I don’t think I jacked-off for three or four days after that because of how sore my dick was. This was different. I may not have cum 5 times in any one 24-hour period, but three-a-day wasn’t unusual. Brandy, however, was getting her bell rung at least a half dozen times each day, and I was happy to be the ringer. After a week or so of fucking like rabbits I was getting a little worn out. I wasn’t complaining, but I was kind of hoping that after Brandy had cum for the millionth time that day she would be willing to get some sleep before going at it again. Brandy’s stroking of my worn out cock was a sure sign that I was wrong. “Oh sweet-heart, I need some sleep. ” I whined. “But I want to do it again. ” Brandy pleaded.

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  “Let me get a few minutes of sleep and we can do it again. Or you can do it yourself. ” I said in jest. “Myself?”Rolling over I replied, “Well, yes honey. Just like boys and get themselves off, girls can get themselves off. ”“How!” she demanded to know. “Get on your back and spread your legs. ” She did. “Now, give my your hand. ” Again, she did. I took her hand and put her fingers right on her clit and rubbed them up and down. “OK, just rub up and down there. You can also put your fingers inside of you if you’d like. Whatever feels good to you. It’s called ‘masturbating.

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  ’” “This feels good. ” she said as her fingers started to move up and down her pussy. “Yes, and it looks good to. ” I smiled. Brandy’s hand started to move faster and my cock started to get hard again, much to my surprise. I grabbed it gently and started to stroke. Brandy looked over and watched me “jack” my cock while she “jilled” her pussy. I’d studied Brandy’s pussy several times during the time she’d been with me and the sight of her fingers making love to her pussy was astounding. She used her index and middle fingers to trap her clit and ran them up and down to her hole. Her pussy was glistening as her fingers flew across it. After only a couple of minutes Brandy’s entire body went stiff as she started to cum. Just as the first big wave of orgasm hit, she forced her body to relax and jammed her two fingers up her pussy. She alternated between fucking her hole with her fingers and rubbing her clit. Prettier than a sunset is the sight of a girl masturbating. I started to cum.

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   Brandy saw my tired cock start ooze it’s juice and rolled over and licked it off of my cock and fingers. When I was cleaned up, she rolled back onto her back. “God, I wish I knew I could have done that a long time ago. ” she said breathlessly. Mercifully, she fell asleep, as did I. She must have been as exhausted as I was, because we both slept all that night and the next morning. We didn’t wake up until late the next afternoon, and only then because we were hungry. We got up, had a bite to eat and went back to bed. Well, not right away. We had a quick 69 before going back to sleep. **end part 9**.

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