My Girls Chapter 8


Chapter 8 I had forgotten that Victoria was coming home that night. Her schedule was so erratic that it was often a surprise when she showed up. I had never really kept track that close, as I never had anything to hide. Now I had something to hide, and I forgot.
A noise had awakened me, and as I woke up I noticed that Cindi was still sprawled out next to me, her head on my shoulder, hand on my chest, hair everywhere, with a little smile on her face. I loved to watch my girls sleep - they were so cute. Of course, we were still naked. I looked up to see what the noise was and watched Victoria walk into the bedroom.
Time froze for me as my mind tried to grasp what was happening. Bizarre thoughts crossed my mind as to how to get out of this. I could just disappear - no, wait, this was real life, not fantasy. I could pretend I was asleep, but that would just postpone whatever was going to happen. I felt the tears in my eyes as I realized that my decision to help my daughter, no matter how misguided, might in the next few minutes cost me everything I held dear in life.
It was dark in the room and Victoria was too far away for me to see her eyes, to see if they were the flat and devoid of all expression eyes I had seen twice before. If they were, it would mean that my life would probably end in the next few minutes, maybe literally. There was no outward indication of what she was feeling or thinking, but I just could not see any way it would be good.

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Victoria walked into the room. She moved over to the bed, and just stood there, obviously waiting for me to say something, for me to explain what the HELL was going on before she killed me. Even at this time, my love and sympathy for Cindi won out over my fear and I just knew I had to protect her.
"Victoria, please don't blame Cindi for this. I'm the adult here, I'm responsible, and I should have stopped it. It's not her fault. She's a hurt little girl trying to find her way, trying to find love anyway she can. Blame me, but please do not blame her; please don't hurt her any more than she already has been by others and me. Although not intentionally, I took advantage of her and I cannot tell you how sorry I am".
I said all of this in a whisper, hoping not to wake up Cindi and have her face this any sooner than she had to. I could finally see Victoria's eyes, although not well through my tears. They did not look flat and devoid of all expression; maybe I would live through this yet. She sat down on the edge of the bed. Then, she bent down and kissed me!
I was stunned! I could not think. Her first kiss was just a gentle kiss, too quick for my numbed mind to even respond.

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   Then she kissed me again, and this time her mouth opened and she slipped her tongue into my mouth. I automatically responded, as my brain tried to figure out what was going on.
After she broke the kiss, she sat up and looked at me. Her eyes were solemn, with a little twinkle.
"Surprised you didn't I?" she asked, and smiled gently. I could only nod my head yes.
"Look", she said, "I know you well. You would never take advantage of anyone. I doubt very much this was your idea, or that you gave up easily. I've seen the change in Cindi the last few weeks; I'm not entirely surprised by this. Whatever you are doing with her, it seems to be working, she seems to be getting better, and that's all I care about. If I thought you were just taking advantage of our daughter to get some teenage nookie, we would not be talking right now. However, be careful - Amy must not know about this, and for heaven's sake close the bedroom door! I'll call from now on before I come home. "
Before I could even respond, Cindi started to wake up, apparently awakened by our voices. When she opened her eyes, she was looking at me and obviously didn't know someone else was in the room yet.

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   She smiled at me brightly, and then noticed the direction I was looking, turned her head, and saw her mother sitting on the bed. The look of fear on her face broke my heart.
"Oh my God! Oh my God! Mommy, I'm so sorry, it was all my fault, please don't hate Daddy, I made him do it, he tried to stop me, but I tricked him while he was asleep, please Mommy, don't hate him, he loves you so much, I'll go away and live somewhere else, please don't divorce him. . . Please Mommy" she begged in a little girl voice and started crying.
Victoria tried to look stern and mad for a minute - she is Amy's mother, after all and cannot resist teasing people - but she quickly stopped when she realized how upset Cindi was. She reached out and took Cindi into her arms, and held her and kissed her.
"It's alright, honey, I know. I understand. I'm not mad. . . well, I might be a little if you've worn him out!"
Cindi's eyes were as big as saucers as she tried to understand what she was being told.
"You know you can't let anyone know about this.

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   Not even Amy. Especially not Amy. If any one finds out, your dad would go to jail and they would take you two away. You have to be very careful. "
Uh oh. Cindi had been practicing Amy's eye rolls. She was not as good at it as Amy was, but this one was not too bad. "I know, Mom. I'm not stupid, you know. I won't tell anyone. " Then I could see it in her eyes. Victoria could too; we both smiled a little as Cindi decided that maybe she shouldn't be so snippy with her Mom considering the current circumstances.
"So, you're really not mad at me?"
"Well, I'm a little upset about this and there is one thing we need to resolve right now, young lady. "
I could see the look in Victoria's eyes, so I knew this was going to be good - she was playing with Cindi. You are so bad, Victoria, I thought.

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   The fear was back in Cindi's eyes.
"Oh, God, Mom, anything, I promise I'll do anything to make it better, please tell me what I can do!"
"Well, it's my turn and you are in the way. Could you move over, please?"
I could see the wheels turning in Cindi's head as she tried to understand what her Mom was saying. Then her eyes opened very wide, she blushed bright red clear down to her chest, she gave a nervous little laugh, and jumped over to the other side of the bed as if she had been shot. She watched, fascinated, as Victoria stood up and started to undress. "MOM!!"
Although I was surprised, I was not very shocked as she undressed in front of us. Victoria had shown a flash of inventiveness in the past, although not what would be called kinky now days. There had been an interesting girlfriend swap with us and my roommate and his girlfriend in college. Victoria had gone with my roommate before me, and I had always been madly in love with his girlfriend, so it worked out well. Only thing was, everyone had been in on the plans except me. I did not learn until years later that while I thought Samantha was seducing me one weekend, Robert and Victoria had been off having one last fling. A month and a half later, Robert announced he and Samantha were getting married, as she was pregnant. I always wondered whose baby it was. . .

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As Victoria finished getting undressed, she got up on the bed. When she gets home after a long trip, she usually likes to take me inside her right away the first time, without any foreplay. She is usually so horny she is ready to go right away. Then we play around later. As she lowered herself down on me, I thought Cindi was going to die. She was so embarrassed, and yes, there was a little bit of "EWWWW" as she watched her parents make love, but she was also riveted in place, fascinated; she could not have moved if she had wanted to.
Victoria reached over, took her hand, and pulled her over close to us again.
"Cindi, honey, climb up on Daddy's face and show me what he does to you that has made you so much better. " Victoria looked over at me and smiled.
"It's ok, honey, Mom won't mind. " I said.
As Victoria put her arms around Cindi and moved her over, helping her get into position, Cindi covered her face with her hands. I think her whole body was bright red. "I cannot believe I am doing this," she moaned. "I am so embarrassed".

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I put my hands on her hips, and lowered her down on my face, licking her pussy and sucking her clit into my mouth. She jerked, trembled and screeched quietly, and then seemed to forget all about her embarrassment. Amazing how that works, isn't it?
I was quickly getting overwhelmed. Two of my favorite four females in the whole world were making love to me. I was really pushing it with Cindi, as I wanted to make sure she had an orgasm before Victoria finished me off, but it was going to be close. Cindi was having problems sitting upright she was so turned on, and she leaned back against her Mom for support. Victoria put her arms around her waist and held on to her, whispering in her ear, asking her how it was, as she stroked her hair.
"Oh, God, Mom, you have no idea how good this feels!" Then she giggled. "Oops, yeah I guess you do!"
Cindi cried out as I pushed my finger up into her, as her orgasm overtook her. That, plus the sight of the two of them cuddled together, and the sound of Victoria's orgasm, was enough to set me off.
After we all calmed down a little and could almost breathe again, Cindi became aware again of where she was and what condition she was in. She turned beet red again, jumped off the bed and me saying, "I am SO embarrassed, I can't believe I did this, I got to go!" and ran out of the room. Victoria and I looked at each other and laughed.
"I'll go talk to her. She'll be ok," she said, as she got dressed and left the room.

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   Later, she came back and said Cindi was ok, she was just really embarrassed, but they had a nice long talk and she would get over it. Victoria got undressed, climbed back in bed, and we proceeded to have our usual day of fun when she got home. Funny thing, the next day, it was always Amy that brought us food in the room. Cindi always seemed to be busy.
Nothing like that ever happened again. Neither Victoria nor Cindi did anything sexual with each other during that one time, nor did Victoria ever participate in any other sexual activities with Cindi and me again. Neither of them ever mentioned it again, nor did I. Cindi did, however, always blush so prettily anytime Victoria and I ever kissed, cuddled, or did anything even remotely sexual. I started paying more attention to when Victoria was coming home, and Cindi and I had a rule that we never did anything when Victoria was home or coming home.
Victoria and I had a long talk the next evening when the girls were out. She agreed that what was happening was good for Cindi and should continue. She did, however, formally express some ground rules, all of which I was following anyway. Her ground rules were a) this could only be with full consent of all parties involved. If at any time Cindi was to say no or express any doubts about continuing the relationship, I was to never touch her sexually again, nor was I to try to change her mind; b) there were to be no babies c) be careful, no diseases d) Cindi was to be encouraged to date when she felt comfortable and the time was right - this was not meant to be a permanent relationship e) unless she specifically asked, Victoria did not want to know any of the details, unless it was necessary for Cindi's well being, and f) Cindi was not meant as a replacement for Victoria. If Victoria ever felt that she was being neglected sexually or emotionally because of the relationship with Cindi, we would pull the plug on the whole deal, regardless of the circumstances.

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   I agreed whole-heartedly to all the conditions, as she knew I would. There was never any jealousy between the two, Cindi managed to hide it from Amy (quite an amazing feat as we discovered later), and the situation continued until circumstances beyond anyone's control caused it to stop about six months later.