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I lived alone so it afforded me the privacy to do what I needed to do. And my neighbors aren’t nosey, so I could run on my lawn ass naked if I so pleased. I knew just how to get him over so that I could seduce him just right. I had heard that he raked leaves to earn extra money and I had a lawn full of them. I waited on my porch for him to pass by when he got out of school. I saw him approaching right at 2:30 on the dot, like I thought that I would. “Hey, you, come here for a second. ” I waved my hand at him to get his attention. He stopped momentarily to look to see where the voice came from. Noticing that it was me he turned his body towards my direction and began walking towards me. I caught my breath at the sight of him. His did’nt looks 15. He was 6. 0 already with a grown mans swagger. He had full lips and mustache beginning to form on his top lip. He had dark brown eyes and smooth chocolate colored skin.

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   His hair was in cornrow braids that everybody seemed to have nowadays. I couldn’t see his body to well on account that his clothes were three sizes to big. I was patient and I would see it soon enough. I was ready to jump him when he got right up to me. “Yeah?” he inquired with youthful arrogance, “What‘s up?” I felt his eyes scan my body from head to toe and immediately felt my pussy jump from it. “I heard that you rake leaves for extra money. Is that true?” I asked, looking him in the eye. “Umhmm. You want me to rake your leaves?” He scanned the yard and turned back to me, “Well, it will cost you about twenty dollars, you have a big lawn so it’s gonna take me a minute to do. ”“No problem. Can you start now? “ “Yeah…I gotta make a run home so that I change, then I’ll be back through in about a half an hour. That cool?” I nodded slowly, licking my lips suggestively as he began to walk away. “Hey, what’s your name?” he asked before he got to far away. “Ms. Patterson.

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   And you are?”“Jason. But my boys call me Jay. I’ll be back in a few. ” he walked away from me towards his house down the street. As soon as he left I went inside and stripped quickly, putting on a pair of lace boy short panties with a matching spaghetti strap top. Over the top I put on a big, long t-shirt, so that he could get a look in one full swoop. Thirty minutes later he knocked on my door. I opened it and there he was again, wearing a sweat suit and raggedy tennis shoes. “Where’s your lawnmower?” he inquired, shifting from foot to foot at my half-nakedness. “In the shed out back, come on in for a second so that I can give you something to drink before you start. ” I stood to the side of the door and let him pass. Closing the door I took off my t-shirt and faced his back, waiting for him to turn around. A moment later he turned, with eyes bulging he looked at my body with lustful eyes. “Damn. .

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  Uh, Ms. Patterson. What are you doin?” I began to walk towards him slowly, tracing my fingertips along the edge of my tank top. “Helping you become a man, and obviously you’re eager to learn. ” I looked down towards his crotch area and noticed that his sweats were straining to hide his erection. “For real? What makes you think that im not yet?” he tried to sound convincing to cover how nervous he actually was. I giggled softly, pushing back onto my couch, I straddled him. I felt his erection right on my pussy and was immediately wet. I push my hand down and rubbed it over the sweats. “Well, what do we have here?” I whispered in his ear as he let out a moan, “ I would say that u want to get some, don’t you? You a virgin?” “Uh. Yeah. ” he stammered as I rubbed him. “Well, you won’t be for long. ” I put my mouth onto his and kissed him, pushing my tongue into his mouth he touched it with his own I did I slowly at first, so that he could get the hang of it. His hands went to my waist, kneading my ass with his large yet boyish hands.

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   I stopped kissing him and went to his ear, teasing it with my tongue and teeth. I pulled my top off, setting my breasts free as they went into his face. “Ok, I know that you’ve sucked on some titties before, haven’t you?” I asked him. “Yeah. ” he put his mouth onto my nipple and a shock ran through me. He swirled his tongue onto it, his other hand still on my ass. Pulling back I kissed him again; letting my body slide down I lifted his sweatshirt up and kissed his young firm stomach. I went further and released his dick onto my hand. It stood a full eight inches and then some. I marveled that suck a young boy could carry such a punch. It looked like a Hershey’s kiss and I couldn’t wait to taste that chocolate. I immediately put my mouth onto it, sucking the head gently. He let out a loud moan, and put his hand onto my neck as if instinct kicked in. I put him fully into my mouth, lapping my tongue over the sides so that it got nice and wet from my mouth. I let it hit the back of my throat, bobbing my head back up and then down fast.

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   He lay back on the couch, his eyes closed as if in another world. I swirled my tongue over the tip while still in my mouth. His legs involuntarily jerked from my mouth. “Damn, Ms. P, you suckin that dick ma. ” He held my neck harder, forcing my mouth to bob up and down on his dick. ‘”You like that baby? We just were getting started. ” I took off my panties while he was still in my mouth and stood back up quickly. Pulling his sweats off all the way I straddled him. He look at me wide-eyed, like a deer caught in headlights as I slide his dick into my warm wetness. My walls contracted around his dick as I lifted my ass into the air and eased back down again. “Damn. . Damn. ” Was all that I heard him saying as I began to ride him.

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   I wrapped my hands around his neck and lifted my waist, letting him suck on my breasts in the process. He gripped onto my couch, not knowing what to do at that point. His look was still wide as my pussy gripped his young manhood. I was feeling so good that this was finally happening. I loved the way that his dick felt inside of me. And the fact that he was only 15 made it even hotter. “Damn Jay, you so fine baby. You gonna be my boy toy papi?” I asked him as my hips bucked faster. “Oh yes Ms. P, I’ll be your boy toy. I’ll do what you want ma. ” he said into my ear. “You gonna make me cum baby. “ I moved faster as I felt my walls gush with my juices. My body jerked and shook as I came all over his young black dick.

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   My juices flowed out of my pussy onto his lap and the couch. I felt his dick swell at the head as he gripped my hips. “Damn, I feel something…I don’t know what it…. damnnnn, that is . . the …shit. ” he yelped as I felt him cum with me. I felt his hot cum fill my insides as I kissed his mouth hurridly, nipping his tongue with my teeth. He panted, all out of breath from the first nut of his young life. “Damn Ma. ” He shook his head and smiled at me. “Oh no, we not even close to bein through yet baby, the fun had just begun. Come over tomorrow around the same time and I’ll teach you how to fuck those teenage girls properly. ” We got ourselves together and he headed for the door, still tripping from what just happened. “Oh! Wait, Jay, here.

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   For doing such a good job on my lawn” “ I handed him a twenty that I had sitting on the table by the door. He laughed, pocketing the money he kissed me quickly on the lips and left, smiling like a girl who just got money to go shopping. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow. This is not true by any means. But, it did come from my nice imagination. . . Please let me know if u want to see more of Ms. Patterson and her Young buck. The boy still has to learn oral sex yanno. .

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