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At 2:35 he opened the front door, looking sexy as hell. He was wearing a Enyce sweatsuit that was two sizes to big and some Jordan gym shoes. I licked my lips and smiled at my boy toy. “Hey Ms. P. You look like you was expecting me. Where’s my kiss? Or do I have to come over there and take it from you boo?” he dropped his book bag on the floor and laid on top of me. “Don’t be so pushy boy, or I’ll have to spank you one good time. ” I kissed him on the lips, putting my tongue into his mouth. He tasted just like Juicy Fruit gum. So innocent. He cocked his eyebrow up and looked at me like I was crazy, “Nah, you the one that is gonna get spanked up in this piece, not me. ”“C’mon then, spank me papi, show me how bad I’ve been. ”I laughed as he flipped me around and bendt me over his knee. He lifted up my bathrobe exposing my bare ass. His hand raised up and firmly smacked me on my ass.

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   The room echoed as he did it again. My pussy was getting wet from the roughness that he was showing . This was a new side of him that I hadn’t seen before. He then hit me two more good times as I yelped in delight. “Yeah , spank that ass. ” I moaned in delight. “You like that aye? Tell me how much you like it. ” he whispered as he bendt down and kissed my lower back, flicking his tongue over the hollow part. “I like it papi, do that shit again. ” He smacked my ass again, doing it so hard that he left a red mark on it. He positioned himself below me, my face down on the couch as my ass was in the air. He kissed my butt checks, nipping them one at a time with his teeth. He then took his finger and inserted it inside of my pussy. It was so wet that it slipped right in. He then took another one until he had three inside of me, my walls contracting and squeezing them.

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   He was working them in and out, his dick straining to be let out of its confines. Taking his fingers out he sucked on one, then gave me the other two to suck on after he was done. “You like the way you taste ma?” he pushed his fingers in and out of my mouth. Shaking my head yes I flicked my tongue onto his fingers, enjoying the way that I tasted. I stopped what he was doing so that I could suck that smooth chocolate. I got between his legs and let out his eight and then some inches. I put my mouth onto the tip, flicking my tongue over the top I then inserted the whole thing in my mouth, making it wet with my saliva. I bobbed my head as he watched with delight in his eyes. Raising back up I looked into his eyes as my mouth sucked his sweet dick. “Suck that dick Ms. P. You a pro at that boo. Damn…” he tossed his head from side to side as his leg wiggled involuntarily. He grabbed the back of my neck and forcefully moved my head up and down o his dick, making me almost choke. I slapped his hand away, giggling in the process.

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   “Come here. ” I motioned for him to follow me into the bedroom. With his pants around his ankles he trailed behind me into the bedroom. I got onto the edge of the bed, my bathrobe on the floor by now, with my ass sticking straight up in the air again. He came behind me, kneeding my ass with his large hands, his clothes off in record time. He did’nt even bother to eat me as I felt his dick go straight for my pussy. I felt him push his dick all the way in, right to the hilt. I moaned loudly as he pulled back out. He did that motion a few more times as he stopped and took his time in it. “Damn, you are so wet baby, you got some good ass pussy ma. ” he slammed his dick into me, making my head go into the bed as I moaned loudly. “Baby…you…. . ready…damn…. ” I tried to speak but it was feeling so good,” for.

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  . . another…lesson?”“What?” his breathing slowed down as did his speed. “Fuck me in the ass papi. I want that young dick in my ass. ” I told him. He wasn’t sure what to do next, but he had a good idea. He then took it out of my pussy and tried to put it into my ass. Not being that lubricated yet I yelped a little from the pain. “Hold on there baby. You gotta remember, when it comes to fucking girls in the ass, you gotta be gentle with it until you get it wet. See that baby oil over there? Go and get it. ”He pulled his dick out of me and got the baby oil off of the dresser. “Ok, now put some on your dick and some on my ass. It will make it slippery enough for you to get in just right.

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  ”Doing what he was told he oiled both of us up. “Now, put your dick in my ass, easy. And then you’ll know when to start to do it fast. ”He pushed his dick into my asshole slow and steady like. He pushed harder as he felt it go in deeper and deeper, until he was about halfway in. It felt so good to have his young dick fucking my ass finally. I was moaning so loud and my pussy was dripping wet. After about ten minutes he had his full dick in my ass and was fucking it slowly. His eyes were closed as he did this, his body shaking a little from the pleasure that he was feeling. “Damn ma…. your ass is tight as fuck…it feels so fuckin good. Damn, you nasty. ” he moaned as he fucked me faster in my ass, “You a nasty bitch. ”“Yeah baby, im your nasty bitch, fuck me in the ass. Show me how u gonna fuck those teenage girls.

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  ” He began to fuck me harder, my whole body feeling tingles as my hand played with my clit from the bottom. I felt my body begin to shake and shiver as I felt myself begin to cum. My juices had begun to spray onto my comforter as my body let itself go. My whole body convulsed from the feeling of the two sensations. “Fuck me in the ass papi, im cumin for you. I’m your nasty bitch. ” I whispered over and over. “Damn, Your ass is pullin on my dick hard as hell, this is the shit. . ” he mumbled as he reached down and grabbed for my hair, “I’m gonna nut in yo ass. ”He grabbed my hair like reins and fucked me harder until I felt his tip flare up and his dick get stiff as hell. His hot young cum filled my asshole and dribbled out the side. I contracted my ass cheeks so that I could get every last drop of his cum. He collapsed on the bed next to me and panted like a wild dog. “You something else girl.

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  ” he shook his head. “Shit, you learnin boy, you learnin. “ I kissed his lips again. “Hey, you ready for one of my boys now?” he asked me while putting his hand down to my pussy mound. “Yup, next time you come through, bring one of your boys. Make sure he as fine as you now. ”He scrunched his face up and looked at me, “ Girl, how am I supposed to know that? I aint gay. ” “Hush boy. Just do what I say. Now, give me some of that sweet dick again. ” Good thing about my young buck is, is that he’s ALWAYS ready to go again. He climbed back on top of me and we spent the rest of the evening just like that. I couldn’t wait to for the next time, so that I would then have TWO young bucks at once. Ya'll ready for Ms. P to have TWO young bucks yet? Or should she fuck him in public?.

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