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………. my doorbell rang.   Who could that be I wondered.   I was not expecting anyone, I had just planned to sit on the internet and peruse my special sites for new subjects to my instructional molestation I opened the door and there standing before me were Cassie and Lexi.   Both were standing there just shivering slightly as it had chilled down a little since the sunset.   Both were wearing their heavy coats and asked if they could come I graciously stepped aside and let them enter, with a smile so wide my cheeks “What brings my lovelies here tonight?  Won’t mom and dad be missing you?” I “Mom and dad are out for the evening and won’t be home until late, like about 12 or 1. ” stated Cassie. “We were hoping we could have some fun with you since it is hard for us to get “Ladies you are always welcome anytime you can get “Lexi told me you got her “Yes I did, it was quite exceptional. Her pussy is so tight Cassie. She reminds me of you when I popped you for the first time. She cums very strongly, but she is not a squirter like “You squirt?” asked Lexi. “What is a “That Lexi is when a girl cums, but instead of creaming all over her pussy and face or cock, which ever may be there, she squirts her cum almost like a squirt-gun. It is truly spectacular to watch her when she does cum. Her convulsions are amazing. That’s what makes you two such a wonderful As I guided them to the livingroom and set them in the direction of the couch, I asked, “Would either of you like some hot They both nodded yes as they were undoing their coats showing me their beautiful young breasts or what they had for breasts. I could feel ol’ “john henry” starting to pulse and begin his rise to power.

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   I went to the kitchen and threw a pot of milk on the stove to heat as I pulled out three cups and the chocolate syrup. I moved back to the livingroom and my little friends were sitting there in just their thongs. They were actually Cassie’s thongs, that I had bought for her and we kept them on the “Q” so her parents would not find out. Lexi was looking good in it as her ass was quite full. Cassie was just a bit smaller, but still quite nice. Just something about a young girl’s ass that is “My don’t you two look “I hope you like us looking like this. I let Lexi borrow one of our thongs so she could look a little sexier for you “I think she looks spectacular and I think I shall buy both of you some super sexy outfits. Matching bras and thongs so when we get the chance you can come over here and we will play “Victoria Secrets” fashion “That sounds like fun” said I could see Cassie’s eyes moving toward my growing cock. Lexi was just looking at my eyes, smiling about the sexy “Please bring me your cock, I want to taste it now, please” begged “Well baby I need to watch the milk so it doesn’t “I want your cock now, please!!! I need to taste it and have you push it deep down my throat. Lexi said you forced it deep on her today so I think I deserve the With such a strong argument like that I couldn’t say no. I walk over and she pulled my drawers down as my cock sprang free and smacked her lips. Lexi just stared as Cassie, like an animal swallow my cock as far she could and slobbered all over it and down her chin. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face forward and bottomed out against her throat or something as she gagged and choked, while coughing and trying not to heave. I grabbed her on both sides and started to drive my cock into her mouth with such force she just continuously gagged and choked with her eyes full of tears and running down her cheeks. “Don’t hurt her” cried “He’s not!!!!!” shouted Cassie.

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   “I like this so be quiet and As I pounded my cock back into her mouth and slammed my balls against her chin. Lexi’s eyes just got big as she watched me slam my cock into her sister’s mouth. She was moving her mouth around opening it wide to see if she could handle it, kind of like trying to Suddenly I pulled my cock from her mouth and said, “Time to check the milk, I’ll be right back my Cassie sat there with her face soaked from the tears running down her cheeks and Lexi asking, “Doesn’t that hurt “You need to get use to it. Peter says I am a natural with it ‘cause I really enjoy having him slam it in my mouth. Sometimes I wish he could slam it harder, but I know he doesn’t want to risk hurting or bruising me. That would ruin everything we have, if mom or dad ever found out. That’s why you can NEVER tell anyone about I was listening to their conversation while I made the hot cocoa. I realized I had created the perfect pair of wanna-learn nymphos every man had ever dreamed of. Could this actually be true that they will do anything I wish and say nothing to noone? So hard for me to believe this was truly happening, as I came back to the livingroom with their “Here you go girls. Let’s just drink a little before we get started tonight They both nodded in agreement as I went back to get mine and then sat in my chair as they were on the couch with those sweet bald pussies just staring at me with a small piece of cloth invading my territory and having my “I hope you like the cocoa, it is nothing They both took a couple of sips and then looked at me “It seems to taste a little different. What did you do to it or did the milk “Don’t worry the milk didn’t burn. I just added some cognac to it to sweeten it up just a touch. If you don’t like it you don’t need to drink it. I can make you another without the They both nodded no as they sipped more and more. “You don’t mind if I pull out my smoke do “OH CAN I HAVE SOME TOO?” blurted “Of course my love we are all going to enjoy With that I reach over and pulled out my bong from the end-table.

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   The tray I had there had smoke on it, but I told them I would be right back. I came back shortly with some primo smoke that I always had stashed for special times, especially like this “Now you need to be careful with this. This is very special smoke that I keep for very special occasions, which I consider this to be a very special occasion. ” As I filled the bowl and fired up my first hit. BAM, it hit me like a brick, my head spinning as I tried to keep it in my lungs as long as possible, coughing and exploding from it’s “Now who wants to go Lexi jumped right up and got next to me on the chair. Her firm ass felt so good against my thigh. I loaded a small hit for her and let her go for it. She gagged and coughed almost immediately as it hit her lungs. Her chest expanded threefold and she appeared to have larger tits momentarily. Her coughing and hacking continued as I grabbed the bong from her and got one ready for Cassie. “You know what this smoke is baby. It is the special one we had last week and the second time we had sex when I did everything to Cassie just smiled as she grabbed the bong and did just a small strike, leaving the rest for me to finish off. Lexi was all laughing and glassy eyed from her one “She is fucked up right now you “Yes and I think it may be a good time to something with her, don’t “What do you have in “Why don’t you start with her pussy, while I go get some lube to grease up her ass and pop her virgin So I moved Lexi, still giggling and smiling from ear-to-ear, to the couch where Cassie had her lay down so she could remove the thong and started to muff-dive on her The giggling was replaced with loud moans and squeals, as her sister nibbled and bit her clit, while driving her tongue into her “I’ll be right As I move to my room I heard Lexi, “SUCK MY PUSSY SIS, OH YEA I LOVE My cock was jumping up faster than a fireman. I knew I had to hurry so I could watch some of I got back and Lexi was fucking her sister’s tongue, just pounding her bald pussy into her chin an mouth. It was glistening like a star in the sky.

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   She was so wet, a spot on the cushion could be seen as her hips drove up into her sister’s face. It really wasn’t a spot, more like a puddle. My god this girl flooded like the Mississippi with a hundred year rain. She was cumming again as her body convulsed wildly with her thighs pounding the side of her sister’s head. Cassie got up from her pussy dive and just let her flop around as her cum was pouring forth from her lips, down to her ass and all over the “I guess she really enjoyed your little love Cassie looked at me, cum running down her face and chin, onto her nubian breasts. “She’s a fucking wild one. I think your going to like her better then “Cassie what you and I have is special between us and nothing will come between us. There are certain things you do for me noone else does. I will find out what Lexi has special for me if With that said I leaned down and got myself some of those love juices. Sucking with all my might, I covered her complete pussy, top to bottom – side to side, with my mouth and sucked as much juice as I could. Lexi squealed as I ran my tongue across her lips and tickled her clit. My cock was stiffer then a Pittsburgh I-beam. I grabbed the lube and put it generously over my head and cock. I proceeded to liberally coat her virgin ass and hole. Putting plenty of lube around and into her hole.

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   In her daze she asked what was going “Just be ready for some hurting little sister. He is about to put that big cock up your ass and make you a real I rolled Lexi over bringing into my sight that full, firm ass. Her cheeks were so wonderful with a form that most women prayed for. To just imagine what a fine ass it was going to be when she matured. Even Cassie commented on how she wished her ass looked like that. I spied my target, small, tiny and contracted, like the navel end of an orange. I moved my cock toward its new target and just placed the head into her “Lexi you need to relax as much as possible, okay She just nodded her head as she giggled. With that I told Cassie to go around and help her and maybe play with her pussy to assist and keep her mind off the intense pain that was about to I pulled her cheeks apart as wide as I could with my head sitting right in her pucker. I looked at Cassie and she at me as I gave her a wink and pushed with force into my little baby’s “OOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW YOUR FUCKING KILLING “Relax Lexi, it hurts at first just like when he fucked your pussy. He will not move and let you get use to Her ass was extremely tight on my cock and I wondered if I could actually fuck her ass without tearing her apart. There was plenty of lube as the excess was oozing out the sides and down. Cassie could feel some as she played with her sister’s pussy. She grabbed some and used it on her pussy as she was fingering herself with her other “Are you feeling a little better “NO IT HURTS REAL “Let me try a little fucking and see where that takes As I started to pull back she screamed, “OH GOD, OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW IT IS SSSSOOOO FUCKING BIG IT IS TEARING ME APART. ” After pulling back about two inches I pushed back in and she screamed Cassie told her to learn to love it and relax, it would make it much better, as Cassie was realy getting into fingering herself and sister at the same Again I pulled back just a bit more and slowly pushed forward, back and forth, small little strokes. Her ass was starting to relax slightly.

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   Her screams were now loud moans and groans. Slowly she started to rock her hips with my slow, small strokes. Suddenly out of nowhere Cassie screams as she cums all over the livingroom rug, hardwood floor and table. She was spraying like a loose firehose on max opening. Lexi started to cum too as she watched Cassie spray. My strokes started getting longer. Lexi was now forcing a quicker stroke. Her hips started bucking back quicker and harder. I took my cue and started pulling almost completely out and slamming back as hard as I could. Flesh slapping flesh, juices splashing everywhere. There was lube, blood, cum and sweat just spraying all over with every down stroke. I was pounding her ass well knocking her head hard into the “OH GOD YES!!! THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!!! IT HURTS BUT I LOVE IT!!! PLEASE DON’T STOP!!! CUM IN MY ASS Without even a warning, like on cue, my cock exploded with a blast that caused my hips to lunge forward and ram my cock so deep in her ass my balls actually hurt as they slapped her drenched pussy. I grabbed hard into her hips and pulled with all my might driving my cock as deep as I could hold it as I blew load after load of cum deep into her orifice. There was so much it was squeezing out from the sides trying to push my cock out. We all just sat there in a heap of moisture soaked flesh trying to recover from an area few people get to             Cassie was just trying to catch her breath recovering from her massive orgasm, Lexi had collapsed onto the couch, I believe passed out and I was just starting to pull my cock from her ass and rolling down and back onto the couch to catch my breath.

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   This was a moment I wish I had put on dvd. Fuck I forgot to do the camera, but I didn’t know they were coming by.                          As we all just were there, kind of like zombies, there was a noise. As I opened my eyes to see what it was I caught a glimpse of Weiner licking Cassie’s pussy and all the juices on the floor. She grabbed his head and moved it closer to her snatch and he gladly helped himself to the beginning of a dinner he’ll never forget……………. .    Any questions, comments or inquiries write to :          lilgrrlperv@yahoo. com Have a wonderful day.

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