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My Young Daughter - My Fuck Slave . . . . . . . by BaggerDax   
My daughter JoJo had been driving me crazy all summer long. Her attire (at least in public) did managed to cover the important parts of her ripe young body, but at home… well, that was another story altogether.
Very seldom was she wearing any kind of decent pants; instead, she chose to wear thong bikini bottoms, and little teaser-tops that always exposed at least a half-inch of the bottom swells of her perky young titties.
I was in a constant state of arousal, my big cock always at least semi-hard if not fully erect, aching to beat hell. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I worked at an office downtown, and spent most of the day away from the house. But no… I work at home as a computer programmer, working for several banks and insurance companies, keeping their servers up and running.
It was early August and I’d been at the computer most of the morning and into the afternoon, JoJo moving in-and-out of my office, my aching, throbbing cock driving me mad as my lust grew, and grew, and grew! She was just too damned hot for her own good, and finally, I’d had enough of her teasing ways (whether it was intentional or not. )
Did I mention that I often went to my bathroom (often several times a day) and jerked-off ‘behind closed doors’ to try and at least lessen my powerful desires for my very own little girl! It just wasn’t working!
The more times I jerked-off to fantasies of having my way with her, the more I wanted her; it had become an immoral imperative that I fuck my little girl before my fiery-hot lusts drove me mad.
Okay! Okay! It was my fault for letting her buy whatever she wanted as-far-as clothing and swimwear were concerned.

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   I should have been stricter when it came to her purchases, but as a single parent, I was just too lax, and THAT is where the story was a Wednesday afternoon, about 3:00 when JoJo came into the office from sunning by our pool, wearing the tiniest little thong bikini I had ever seen. Right there for me to ogle were her bare, tautly muscled little ass and her ripe little titties all-but-bared to my lusting eyes, the nipples covered, but very little else! Hell… she just as-well-have been naked for all that miniscule suit covered, and I’d had all I could stand!
Without a word, I stood-up and moved around to the front of my desk, grabbed her by the wrist and led her roughly to my bedroom, JoJo wanting to know what I was doing, and beginning to struggle to remove my hand from her wrist.
Walking over to my closet, I opened the door and grabbed a handful of ties, then led her over to my bed, where I released her wrist and, my voice thickened by my intensely potent lust, told her, “Get your little ass up on the bed and lay down in the center, on your back, Right! Fucking! Now!”
JoJo was now sobbing at the wild look in my eyes, and kept asking, “What are you doing, Daddy? What are you doing?” Still, she obeyed me and positioned herself as I’d told her.
I crawled upon the massive four-poster bed, and straddled her, not putting all my weight on her, but just enough to hold her in-place! I grabbed her right wrist and tied a tie to it, then tied that one to another. I then tied the end of the second one to the corner post, and repeated the process with her other wrist.  
“Why are you doing this, Daddy! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME, DADDY?” she was almost screaming, tears running down the sides of her cheeks in response to my rough treatment. (Other than an occasional spanking when she really had needed it, I had never been rough or even close to violent with my little girl, and she was scared as-well-as confused by my behavior. )
I chose not to answer her as I tied more ties together, then swiveled around to attach them to her ankles. I then moved off her and one-at-a-time, tied her ankles-off to the posts at the foot of the bed. That completed, I moved back off the foot of the bed, and surveyed my handiwork. She looked so fucking hot lying there spread-eagled and helpless, powerless to do anything to stop me from doing any fucking thing I damned well planned on doing to her!
JoJo was struggling against the bonds, crying and repeatedly asking, “Why? Why are you doing this?”
“Shut the fuck up and listen to me!” I yelled at her; I’d never even raised my voice to her, and the shock of my doing so, instantly shut her up!
“All summer long you’ve been prancing around here all-but-naked and driving me crazy! Every single day I’ve been jacking-off, trying to control my lust for you, but it just isn’t working anymore. The time has come, young lady, to ‘pay the piper!’ You’re going to learn that your little body is a powerful weapon, a weapon that can drive a man insane with lust! That can drive even you very own Daddy to doing what I’m about to do to you!”
“What do you mea… No, Daddy! You can’t! You just can’t!” Her eyes widened even further a she fully realized what I was about to do! “You’re my Daddy! I’m your daughter! I’m only 12 years-old, Daddy, and I’m a virgin! Please! No… you just can’t!” she was pleading with me, but it had no affect whatsoever on my determination to make her my fuck slave; to use my very own little girl to satisfy the fiery-burning lust that had finally raged out-of-control.
I slowly began undressing, never taking my eyes off her hot, young, hardbody. Ohhh was I going to savor her; I was going to savor her like a gourmand savors a fine wine. I was already ‘intoxicated’ by my out-of-control lusts, and I was definitely going to fulfill every wild fantasy and wet-dream I’d ever had concerning her.

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   Every! Single! One!
Having already shed my pants, I removed my shirt, and    JoJo got her first look at my cock! Well, at least the blood-swollen crown and about 4” of the steely shaft! Her eyes almost popped from their sockets when she saw it! After all, it IS really big!
She was beyond screaming for the time; she was sobbing loudly and terrified out of her mind. Well, almost. She was in her right mind, I was the one who was out-of-it, and I knew it, but it didn’t affect me one little bit. I was a man on a mission, and I was ready to rock!
I pushed my  boxers down and bent over to step out of them, then straightened back-up, my throbbing, aching cock rising with me, standing up-and-out in rigid salute to JoJo’s inborn sexuality! She definitely had inherited her mother’s genes; my late wife had looked almost identical when she had been JoJo’s age!
Letting JoJo star fearfully at my cock, I stood there for some moments before I finally scooted-up onto the bed and moved over her once more. I untied both sides of her top, then took it off over her head and tossed it to the floor. I sat there a moment and stared at the perky little twin mounds, then reached-down to cup them, amazed by their firmness.
“Nnnno-ooooooo…” JoJo sobbed as I began caressing them, squeezing them gently and tweaking her little nipples, totally amazed as they stiffened and grew, soon the size of pencil erasers and almost ¾” long.
“Nnnno-ooooooo…” she repeated as I played with them, her body shivering in response to my practiced touch, betraying her as the pleasure forced itself upon her! I
I finally released them and moved back to the foot of the bed, making quick work untying the thong bottoms, removing them and baring the main object of my powerfully driven lust: her little virgin pussy!
She was definitely still a virgin as proven by the sight of her milky-white hymen at the entrance to her young little cunt. Shortly I was going to thrust my big cock through that little ‘cherry’ and deep inside her young belly! I was going to take my very own little girl’s virginity, and that knowledge was in-and-of-itself a heady aphrodisiac,  as-though I really needed one!  
“Okay, JoJo; it’s time! Daddy’ gonna eat your little pussy and get you good and wet; then fuck his big cock DEEP inside your little virginal cunt and fuck your little ass off!” I told her pointedly.
No-ooooooo… Please, Daddy! Please don’t do this!” She sobbed as her eyes locked onto my cock, my hand now slowly stroking it, teasing it, as I drank-in her  extremely intoxicating, youthful sexuality; VIRGINAL sexuality; but no for much longer!
“Not another fucking word, JoJo! If you keep begging me not to do this, I’ll get a pair of socks and put them in your mouth and hold them there with another tie! It’s going to happen!” I readily assured her. “I’m going to fuck your tight little virgin pussy and make you a woman! I’m going to make you my fuck slave, JoJo, and there’s not one-fucking-thing you can do to stop me, so shut-the-fuck-up and accept it!”
Her head was moving back-and-forth, but she quit begging. She had obviously accepted the fate that she’d made for herself, though quite unwittingly, yet her sobbing continued and I can’t really say that I could blame her for her fears; She WAS going to lose her virginity to her own Daddy; her Daddy WAS going to shred her cherry with his 10½” long, 2¼” thick cock! It was going to hurt her like hell, but I was too-far-gone to even give a shit! All I could think about was fucking her virgin pussy!
I suddenly had an idea, and quickly moved off the bed to bring it into reality:

I was going to record my rape (what else could it be called) of my virgin daughter,  for posterity’s sake! I had a top-shelf camcorder and a tripod to go with it! I went into my closet and brought them out, making quick work of setting them up to record our very first fuck!
As-soon-as I had the camcorder attached to the tripod, I moved it near to the head of the bed, right up against the nightstand, and pointing directly down at her little pussy! I would capture ALL the action: Plunging my steely prick through her cherry and into her tightness; forcefully thrusting deeper and deeper and deeper inside her, until the full 10½” was buried to my balls!

I turned the camcorder on and moved back around to the foot of the bed, and up between my little girl’s splayed legs! What a scrumptious sight he little virgin pussy was! Already I could smell her scent, and saw that her juices were already flowing, though at little more that a trickle.
I leaned over and placed my hands on her hips, raising he little ass off the bed, and her little pussy close to my face.
“You’re really going to enjoy this, JoJo! Daddy’s gonna LOVE eating you little virgin pussy before he fucks it!” I told her, and her head shook wildly back-and-forth as she continued to sob.
I almost literally dove onto the little pussy, plastering my mouth to its wet silkiness, slurping the juices that were soon freely flowing despite JoJo’s adversity to the illicit act!
“Mmmmmmmmm…” I moaned into her wetness, savoring her tangy essence, thirsty for her fluids, my lust growing and growing beyond anything I’d ever dared imagine.

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   She was getting wetter and wetter as her body betrayed her, reacting to my purposeful attentions.
My lust finally \got the best of me, and though I’d loved to have eaten-her-out for a longer time (at least until she had an orgasm) I HAD to have her I HAD to fuck my precious little virgin daughter!
Raising up and reaching over her, I grabbed the two pillows to either side of her head and, reaching under her to raise her little ass, I slipped them under the small of her back, and then let her down. Her little virgin pussy was now at just the right height for my intended purpose. Leaning over her slightly, and pJoJong my left hand on the bed, my arm straight and stiffened, I grabbed my aching prick with my right, and moved the bulbous crown to the entrance of her untouched little pussy
“Here it comes, JoJo. Here comes Daddy’s big cock into you little virgin pussy!” I told her and pressed against her.
“No-ooooooo… Please, Daddy! Don’t do it! Please Daddy… Don’t rape me!” she spoke quietly, her voice shaky with her continued sobs.
“I’m already too-far-gone to stop now, Lac; you should have considered this before you decided to prance around here all-but-naked for the whole fucking summer!” I told her, and then thrust as-hard-as I could, punching violently past her cherry and into her virginal her scream of agonized torture resounded through the house. I was hurting her and hurting her bad, bit I just couldn’t help myself. My forbidden lusts had grown far-too-powerful for me to stop then, even if I HAD wanted to, which I definitely baby! You’re so tight! So! Fucking! Tight! Take Daddy’s cock Take Daddy’s big, hard cock inside your tight little pussy!” I bellowed at the extreme pleasure of it. She was hot, and wet, and oh-so-fucking-tight!
Her little pussy felt like a hot, wet, silky vice, clamping-down on me and trying to deny my aching prick’s entry!
I didn’t attempt t pull-back, I just thrust deeper inside her. Over and over again, only gaining about a half-inch at a time. It seemed to take forever to get my steely hardness inside her, and with almost 7” inside her, the swollen crown butted-u against what I knew HAD to be her cervix.
JoJo was screaming and thrashing around, at least to the extent that her bonds would allow. I knew how badly she must have been hurting, but I just couldn’t help myself! She was getting her little 12 year-old pussy deflowered by a cock that many women over the years had refuse to let me fuck them with!
I pulled slowly back, then, right before the head would have come back out, I moved slowly back inside her again, stopping only when My cock butted-up against her cervix. I felt the need to plow her little cunt, but was at least able to control THAT part of the rape, and just barely, at that! I was experiencing what had to be the tightest little pussy in the world, and no-way could I have stopped fucking her, even if someone had put a gun against my head.

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Gradually, SO gradually that I didn’t notice it at first, JoJo’s cries dwindled away, her sobbing gradually vanishing too as her little pussy adjusted to my big size. I was so lost in the intoxicating pleasure that I didn’t notice it until her hips began to move ‘in-counter’ to my slowly fucking prick.
In-and-out, in and out I moved my aching cock, absolutely savoring her wonderful tightness, actually relieved to hear those words from my little baby. She was so incredibly tight and each time my cockhead butted against her cervix, it felt like it was sucking on the tip of my cock, urging me to go deeper; to thrust through her cervix and into her womb! MY whole being ACHED to do just that, but I held back, wanting JoJo to enjoy my big cock before I caused her pain again, and pain it would cause, when I plunged-through her cervix!
“OHHHHHH…. . FUCK ME! FUCK ME, DADDY! I LOVE IT NOW! YOU’RE SO… SO-OOOOO HHUUUUUUUGE INSIDE ME, DADDY! It feels like you’re gonna go into my throat, you’re so-oooo fucking deep… inside me!” she crooned in growing pleasure.
“I’m loving it too, baby girl. Daddy loves your tight little cunt. It’s the hottest, wettest, tightest little cunt in the world baby, and Daddy’s gonna fuck you very chance her gets! Ohhh… is Daddy gonna fuck you!” I told her, relishing the illicit coupling more and more with each passing second!
JoJo began thrusting harder and harder back against me, increasing the force of the blissful coupling. She was really getting into the ‘rape’ then! Of course, it was no longer rape; she was a willing, even eager WHAT’S… WHAT’S… HAPPENING…TO-OOOOO MMMEEEEEEE…?” she suddenly cried-out, her body beginning to quiver, then shake, the absolutely convulse as her very first orgasm began radiating from her little pussy throughout her entire being.
“DAAAA-UUUUD-DYYYYYYY… I’M… WHAT’S… I’M… I’M… DAAAAAAAAA-UUUUUUUUD-DYYYYYYYYY… WHATS… AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE… AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE- she screamed-out shrilly as her body convulsed violently, reacting as though in a grand mall seizure as wave after wave of pleasure slammed through her like a Tsunami!
Her little cunt went wild on my cock, rhythmically and forcefully clenching-down and unclenching over and over on my still fucking hardness!
“Ride it out, you little whore! Ride that orgasm out! Daddy’s cock is making you come, baby! That’s what fucking is all about, little girl! Fucking for pleasure! You love it, don’t you, you little slut?! You LOVE what daddy’s big cock is doing for you little whore’s pussy, don’t you, slut?!” I was suddenly shouting at her!
Where it came from, or why I was suddenly talking so horribly to my little girl I had no idea, but it made my pleasure even more intense with it abject degradation!
“FFU-U-UCK MMMEE-EE-EE-EE… FFFUU-UU-UUCK ME! FUCKME! FUCKME! FUCKME!” JoJo began screaming, her voice shaking in-time with my suddenly speedy fuck-strokes!
“Take it you little cock-whore! Take Daddy’s cock DEEP in the little fuck-slut cunt! Daddy’s gonna fuck you hard and Daddy’s gonna fuck you fast!! Take it, slut! Take Daddy’s big cock, you little fuck-slut-whore!”
I was really pounding her; trying to hurt her! WANTING to hurt her as I felt my balls churning in preparation to releasing a big load of cum deep inside my own little girl’s violently convulsing little pussy! Closer and closer I drew to the point that I was starting to see stars. I was about to come harder than I’d ever come in my life, and I knew exactly where I wanted to put it!
I was soon giving it everything I had, ramming deep inside my little girl with each powerful thrust; punching harder and harder against her little cervix!
Little JoJo was eating-it-up! She was getting intense orgasmic pleasure from what was no longer the rape of her virgin cunt! She was taking everything I had and giving it right back, as though working towards the same goal as I! She was coming so hard that she couldn’t even speak anymore! She could only scream hoarsely as the pleasure took into a new dimension; a dimension of raw, unadulterated rapture that she couldn’t control! She was lost in a world where delightful ecstasy that encircled and  consumed her whole being!
I felt my balls convulse, and knew it was time! Gathering every single bit of power I could muster, I drew-back one last time, and then with everything within me, I thrust forward, punching through her cervix, the head of my cock now fully within her young womb as the first jetting gush of cum traveled through the length of my cock to explode-forth within her womb, bathing it and painting its walls with is molten heat.
JoJo disconnected! One last shrilly piecing scream tore from her lips as my fiery cum and the intense pleasure/pain triggered a the most powerful orgasm of them I bellowed as I came harder that I ever had in my life! Each jetting gush of my cum caused my own body to convulse as my new little fuck slave and I came together; the ultimate consummation of our first, forbidden, fuck!
JoJo’s screams died-out, a somewhat buzzing sound escaping her lips a she fell into unconsciousness, the massive orgasm knocking her out with its violent force. I thought I too was going to pass-out, but I avoided it. JUST!
I was amazed, as you might well imagine by the violence of our coupling and orgasmic completion.

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   My very own little girl had proven to be the ultimate fuck of my life. I’d found the ultimate sex partner in my very own little daughter.  I was already looking forward to our next fuck, as I felt sleep coming upon me.
With every last bit of the energy I could muster, I managed to first, release JoJo’s wrists and then her ankles from the ties, my cock never leaving the still tightly-clenching heat of her wonderful little fuck-slut’s cunt; DADDY”S little fuck-slut cunt!
I managed then, to flip us over, JoJo now astraddle me, my cock STILL imbedded inside her! As I drifted-of into satiated sleep, I was again amazed as I realized that my cock was STILL hard, and resting deeply in her womb, just hibernating in its rigid state; just waiting until our next fuck, and what a fuck it would be!

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