painting sophia white


painting Sophie white
 PART 1 of ?
by skybandit
In college I had dual-majored in Art and English and after college found I could neither paint nor write.  
I’m a highly unmotivated individual.   That is easily attested to by my lackluster appearance.   I’m not hideous…far from it.   It’s just that my lazy ways have let a body that had been thin in high school and at the start of college, turn slightly fat.   No, that’s generous; I’m fat, no slightly about it.    My saving grace, at least physically, is my penis.   It is a nice and hefty nine incher (since this story is being posted on SexStoriesPost, you’ll be hearing more about him fairly soon, though the majority of you, I assume, are reading this to find out about Sophie <no her real name> …and a few others.   Bear with me a while longer, if you will, and you’ll not be disappointed).
Personality wise, I consider myself vague.   I like sci fi and anime, romantic comedies and horror, love porn.   Anything Asian I love; food, movies, games, culture, even the languages that I can’t understand.
I typically avoid social interactions beyond what is absolutely necessary.   I have developed the tendency to cross the street on certain days to avoid talking to friends; or leave a store where I see an acquaintance simply because I hate all the fake Hi, how are yous and the unmeant Let’s hang out this weekends.   They tire me so I avoid them.  
Moving along (hopefully before you lose all interest in continuing to read these words) I had graduated college with two degrees under my name and no interest in putting them to rent.

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    So I, at 26 years of age, am overeducated (in art and English) and unemployed.   Looks are no longer on my side, I’m single, suffer from depression which I hide from my family, and am uncertain as to what I want from my future.   I kind of hate America, don’t hold it against me.   So, surfing Craigslist I find a job posting for a teacher in Korea.   I apply and two months later am in Korea with a new passport, no money, and a super easy job teaching Kindergarten, Elementary, and Junior High kids in a Hagwon (an after school private school).   I’m being paid 2300000 won (roughly 1,700 US dollars) and am stuck in a small town where I can’t easily communicate and can’t read the majority of signs.
I’m in a living Heaven, although I don’t believe in Heaven and after the events of this year am sure I won’t be going there if it does exist.  
I’m going to jump forward a few months now, but bear with my transition.   I haven’t written in a while and it kind of saddens me that this is what I’m writing, but I’ll write it with a smile as I remember the coming events.
I teach in Yeoju (look it up, its real) about an hour from Seoul.   For two whole months everything is fine.   I like my Korean co-teacher, though I’d like her more naked on my dick.   But she’s not Sophie or one of the others.   So I’m in Korea for two months, I’m teaching, I’m happy, I have little contact with other foreigners; it’s my ideal job.
Enter her.

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    Sophie.   The most delicious looking . . . don’t hate me, I’m not lying…fifteen year old ever.   She’s so well developed, awesome black hair, a great butt enhanced by tight shorts, breasts that should be a sin on a girl of such a tender age, and a face to die for.   Or kill for.   Upon seeing Sophie (sorry don’t know her Korean name) for the first time I have the shameful thoughts : I’m going to find out where this girl lives and I’m going to give her some dick, and I’d murder someone for a chance to fuck that girl’s face.  
I dream the thoughts back at my apartment, stroking myself to the cell-phone photo I secretly took of her.  She’s in my class.   I think of bending her over my desk, imagining us alone, losing my virginity with her.   Breaking her in as I get broken in.  
She makes me want to paint.   So at home I paint Sophies.   Naked Sophies, clothed Sophies, all tame, nothing wild or outright perverted; that I leave to my mind.

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    I paint pictures of her as I watch Korean dramas.   And then I burn them and throw them out, wrongly thinking this to be therapeutic.  
In short, I am tormented by her.   I want her but at the same time I don’t want her.   She’s fifteen, a student of mine, too young.   I can’t have her.   I won’t have her.   I wish she wasn’t in my school.   I wish…
I’ve been in Korea for five months, I have seven left in my contract and I have begun leaving the classes I have with Sophie in them to have angry masturbation sessions in the schools bathroom.   I dream of fucking her even when I’m awake.   I dream of paying her, of turning her into my own personal whore, my little schoolgirl slut, my Korean fuck-toy.  
I hate her.   I despise her innocence, her beauty.   Her personality sucks.   Her voice is annoying and I want to stuff her mouth with my cock as she answers questions in class. 

    I wonder how many inches she could take.  
Sophie’s graduated.   She’s no longer elementary; she’s now in the upstairs class, Middle School, the youngest, but still the one that drives me insane.   I wish she’d quit school.   I hate seeing her almost as much as I long to see her.   I write short little fictions where she’s fulfilling my fantasies.  
I go to Seoul with a Korean friend.   He’s the only one I’ve confessed my desires to and, after seeing Sophie, he says he doesn’t blame me.   He’d fuck her too.
In Seoul my friend treats me to a massage parlor.   We shower and put on shorts and a t-shirt provided by the parlor.   We wait in a small air-conditioned room and three women between the ages of twenty to thirty are shown to use.   My friend explains that he doesn’t want me getting into trouble so he thought it best for me to get it out of my system.   I’m to choose one of the women.
I choose the second one.

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    She’s the prettiest of the three.   She takes me to a room and says “You speakie Korean,” to which I say no and make an X with my arms.   She looks at my body, the tight shorts designed for a much thinner man, and motions me to undress.   I do so.   She undress in front of me.   She oils her breasts and uses them to make my skin glisten.   She pumps my cock in her hands and when its stiff she says something in Korean and starts kissing my length.  
I remember my friend saying that I have to take control otherwise she’ll just suck and fuck and walk on out after I cum.   He had told me to take charge, so I take charge.   “Kneel,” I say.   She doesn’t understand.   I stand up, point my dick at her face like a compass pointing North.   She stares at it and does nothing so I take her by the hair and push my penis’s head against her lips, until they part, then against her surprisingly white teeth, and when her mouth opens, I push further, deep into her mouth and down her throat, the sensation of my cock rubbing against the roof of her mouth, so close to ecstasy I can’t help but giggle.  
As I pump this stranger’s mouth, I stare at her eyes and she stares at mine.   She looks sad and a little angry; I can’t help but wonder what had happened in her life to lead her here, to this little single bedded room, with me, a not slightly overweight American.

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    I wonder if I’m the first foreigner to fuck her and then I tell myself not to go there, just to fuck her, enjoy her.   Hell, she’s being paid.  
I hate her beautiful face, how sad it looks, how angry.   I pull out of her mouth, my dick tingling, and she wants to get right to it, but I ask her for a cigarette.   As we share a cigarette, I concentrate on keeping hard, which is a chore to do.   I’m in the process of losing my virginity with a South Korean prostitute and it is extremely difficult not to just fire my cannon at her.   After she takes a few more puffs from the cigarette she puts it out on the bedside table, next to the paper towels and box of condoms and an incense holder.   I was dripping sweat, but the room’s wall mounted fan has helped with that.   Ready to sweat some more, I motion her to lay on the bed with her legs spread but she says “condom, condom. ”  She rubs some not bad smelling lotion on my saliva drenched tool, which hard before has, despite my efforts to the contrary, begun to go limp, and slaps it open-palmed three times.   “For you lucky fuck,” she says, her English so bad that I had to translate English to English.   She then puts the raincoat on my already rehardening cock, runs her tongue over the rubberized dick, gets on the bed and spreads her legs.
My heart, at this point, is beating fast, my brain asking is this happening?  Am I really going to fuck this no-name whore?  My body’s actions scream YES! Hell, yes.   No longer capable of turning back I climb on her awkwardly and push into her.   It’s so warm that I almost cum on the spot, but not wanting my friend’s money to be so easily wasted I keep myself from doing so.

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    I stay there, not moving for a moment, savoring…and then I’m pushing in and out, my mind’s mental image of the woman beneath me that of the girl I’d see tomorrow, Monday.   Sophie.   In my mind it’s Sophie’s pussy I’m pumping, Sophie’s mouth that had sucked my dick.   Sophie.
The stranger, she’s moaning, probably fake, but I don’t care, I’m still hard, doing my thing, dripping sweat on her face, watching her eyes stare past me at the ceiling, her mouth a little “O” of feigned pleasure.  
I thought I’d been doing fairly well, my first time fucking and all, but she says some Korean and indicates I should stop.   I stop.   She pulls the rubber off my semi-hard dick and uses a wet cloth to clean it.   She thing starts kissing my dick and licking my balls until I’m once again stiff.   I do something then that I had always dreamed of doing to a woman; I club her face with my dick.   She looks at me clearly unhappy and I club her again.   She takes me in her mouth and bites gently and shakes her head no.  
Getting on all fours she indicates I should fuck her from behind.   I point to the condoms and she shakes her head no once more.   In the moment, not thinking, not worrying, I ignore the protection and slip inside her cunt.

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    I fondle her small, but oh-so-pretty breasts as I plunder her.   I shove deep, again and again.   I'm doing better; her moans sound more realistic and I enjoy the feel of my balls slapping her cheeks.  
Some time later, I don’t know how long, I’d probably be embarrassed if I did, I pull out and shoot my load all over her face.   I concentrate on coating her lips.   She licks the head of my cock clean, washes me again and says “Shower” as a question.   I nod and we take a shower together; she washes me with soap and shampoo rubs her tits all over me.   Just as I’m getting hard again she gets out and starts drying herself.   When I get out she dries me off too and then she gets dressed, says a few words I don’t understand and prepares to leave.  
Still naked I say “Gam-sa-ham-ni-da,” (thank you).   She looks at me and smiles before leaving.
Monday comes and I feel great.   I’m back in Yeoju, at the school, ready to face Sophie, ready to push aside my desires and thoughts.   Fucking that whore in Seoul has cured me.   I’m sure of Nope.

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I’m in trouble.   She’s wearing a real tight shirt and a jean skirt that shows a hell-of-a-lot of leg.   I immediately have the insane thought of just walking up to her and hiking that skirt up and taking her, students and fellow teachers be damned.
I’m in trouble.   I’m not cured.   I’ve fucked a woman and I now want to fuck a girl.   She’s got well developed breasts but wears no bra.   Am I the only one who sees the shape her nipples make against her shirt?  Does the other American teacher, some guy originally from Texas, not desire this young girl, this girl that I want to fuck so bad that I despise her?
I’m in trouble.
                I begin to think: Who really cares?  Like Vegas, what happens in Korea stays in Korea.
                I'm in trouble and I'm prepared to be in even more trouble.  
                Sophie.   I'll have you.

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