Making the Grade, Part One


            The rest of the day dragged by, as I awaited my ever fun after school time spent in school.   God how I hate that shit.   The day passed, and I figured I’d skip it and lie and say I forgot.   Except when I went to leave, Mrs. Haines caught me.   “Ah ah ah, you got to stay after today Tom. ”   Fuck, I thought to myself, no way out.
            I followed her back to her class, and she sat me down.   “Tom,” she said, “we need to talk. ”   She closed the solid wood door, and it shut with a bang.   I imagined it as a jail cell door closing shut, with me being in prison for the next hour.   “You’re going to fail English, and right now, there is nothing you can do. ”
            “What!!!???”   I shouted.   “My mom will kill me if I fail!   Not only that, but I won’t be able to graduate! You can’t fail me, you just can’t!”
            “I know one thing you can do, but you might not like it,” she replied.
            “I’ll do anything, just let me pass!!”
            “Take off your shirt. ”
            “Excuse me??”
            “You want to pass or fail?”
            I had no choice.

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     I removed my shirt, still sitting in my chair.
            “OK, now make out with me. ”
            “Mrs. Haines…”
            “Look, you can either do this shit my way, or fail your way. ”   That was the first time I’ve ever heard her swear.
            Reluctantly, I walked over to her desk.   I knew this was wrong, but what could I do?   I mean, my mom would literally kill me, and Mrs. Haines wasn’t half bad looking.   Hesitantly, I place a kiss on her lips, and quickly pulled back.
            “You call that making out?   There’s no way you’re getting the grade with that. ”
            “Alright, alright. ”   I need the grade, and besides, what’s a little tongue?
            I leaned forward once again, this time keeping my lips spread.   My lips met hers, and I slid my tongue in between her teeth.   Her tongue touched mine, and I could feel her warm breath on the inside of my mouth.   Not bad, I thought.

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     We sped up and increased the intensity, getting a rhythm going.   The longer we made out, the more I got into it.   I moved my hand up her thigh, and began to caress her nice, tight ass.   Wow, she’s still going, I thought to myself as I slid my hand further up, reaching the middle of her back.   Carefully, I pulled my hand off her back, and moved it to the front.   I place my hand over her right tit, and squeezed a little.   She stopped.
            “Oh, so now you’re a little curious, huh?” she asked.
            “Um, I don’t know, I guess so. ”
            “Good. ”
            She stood up, and put her hands on her hips.   Delicately, she slid her skirt down to her ankles, and stepped out of it.   I now had a full view of her nice pink pussy.   It was partially shaved, with just a little landing strip right above the whole land.   Just the way I like it.

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            “Mrs. Haines, are you sure you know what you’re doing?”   I asked.
            “First, call me Lisa, and second, yes, now stop being a bitch and eat me. ”
            She sat back down on the desk and spread her legs wide.   Her lips spread apart, and I could see her pink fruit.   I could see she was enjoying herself, as her juices were already flowing and dripping onto the desk.   No turning back, I thought to myself as I got on my knees.   Without further hesitation, I grabbed my teacher’s thighs, spread her legs as far as possible, and buried my face in her crotch.   My tongue shot out, struck her pussy, and she let out an amazing moan.
            “Ohhhhhh that feels soooo gooooood!!!”
            “Mrs. Haines, er, I mean, Lisa, what if someone hears us?”
            “Don’t worry, the school is empty this time of day, now make me cum!”
            My tongue darted in and out as I engulfed her pussy in my mouth.   The faster I flicked my tongue, the louder she moaned.   Her pussy was now pouring out her fluids, and I could tell she was about to cum.   Her clit got hard, and started to twitch.   It felt weird to my tongue, but probably like heaven to her.


     I slowed my tongue down, and began licking up and down her entire pussy at a snail speed.   But to my surprise, instead of calming her down, it only made her cum faster.
            “I’m cumming bitch, drink all my juices!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.
            I felt a hand on the back of my head, and her forcing my head down into her pussy.   Unwilling to struggle, I allowed my face to be jammed into her muff.   I kept licking faster and faster, hoping to satisfy her.   Her clit started to twitch again; only this time I didn’t stop it.   Lisa let out an enormous roar, and I felt a stream of girl cum pour into my mouth.   It tasted strangely good, especially since she was at least 20 years older then the last girl I had eaten out.
            “Swallow that, now!” she barked.   I did as I was commanded.
            “Did I make the grade?”
            “That easily?   Fuck no. ”   I never knew she could cuss this much.   “Take off your pants. ”
            My cock was fully erect after all the excitement.

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     It stood about 7 inches, and while it wasn’t huge, it served its purpose.   I dropped my pants, and noticed Lisa getting wet again.   I took off my shoes, unzipped my jeans, dropped my pants, and stepped out of them.   Now I was standing buck-naked in front of my half naked English teacher.
            “Oh yea, come to mama big boy. ”   Lisa grabbed my cock and guided it in between her legs.   She stroked the head up and down on her lips.   I could feel her juices on the end of my cock.   She lined it up and said, “OK, make me feel good. ”
            “What do I do when I cum?”
            “Blow it in me, I’m on the pill. ”
            This was it, I thought.   I grabbed her legs, spread them wide, and buried my cock deep into her pussy.   She let out a little gasp.
            “Oh man, that feels good. ”
            I plunged in and out, her pussy grasping around my cock.

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     I could hear the squishing of her pussy juices against my cock.   Her pussy was so tight I almost blew my load after the first 15 seconds, but I repositioned myself and kept going.   I lay her down on the desk, and really started to pound into her.   Slow, hard lunges made her scream.   Quick, soft plunges made her moan.   I looked at her face. Lisa’s eyes were closed, her lips smiling in between moans and screams.   I knew she was enjoying this.
            Time to have my fun, I thought.   I moved my hands to her shirt and ripped it off.   Lisa opened her eyes, gave me a devilish look, and closed them again.   I pulled her shirt off, and was now staring at her bra.   Damn, I thought as I continued to fuck her, nice ass tits.   I unclasped the bra and pulled it off, letting her tits fall out.   They were nice, a generous size and firm.

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     I grabbed one, and began massaging her nipple.   She had one of the nicest racks I’ve ever felt.   Lisa’s moans were getting louder and louder, and I was getting close to cumming, so I pulled out.
            “What’s wrong?” she said.
            “Get up. ”   It was time for me to take charge.   She slowly stood up, her legs shaking.   I spun her around and bent her over the desk.   I lined my cock up, and slammed into her cunt again.   She let out the loudest scream I have ever heard.   I pumped again, and got another scream.   She won’t last long, I thought.   I reached one hand up and began to fondle her left tit.   I grabbed the tit and began rubbing on the nipple.   I could feel it getting harder.

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            “Fuck me, fuck me!” she screamed.
            I pumped in and out faster and faster, and squeezed harder and harder on her tit.   Her juices were dripping all over the desk; I could even smell them.   Then I felt it.   Her cunt suddenly tightened, then went into full orgasm.
“I’m cumming!!” she screamed.
The force of her orgasm sent me into my own orgasm.   I could feel the pulse of at the end of my base, and with a final thrust, I busted my nut into my teacher.   I collapsed onto her back, and lay there for a few moments.   I laid a few gentle kisses on the back of her neck, and asked, “Did I pass?”
“With flying colors,” she said.   “I’ll clean you up, then you gotta get out of here. ”
I pulled my cock out of her pussy and stood up.   Lisa turned and faced me and got on my knees.   She slid my limp cock into her mouth and licked all of our juices off.   I grabbed my clothes, and threw them back on.

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“Same time on Monday?” I asked.
“We must never speak of this again. ”
“Oh, OK. ”   That gave me an idea.