Meeting Amanda For The First Time Part 4


Topic: Meeting Amanda Part 4
Meeting Amanda For The First Time Part 4

“Mmmmmm” That was all Amanda could say at that point.  
Tommy was totally enjoying sucking on her sweet little breasts.   Every time he would lightly bite down on her nipple she would tighten her grip on his hair.  He could feel her heart beating so hard that he thought it would jump out of her chest.
Since Amanda hadn’t had a shower since they went swimming Tommy could taste the chlorine on her skin.   At that point and time that was one of the best tastes that Tommy had ever had in his mouth.   But he knew that something better was just a little farther down.   So he started heading that way.
Tommy lightly kissed her belly and ran his fingers down her side’s which made her squeal and squirm under him.   He wasn’t sure who was enjoying this more.   All he knew was that he wanted Amanda to feel like she has never felt before and right now that was his main goal.   He was going to make sure that she remembered this night more for the pleasure than the pain.
As Tommy approached his goal he slipped his fingers under the waist band of her panties and slowly started to pull them down.   As he was pulling them down Amanda lifted her hips a little to help her panties come loose from under her.   After he took her panties off, Tommy stood at the end of the bed and gazed at Amanda’s beautiful body lying there.
“Is there something wrong Tommy?”  Amanda asked.

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“No sweetie, there nothing wrong.   I was just admiring you lying there. ”  His cock was starting to grow again.  
“I can tell someone down there certainly likes what they see. ”  Giving Tommy a sly grin but at the same time looking at his increasing bulge in his shorts.   “If I am going to be naked so are you. ”  Amanda slid down to the end of the bed and pulled his shorts down and letting them fall to the floor around his feet where Tommy kicked them to the side so they where out of the way.  
Amanda couldn’t take her eyes off of his cock.   It was at its full length already and just bobbing right in front of her face.   She could already see a drop of pre-cum start running out off the tip.   Slowly she reached up and wrapped her fingers around it.   Right then that tingle she was feeling in her pussy increased.   She could actually feel Tommy’s cock throbbing in her hands and realized she liked holding it.   She remembered her friends saying something about licking the pre-cum off of their boyfriends dick so she thought that she would give it a try.   Amanda leaned forward and ran her tongue across the end of Tommy’s cock taking all of the pre-cum.

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    She sat there a minute tasting it in her mouth and decided that she liked it and wanted more.
Tommy almost couldn’t believe what was happening.   When Amanda’s tongue ran across the end of his cock it sent a jolt of electricity through him like he had never felt before.   He almost blew his load right there but he fought the urge because he wanted this to last.  
“I take it you like the taste of pre-cum. ” 
“Yes I do and I want more. ”  Without any warning Amanda took over half of Tommy’s cock into her mouth.  
Her friends had shown her how to suck a cock by using her mom’s dildo so she was sure that she was doing this right.
Tommy let out a long moan that sounded like it came from somewhere deep inside him.   He was lost to anything else that might be happening at that time.   With the way she was sucking his cock he decided that he would let her have complete control.   He could already tell she wanted to take all of him into her mouth by the way she was starting to gag.
“Just take what you can into your mouth Amanda.   You don’t have to take it all in. ”
With hearing that she went back to her original depth and continued enjoying the sounds coming from Tommy.

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    She could feel his hips push forward every time he moaned.   She knew that he must be getting close and she was right.
“Amanda you going to make me cum baby.   Oh yessss!   Damn I’m going to cum!”  With that said he thrust his hips forward and let out very loud and long grunt.
Amanda did her best to swallow every drop of his cum.   She had noticed that with Tommy’s last thrust had shoved all of his cock into her mouth and partway into her throat.   She could feel every shot shoot down to her stomach.   She didn’t want to stop.   She loved sucking cock and wanted to keep him in her mouth forever.  
Tommy had to finally pry her off of his cock.   “Wow you must really like sucking cock. ”
I’ve never done that before and it was wonderful the way you felt in my mouth and the feeling of you cumming down my throat.   I want more. ”
“Well that will have to wait till later.   Now it’s my turn to please you.

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    Now crawl back up on the bed and lay back and enjoy. ”
Tommy crawled back up to her and kissed her mouth and enjoying the taste of her tongue even with it still having the taste of his cum in it.   He started working his way back down slowly kissing her body along the way.   When he got close to her pussy Amanda spread her legs to give him all the access that he wanted.   Tommy could already see the wet spot on the bed.   Tommy leaned down and breathed in the aroma of her sweet pussy and licked some of her juices from the side of her leg.   “Mmmmm. ”  He knew that that was just a sample and right in front of him was the full meal.   He dove straight into it.
The sudden touch of Tommy’s tongue against her clit made her jump.   It startled her and also sent a blast of electricity through her body.   She could feel his tongue working its way into her pussy.   Then there was that feeling again like at the pool.   Amanda didn’t hold back.   She let her orgasm take over and blasted Tommy in the face.

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Tommy jerked his head back about a foot but was still blasted in the face by her cum.   He shoved his mouth over her pussy to try and drink it all but there was just no way.   He couldn’t believe how much she could cum.   This was unbelievable.   This time when he tried to pull away there was no chance of that happening.   Amanda had a hold of his hair and had her legs wrapped around his head so he couldn’t get away.
Tommy thought that he was going to suffocate from the way she had a hold of him.   But he didn’t care.   “Hell what man wouldn’t want to die with his face full of a young girl’s pussy. ”  He thought to himself.
Tommy finally realized that her grip had loosened up and she wasn’t thrashing around like she was.   He pushed her legs open and looked up to find out that she had passed out from Tommy eating her pussy.   Tommy was proud of himself for being able to accomplish that.
Tommy got up and looked at the bed.   It was soaked.

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    He had a lot of her juices running down all over him.   He had to figure out how to change the bed with Amanda laying on it right now.   He walked out to the linen closet to get some clean sheets for the bed.   When he walked back into the bedroom Amanda was laying there looking at him and smiling.
“Are you ok?’ He asked her.
“Yes.   That was wonderful.   Can we do it again?” Her eyes lit up when she asked that.
“Whoa.   Slow down there you horny little girl.   The first thing we need to do is get this bed changed and for both of us to get cleaned up.   I didn’t know you could cum like that.   That was amazing. ”
Amanda looked at the bed.   “Did that all come from me?”
“Yes it did.

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    For a second I thought I was going to drown.   If it wasn’t for you passing out I probably would have.
“I’m sorry I made such a big mess.   I didn’t know I could do that”
“It’s ok Amanda.   I think you surprised both of us.   Come on.   Let’s get this changed so we can get cleaned up and get some sleep. ” 
They finished changing the sheets and then they both climbed into the shower at the same time.   It was everything Tommy could do to not take her right there but he knew that they both needed to get some sleep.   Damn she looked so hot with the water running over her body.
After they finished their shower they both climbed into bed.   Amanda snuggled up against Tommy with one arm across his chest.   She wasn’t sure how long this would last so she was going to enjoy every minute she could with him.   They both fell asleep right away while holding each other.
When Tommy woke up the next morning he thought he was imagining things, but then, he realized he wasn’t.

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    He looked down and there was Amanda, with his cock in her mouth again.   This time, she was taking all of it, straight down to his balls.   
Amanda noticed him move a little and looked over at him and said.   “Good morning Tommy. ” 
“I know what you’re doing, but, what are you doing?”
“I’m having my breakfast.   That’s what I am doing.   Would you like to have yours now or later?”
Tommy grinned.   “I will have my breakfast now please. ”  With that said he pulled her pussy up over his mouth and went to lapping the juices that were seeping out.   He could never get tired of this.
Amanda could feel Tommy’s balls start to tighten up and knew that he was about ready to cum.   But she wasn’t going to let that happen just yet.   She pulled his cock out of her mouth and left him lick her pussy a little longer.   Right when she was about to cum she climbed off of his face.
Tommy looked at her with a kind of disappointed look but then realized what she had in mind for him.

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Amanda turned around and started to straddle him.   She reached down under her and slowly lowed herself down onto his cock.   It felt wonderful inside her.   Slowly she started to ride him like she was riding a horse.   She wasn’t sure how long she would last but she was going to try and wait till when he was ready to cum.   She figured he wasn’t too far away so she was sure she could hold out.
Tommy was in ecstasy.   He has never felt like this with anyone else and he didn’t want it to stop.   But there was nothing he could do about that.   Once her mom came back she would be going back over there and then who knew when they would be alone like this again.
“Tommy I can’t wait any longer.   I’m going to cum.   Cum with me Tommy! Cum with me! I want to feel you cum inside me!”
Taking that as a command he released every drop of cum he had at that time.   He reached up and grabbed Amanda by the hips and held her in place.  
Amanda felt that first shot of cum go inside of her and she just let go.

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    Her whole body shook and convulsed on top of him.   With every spasm of her pussy she would feel Tommy shoot another shot of cum inside of her.  
When their orgasms finally subsided Amanda laid on Tommy’s chest holding him.   After last night and this morning she knew she had to find a way for them to be together without Tommy getting in trouble.
To be continued….
Give me some ideas as to what would be a good way to solve their little dilemma.   
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