My Best Mates Family Pt 1


When I was much younger, around the age of 6 I used to have a best frined called Chris. Our parents where close friends, and so we used to hang out all the time. We did pretty much everything together, and spent every summer either at his house or mine. Anyway, when we were about 8 his mum gave birth to his sister, Danielle, and after that, we sort of lost touch for a while, as they had to move out of town to a bigger house, and we went about 8 years without seeing each other, though we stayed in contact through email and the phone.
I remember for my sixteenth birthday, I wanted a big party to celebrate my coming of age, but my mum wouldn't let me. I was talking to chris about this and he suggested that I go to his, as his parents were out for the weekend, becasue they were taking Danielle to some ballett trip or something. So I said sure thing, and all my mates tagged along.
So we get the train to his house, and it's been about 5 years since we've seen each other, so we have a huge hug, get in the house and instantly crack the booze open. The night ensues, and we all get thouroughly rat arsed and have a great time. At one point, I went to the toilet, and on my way noticed some family portraits on the wall. As always, I looked at Chris' mum, who was just about the hottest Mum you're ever likley to see. 40, dark hair, full lips, tanned skin, legs up to her arse and the greatest pair of tits you could ask for. at least a DDD. Massive. And she had a reputation for being a bit of a fuck jar too (although Chris didn't know this. )
Then I saw a recent picture of Danielle, now about 9 years old, and without being a perverted son of a bitch, noticed that she heading the same way as her mum, she was clearly going to be a stunning young woman in a few years time.

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Skip foward 2 years, and I go to visit Chris again, and stay for the weekend. Now I'm 18, and am no longer a Virgin and I've basically been screwing any girl I can get my hands on, and have a libedo that wont stop.
The first night, Chris lets me stay in his bed, and he kips on the couch. It's rediculously hot in his room, and I can't get to sleep, so I decide to put a video on. I root through Chris' collection and find a recorded copy of Wayne's World, and stick it in the tape player, I settle back to watch, and for some reason, its just a blank screen. I fast foward a bit, and then all of a sudden, a shot of a bathroom comes into screen. It's clearly been taped on a camcorder, and I eventually realise it's Chris' family bathroom. HOLY SHIT!!!! that perverted son of a bitch! But as soon as I start to realise my best mate is somewhat twisted,and likes to film his family in the bathroom, someone enters the room. Chris' mum. Surly I'm not about to see the greatest pair of tits ever in all their splendid glory?! No, she pulls down her skirt and takes a pee and then walks out. Dissapointing to say the least, but I start to get incredibly horny and begin to stroke my cock through my boxers. Next up is Chris' dad, and my boner intantly shrinks, and I step on the fast foward,. It stops on Chris' mum in her robe, about to get in the shower. Here we go! Off comes the robe, and the most amazing pair of tits are there for all to see. And what a body, just perfection in everyway.

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   I start to jack off furiously, and as I get to the point of no return, I realise its probably best to finish off in the bathroom, cause this will go everywhere. When I cum, for some reason I cum buckets of the stuff. Like Peter North on heat. So I quitley leave the room, and head for the bathroom, as I do, I realise the bathroom light is on, and I hear the toilet flush, I freeze, and out comes Chris' mum in her robe.
"Hi Andrew," she wispers, "can't sleep?"
"No, I just need the toilet,"
"So I see," she replies, and looks down at my boxers where my 8" cock is clearly very excited.
"Um, goodnight," I embarressly reply, and make haste for the bathroom, and shut the door, I stand there for about 5 minutes, so as to be completely sure she is gone, and start to finish myself off.
All of a sudden, the door opens and in walks Chris' mum, with a huge grin on her face, in a tiny little nighty, with her massive tits bursting through the seems.
"Oh Shit!" i say, a little too loudly
She puts a finger on my lip "Shhhhh," and gently opens my mouth with it, and clearly wants me to suck her finger. Well, like I say, I'm 18 and my sexual libedo just won't say no to this propsition, so suck I her finger. She lets out a little moan, and goes for my cock with her other hand, teasing it and rubbing it.
"Well didn't you turn out to be a good looking young man Andrew," she coos. "Now, I've seen the way you look at me, and I know you can't wait to have your dick wrapped up in my tits, so tonight is your lucky night boy. "
Lucky doesn't even describe it.
She walks over to the cabinet, and I then realise she has the tiniest little thong in the world on, and I can see her ass is at least on par with her tits, big and beautifull.
She reaches for some baby oil, and things start ot get a little messy, she slowly oozes some oil on her exposed ass, and rubs it all over,"I wan't you to start jacking off, Andrew" needless to say, I'm way ahead of her on that one, and I'm actually worried I might shoot my load here and now.

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She then proceeds to do the best strip tease Iv'e ever seen, considering there's no music, and before long, she's down to a bra and thong, and literally covered in oil. Shes reaches behind to unclip her bra, and her massive DDD tits flop out in all their glory. I'm literally drooling here, literally.
She then carrys on with the oil, massaging it on those massive hangers, until all the oil is gone, and then she starts to frig herself off, moaning with pleasure.
"Sit on the toilet, and don't move," and seconds after I've sat down, she's kneeling infront of me, teasing my cock with her tounge, running it up and down the shaft, and sucking the head. Then she takes every inch in her mouth and gives me the best head I've ever had. Truly mindblowing. But she's not finished yet, clearly she's had plently of practice because she knows when to stop, so as to prolong the inevitable shower of jizz coming her way.
"Now this is the bit you've been wating for," she smiles, flicks her hair back, and wraps those gorgeous oiled boobs right round my cock, and starts to titfuck me. And I'm now officially in heaven.
She bobs up and down, occaisonlly reaching down to suck the head of my dick, and rubs my cock on her nipples, all for a good 10 minutes.
"Thats it, I've gotta cum" I say under shallow breaths.
"Now this is the bit I've been wating for"
And before i know it, she sits back, I stand up and cum buckets of jizz all over those tits, I must have cum about 15 full loads on here mammories, and plenty more to boot, it just wouldnt stop and it was everywhere, and she was loving every second of it. She instantly sticks my dick in her mouth and sucks it all up, and then licks as much as she can off her tits. Needless to say, it was probably the greatest experience of my life, and I've never seen so much jizz come from one cock, not even in a porno.

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"Well, Andrew, that was more fun than I was expecting," she says, lapping up the last of my semen,"and I'm glad your staying for two more days, because I want your cock in my pussy if its the last thing I do. If you thought that was good, it's gonna get a whole lot better. But it looks like for now, we'll have to wait until tomorrow, so until then, goodnight. "

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