Please Mister, part one


Of course I had an ulterior motive, who wouldn't? Wednesday was actually the only day my ulterior motive worked. Judy was a five foot three model from Nebraska going to UCLA. With abundant light brown hair, a farmer's daughter face, wonderful smile, and a frame that fit nicely into her jeans and T shirt, I couldn't wait to see her undress. As all the models, I had her pose as she undressed. When her T shirt came off, and a pair of firm almost B cup creamy mounds came into view I had to wet my lips. As her panties came off, I was treated to a view of a hairless pussy. It was more than that though. Other girls with a shaved snatch, even freshly shaved, had a five o'clock shadow. Not judy, whose hairless wonder looked naturally that way. After a dozen poses, like the other girls, I had her pose with her legs open, spreading her pussy lips. The other girls became a little defensive as I moved in for a closeup, but not judy. As I moved in, what I saw was pink tissue peeking from a tiny hole. A lot of other girls I had seen had pussies that looked like a well traveled highway tunnel, but this one looked very virginal. I asked Judy if I could touch her pussy. "Sure!" came the instant answer. I touched the silklike pussy lips, also noticing the moisture from her tiny hole.

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   I moved my middle finger and worked it into the tight and tiny hole. I noticed that she closed her eyes and inhaled, before exhaling for a long time. I began slowly pumping my finger. One of her hands moved to her clit and her breathing became deep. She moaned softly and arched her hips. "Faster" she whispered. I obliged her. She began to moan. I felt this had gone beyond a fingering. I stood up and undid my pants. Her eyes opened. "You read my mind" she said with a smile. After undressing, I mounted her. Her pussy firmly, but softly gripped my dick. She caressed my shoulders arms and back with her hands.

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   "Faster" she asked "faster". As I increased my pumping, she let out a long moan. "Oh God" she said arching her head back into the pillow. She let out several girl grunts. "Wait, wait" she begged, "I'm coming". Her stomach ungulated and she pressed her hips burying my cock deep into her. After a moment, she said "OK, OK". I began pumping her again She was working towards another orgasm. I was working towards my first. I came a second before she did. We collapsed breathing hard, holding each other in the afterglow. After a long moment of silence, she looked at her watch. "Shit" she said, "I have to go to work and I don't want to". I reminded her of the modeling fee and offered her a bonus, but she needed both incomes. We made a date for Friday after she got off of work.

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  I thought that was going to be my sexual highlight of the week. I was mistaken. Friday at two, I had just finished with the last egency girl, and I started to pack up my equipment. The phone rang. A Mexican male with a thick accent asked if I was still taking models. I specified it had to be an 18 year old female. "Si, si" he said. I wondered if I was being set up for a hit. "We come soon" he said before hanging up. I kept watch for an hour, then gave up. I finished packing up my gear and started thinking about my date with Judy. A little after four, there was a knock at the door. I peeked out the window to see a broken down Mexican with a girl. I opened the door. "We call" he said.

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   I looked at the girl. She stood four six with long coal black hair, dark brown skin, bee stung lips and a frame that made it hard to judge her age. "She's eighteen?" I asked incredously. "Senor, we need the money, please". I noticed his eyes were a bit swollen and that he had almost choked with those last words. "How old is she?" I asked. "I'm 12" the girl said in perfect English. "My father doesn't speak English very well. May we come in?" It was a simple request, and I wasn't sure that I wanted the other hotel guests hearing too much of the conversation. I opened the door and let them in. "We need the money badly. The rent is due tomorrow and if we don't pay, we're going to be homeless". Her father nodded. "It's illegal for me to take nude pictures of someone your age. I could go to jail, your father might.

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   It's too risky". A tear rolled down the man's cheek. "Please mister" the girl begged, "I don't want to live under a bridge". I felt a pang for her and her family. Even if I offered her a hundred, I knew it wouldn't cover the rent. She needed the four hundred I offered in the ad. I rembered that Jessica Biels had posed nude at 17, with parental consent and her father present. "My father's next job doesn't start for two weeks. Can you help us?" she added. I asked them both for I. D. , making copies of theirs and producing the release making sure both of them signed it. The girl moved over towards the bed pulling her shirt off while her father headed for the door. "I go now" he said. "Wait a minute" I said, "what's going on?""He doesn't want to watch" Laura said.

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   The man nodded. I motioned towards the door. He left. I told Laura I would have to set up my camera gear first and to stay dressed (just in case it's a sting I thought). I took my time setting up the gear, telling her how I wanted to photograph her undressing. When I was ready, I had her begin. I became nervous as she unbuttoned her shirt. I felt dirty, but aroused. She looked at me with those doe like soulful eyes and I wondered what she was thinking. Next, her pants came down. Sitting on the bed in a tight slip and panties, I had her take her time taking the slip off. Tiny mosquito bite type tits, topped with almost black nipples came into view. She placed the slip next to the bed. I had her stand and play with the waistband of her panties. Finally, I had her place her panties about mid thigh and I took a picture of her brown hairless mound.

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   I had her slide her panties to her ankles for another picture, then with them off, had her stand spread legged. Then I had her move on to the bed. I took a picture from several angles of her laying on her side, then had her lift the leg on top. Next, I had her lay back. I took several pictures of her, mostly spread legged. I had her then get on all fours and I took my closeups that way. I announced I was finished and I began turning off the lights. She got up off the bed. Standing in front of me she asked for a favor. I gave her a go ahead look. She grasped my belt buckle. "The four hundred will cover the rent, just barely. We've eaten nothing but beans for two weeks, and we don't have any electricity. "What about if I throw in an extra hundred? I offered. "We owe the electric company a hundred and sixty and we're so hungry" she said with a pout.

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  "I'm not a charity" I said. "I know" she replied, "that's why I should earn it". "What did you have in mind?" I asked. She ran her hand up my zipper, then touched her pussy. "Please mister?" she asked. A memory popped into my mind. "Your father knew". She dropped her eyes. Are you sure you weant to do this?""In my village, girls my age marry, or go to the city to work". I took the twelve year old by the hand and led her to the bed. I laid her down, then undressed. I crawled up next to her. I let my hands roam all over her soft body. She briefly touched my now hard dick. I leaned in and kissed.

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   She kissed back and hugged me, gently stroking my neck. I ran my hands behind her ears and started kissing down her neck. Her nipples were already hard by the time my lips reached them. I continued kissing, going all the way to her mound. She spread her legs. I started kissing her tiny pussy. I forced the tip of my tongue into her slit and found her clit. She hissed and drew up. I drew my finger back and forth, finally finding her vagina snuggled right next to her asshole. She let out a wail as I got my finger in. "Are you OK?" I asked. "Yes" she said with almost a sob. I felt the resistance of her hymen. I pushed past it. She let out another wail.

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   I started working my finger back and forth. After a few minutes, she got into it as she raised her hips to meet my strokes. I was so ready. I moved in to mount her, but found her size to be difficult. I laid back and had her climb on top. She positioned herself on my dick. I saw her wince as the head slid in. She paused a long moment, thenslid forward another couple of inches. I felt her cervix, and knew I was all the way in. I began working her hips. She leaned forward with her hands on my shoulders as she met my thrusts. My arms began to tire. Keeping myself inserted, I rolled her onto her back. I began thrusting, banging the head of my dick against her cervix. Every thrust was met with a wince.


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