MWC- Beth part 2


Beth rose out of bed. She stood over her young and broken lover. Her grey hair
flowing down over her thick breast. Droplet of sweat dripped down the curve of
her biceps. She admired her body as she sometime does. She was sculpted. Her
body was like steal and defied genetics. Despite her age she was still
perfection. Her body was hard but she still had a nice pair of breast. They
were huge. Despite this people still though she was the nice older lady next
door. They didn't know she was part of a secret club called. Mature women
Conquest (mwc for short). A group that go around conquering people for points.
Chris here was just a black boy she had conquered. Tecnily a man but to her
they were all boys and girls.

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   They would take picture to prove their conquest.
She wasn't finish up wracking up points. It was a storm out and she had him
for a while. The moonlight seem to make her ebony body glowed She licked her
lips. She still had the bit of the sweet boys nectar on her lips. She took a
drink of a glass of wine and smile. Her long tongue licked out a last drop
"Got to admit doll face you a tasted little fuck"
He laid their coved in kisses. Beth cum has dried off on his face. He was
covered in. He had some of her pubic hair stuck in her teeth. She let out a
big laugh. She smiled thinking how cute he looked. She really put him through
number. Poor little guy ass was now red for the slaps on the ass she gave him.
He had big hickey all over his body.

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   His nipples were sore from where she
sucked them
She left the room the and put on her robe. She was going to bake the boy
something nice before she put him through the paces again. She own him now and
she was going to prove it. Later she came inside and sat by him. She pushed
him awake
"Hey there little guy" Beth said
"Hi" Chris said timidly
"We need to talk little guy. Auntie need to tell you something about the fact
of on my lap come on. Do what Auntie say"
He sat on her lap. He was naked and she was now clothe. She held him in his
arms. Her her now felt so frail. She ran her fingers through his hair and
kissed him gently
"You cried a bit last night you know" Beth said
"Yes sorry. . I couldn't help it" He said
"It natural. You see that may happen again. You know why.

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  . . "
"No" He said
She was speaking to him softly like a child
"You want me don't you. You like it when I touch your wee want to have the relationship with me but the thing is I want to have one
with you too" Beth but the thing is it wont be equal. You see the reason you cried is your a
bitch. A little bitch. Your not an equal to me"
Chris was shocked like he got hit with a ton of bricks.
"But all people are equal. Relationships built on sharing and stuff"
"Yes but still someone has to make most of the decisions. It simpler that way.
Most of the time its the men but sometimes its the women. When they say people
are equal they talk about races. But certain people are differ. There a cycle.
Someone have to be on top of the food chain Your not the type to make

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   Your a boy a child. The rest is just new age talk" She said
She held him close to her and place her head in her breast. Tears were running
down his eyes. She lifted his chin up and pointed to the mirror. "Look at you.
Look how weak you are compared to me. No matter if you say no your mind. But I
like you to say yes instead of me taking it. Look at your little arms. You cry
like a girl. (running her hands down his body) you sensitive to every touch. I
could make you scream with pain or pleasure when ever I want (she started
jerking him off). Your a bitch. . a slut.

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  . . a whore. You will do everything I
say. I could make your cum when ever I feel like it (he squirted in her hand.
I could make you faint with my body. Kill you by just wrapping my hand around
your scrawny. Look in my eyes and tell me I am not speaking a truth baby. "
He put his head down
She smiled knowing she had him but showed sympathy. She lifted his head up.
"You will not make decision. You will not argue. Your mind. You have a lot to
learn but it not bad. You be taking care off.

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   You will be safe. come here
doesn't if feel nice in my arms. Doesn't my hands feel soft against you.
Doesn't my muscles feel great touching your body. I a nice owner. You can be
protected. You wont have a care in the world besides serving me" Beth said
He hugged her tightly
"I love you mistress" He said
She tapped him on the bag and hugged him back. "That's my sweet heart. You all
ways was a good boy" Beth said
"Now who is my bitch. . I want to hear you say it" Beth said
"I'm your bitch" He said happily
She smiled and drench kissed him. He tongue filled his mouth. His arms and
legs dropped like a rag doll as she held him. She kept the kiss for 2 minute
straight. She broken away and he had a big smile and was nearly knocked out.

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She sat him down
"Here got you some milk and cookies. Eat up. Then we can wash up because your
a mess" Beth said
He ate as she watch. She carried him like a baby after she finish. There was a
seat in the bathroom. She put him down. She told them to get in and wash.
"Leave the shower door open" She said
He got in the showed and started washing up. She took out a camera and flash
some pictures. "show me that little ass of your. Show your aunty that sweet
young tushy"
He bent over giggling a bit as she snap some picture. She went in her bag and
took out a big 12 inch dildo. She gave it to him
"Put it in your mouth" She said
He was hesitant
"Don't make me ask again sugar. Wouldn't want to have to spank you" She said
He did as ask
"Suck mm like that do it for an nice old lady. You make my day sweetie.

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lick it like a lollipop. You make me so wet when you do that" Beth said
He started sucking it. He was getting into it. He licked the head and soon was
taking it deep. She started rubbing herself and taking pictures.
"Jerk off. Imagine in between my biceps baby" Beth said
He did as told. She smiled smugly enjoying the show. Rubbing herself and
enjoying the sight. His dick was rock hard.
"Deeper" she said
He took it as deep as he thought it would go. She got up and grabbed him. She
grabbed him gently by the neck. Not enough to hurt him but it was stern. She
took it and shoved it deep in his mouth.

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   "Breath through your nose. Take it
slowly yea like this" She said stuffing it all the way down. He was gagging a
bit but it slowly was going in. "Don't you cum" She said. She took some soap
and poured in over his body as he washed and jerk. the shower went down his
body. She sat back down She took a sip of wine and laugh
"Damm you could take this show on the road sugar" She said "Going to have to
load more film"
She watch him she finger herself. "You just made me cum you nasty little
biscuit. Very naughty making nice old ladies cum going to have to teach you a
lesson" She said. She went into the other room. She got another dildo and bent
him over. This one vibrated. She lube it down and shoved it up his ass. She
started fucking him with. She got to her seat.

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   "Ride it as your suck and jerk"
She said. He rode it up and down rubbing himself. She took some more picture.
The dildo filled his ass. She smiled and said "Cum NOW"
He shot some warm jizz and she caught it on film. She walked over and took him
out. She dried him pulled the dildo out. "Good slut" She said. She put him
over her shoulder and carried him in the room. She dropped him on the bed and
dropped off her robe showing off her naked body
She was on top of him like a tighter. Her pussy sucked his cock inside her
like hoover. It started sucking him and contracting. She was dripping wet. She
kissed him devouring him and ravaging his body. Her cunt sucked him like an
extra mouth.


   She squeeze hold of his ass and start riding him. Her pussy was
turning his cock into puddy. "All you can do is hold on and scream kid" She
said with a growl. The whole bed shook as she slammed him into the carped.
When she wasn't kissing him she covered his mouth so the neighbor wouldn't
hear his cries of pleasure
He arms trashed but she just held them down. He eyes looked right through him
as she was bumping and grinding down on him. Tears rolled down his eyes. She
licked them off with her long tongue.
"Ohhh your the best ohhhh my mmmmmmmmmmmmmm" He moan
He let out a silent screams as he was brought to the edge and back. She
growled nibbling on him and taking him in. He huge breast smother him as she
slammed into him. She came like an explosion letting out her build up lust.
She loved what she was doing to him. She loved the power of breaking this
young innocent. She wanted him to feel pleasure.

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   His body was useless now. He
just was being hit by an assault. He could hardly move. This over 50 woman was
breaking him in half. He screamed till he couldn't scream anymore. He came
more then he ever came before. He stop begging her to stop after a while
She lifted him up after his explosion. She turn him upside down and started
licking his cock clean. She sucked him. He juice lips wrapped around his cock
giving him a blow job. She sucked him in as his body dangled. He teeth tease
the tip. She then use her big tongue to lick the shaft up and down as he jerk.
She had him lick her pussy as he hung there. She drench his face.

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   She lapped
up his juice tasting the sweetness
2 hour late
She held his body over her head getting the last drops of cum. She dropped him
on the bed broken.
"To think babe. I was going easy on you. But I wont tonight" She said and let
out a laugh
The end'

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