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After dropping her son off Martha shut Bruno out of her mind and went off to the supermarket to get groceries for supper. When she got back home she finally sat at the table and thought about the recent events which had just occurred that morning. What’s wrong with me she thought. am I some kind of sick animal loving freak? No it was just a bad dream and will never let it happen again she said aloud. Though it did make her feel better it did not get rid of the immense heat between her legs which had built up that morning. Martha didn’t have a vibrator at home because her fingers usually did the trick as she was quite experienced in the art of masturbation. Realizing that no one else was home and Bruno was asleep she decided to strip naked right there in the kitchen and imagined that her husband was suddenly naked besides feeling every part of her as she gently stroked his 6 inch cock. As she removed her bra she slowly rubbed and squeezed her ample cleavage, grinding her ass against the chair as she imagined him rubbing his cock against her muff.
Oh god take me baby fuck me hard she said as she probed her inner folds darting her fingers skilfully in and out making soft squishing sounds as her fingers entered her pussy. Usually this did the trick, but after about 10 min she still couldn’t get off thinking about her husband. ugh i need something else she said as she searched the room. Then she suddenly remembered and pulled a long zucchini out of one of the grocery bags. Perfect she said as she suddenly thought of another erotic image, this time her son. Slowly she pushed the vegetable into her hairy cunt imagining it as her own son’s massive cock penetrating her instead. Sweetie it isn’t nice to fuck your mommy she said in a baby tone as she thrust the massive vegetable into her, each time going deeper and deeper into her vagina. Oh yesss she said, momma likes her baby boys big cock  as she started to approach an orgasm, the zucchini quickly becoming  slick with juices as she pounded her muff with increasing ferocity, her vaginal walls tightening around its smooth creamy  texture.

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   Oh god baby she said as she imagined him thrusting his steel manhood deeper and deeper into her cunt his firm hands massaging her big breasts , sucking on her nipples and causing her to scream in delight. GOD YESSS FUCK YAHHH ohhh she yelled as her pussy exploded with waves of pleasure, her juices overflowing and spilling on the kitchen floor. Now that’s better she said in a conservative tone as she pulled the out the zucchini soaked with her juices “I hope Kevin likes extra seasoning.
The morning after her fun with Bruno and her imaginary fantasy Martha decided after all this she really needed a nice hot bath, and to later tan by the pool. Feeling sexual today she chose out yellow thong bottoms and a nice small bikini top showing off her amazing chest. Since Martha was feeling adventurous she decided to go to the bathroom naked today which was right across from her sons’ room. little did martha know he was awake as he silently stared from his bed at her goddess like body as she walked across the hallway. her perky tits giggling freely with large areolas and pointy nipples. her flat little tummy which traced down towards her magnificent bush with full pink, puffy lips, the perfect golden completion . and last of all her sculpted curvy ass, swaying slightly, hypnotizing him as she slowly went into the bathroom and finally closed the door. After heading outside in her bathing suit Martha noticed that her neighbour’s son mark whose yard was separated by a low picket fence was working outside mowing the lawn. Mark was in his early twenties, handsome and was well built from all the strenuous work he did.
Before Martha had some vivid fantasies and decided now was a good time to make them happen. Time to have a little fun Martha thought as she laid down on the towel, her ass totally exposed. In no time mark was quickly gazing at her over the fence and had completely forgotten about the yard work he was doing.

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   Hey mark she said breaking him from her trance, could you help me do some planting in the garden I would really appreciate it’. Sure thing Mrs. H He said. Oh that makes me sound so old please, call me Martha she replied as they walked towards the shed. So where are the plants? Said mark as they entered the spacious shed. Oh I’m sure there somewhere she said as she bent down in front of him, pretending to look for something. Mark saw this and instantly his 8 inch cock came to life as she hummed softly, swaying her ass seductively which was less than a foot away from his throbbing member. Then Martha suddenly turned around and said you know mark what i really need right now is a nice stiff young pole.
Mark didn’t get the picture so Martha grasped his cock through his jeans and said oh I think I found one and started to unzip his pants. Martha what are you doing mark said in shock, don’t worry you’ll enjoy this and with those words she pulled his underwear down freeing his purple headed prick. The instant his cock sprung out Martha pounced on it stuffing her face like a starved maniac. Oh god this is fucking awesome he yelled as she slowly ran her hands across his stiff cock and balls, heavily sucking on the end of his massive head as he moaned in delight. Ohhh where did you learn to do that he said, i had some practice Martha replied  thinking about Bruno her endowed dog. suddenly she unclasped her bikini top making her perfect globes spring free, cum for me baby do to me what my husband never  could she said as she mashed them  between his throbbing cock. What mark was feeling was amazing already he could feel the cum starting to build as she expertly danced her tongue around the his pee hole getting every bit of precum, savouring the taste, driving mark insane.

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   Ohhh I’m Cumming I’m Cumming you fucking slut he said as Martha rubbed her large tits tighter against his cock making him explode in her mouth. Martha hungrily sucked and gobbled down most of the cum only letting a few drops spill on her face and tits. Bend over slut he said gaining confidence as she slipped off her thong bottom exposing her tight ass and sopping hairy cunt. Little did these two lovers know was that i her son was staring through the window watching my mom about to let that monster destroy her  amazing, tight cunt as she bent over, pressing her firm tits against the wall, her pussy just waiting to be fucked.
Then mark grabbed her hips, arched his back and thrust his thick muscular cock into her hairy cunt. Ohhh yess , my god you’re so fucking big she yelled as marks massive prick feasted on her  pink twat, each time drilling deeper and faster into my slut mom. Fuuuk yeahh oh fuck me harder mark make me cum she yelled as she matched his thrusts, her ass bouncing as her muff tried to stuff down the engorged beast. the sound of his massive balls slapping against her clit echoed the room, driving her even closer to an orgasm . god your so fucking tight, your husband is missing out but ill make up for it he said as he flipped martha over,  lifted her up and impaled her on his steel rod, all eight inches driving home. I’m cummming she screamed as they both finally climaxed her cunt walls squeezing his shaft, driving him to the point of no return. Mark suddenly tensed up as he shot load after load of hot jizz into her womb, filling her with his potent spunk, then letting her suck him off after as he gently fingered her dripping cunt. I hope you know this was a one time thing she said as she pulled on her now soaked bathing suit. I know Mrs. H he said fucking you is the best feeling I ever had. Why thank you mark she said as they walked out of the shed as if nothing happened.

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   Oh one more thing she said as he was about to walk away, don’t tell anybody, especially my incapable husband she said her thoughts now shifting to Bruno. You got it Mrs. H he said as he walked away with a satisfied grin on his face.