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A friend of my brothers walked up, a famous director who was 36 years old (name withheld to protect him). He was stunning to look at. His chest was V-shaped from his waist to his chest. He was 6'4 and probably 225 lbs. He looked like he worked out frequently and I could feel my juices running. By the time I was 12, I had frequently fingered myself, learning that trick when I was 7 years old. When I was 7, I woke up in the middle of the night to sounds downstairs. I went downstairs to see what was happening and I saw my parents in the living room, fucking their brains out with what I now know is a porno movie of a bunch of women sucking each others cunts. After that, I made a frequent visit to the downstairs to watch whenever I heard sounds and was woken up by them. It fascinated me and I loved watching women eat each others pussies, which also seemed to be a favorite of my parents. I saw my Mom eat cunt and my Dad suck cock and all of that was something I wanted to do when I grew up. When I was 10 and they would feel okay to leave me alone, I would sneak out the porno tapes and Hustler and Playgirl and take my tongue and pretend like I was sucking pussy or eating cock by taking my tongue and tracing it along the cunts and cocks of the models or actors. One day my brother caught me and that's when he decided he had better watch out for me. He knew I wanted to the real thing and he wanted to make sure I was safe from disease or worse. So back to that night. My brothers friend did not know who I was and my brother could see that I wanted this man as he saw my fingers slip under the table cloth.

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   He told me later he thought I might be finger fucking myself, so he introduced me to this man because he approved of him. He of course did not tell him my age as that is statutory rape in our state. He was right. My fingers were dripping with my juices and as everyone turned away, I pulled them out and sucked them dry thinking how fun it would be if they were that of a blonde with big tits juices and this man was watching me fuck her pussy with them. The man asked me to dance and I willing went. I was only 5'2" at the time and 93 lbs, so he swooped me up in his arms with ease. Slow dancing against his body was a dream to me. As our bodies bumped and ground together, I could feel a thick bulge in the right pant pocket of his leg. I knew that had to be his cock. I felt his hands gently begin to caress my ass and I was gone. I had only kissed a man once and this was too heady for me. I couldn't help but whisper in his ear that I wanted him to fuck my pussy. I told him I was a virgin and I wanted him to be the first to pop me. I felt his hard cock start to throb and his breath got faster. He said he would show me passion and bring me to more orgasms than I had ever dreamed of.

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   I told him I had one request though. I told him it was always my fantasy to have a blonde woman, with a shaved pussy like mine take a shower with me while the man who was going to pop my cherry watched us fuck each other first. (I hadn't grown much hair, but what I did have, I shaved because I didn't like it. I didn't want to burry my face in a cunt filled with hair). He was more than happy to oblige. He went over and began to speak with a women with a body like Venus. Her tits were as big as mine and my mouth started to drool at the thought of sucking her big beautiful tits, licking and bitting her nipples, while this man watched us. He brought her over and I recognized her immediately. She was one of the centerfolds from one of my Dad/Mom's girly magazines. I couldn't believe it! What luck! I had sucked her cunt on paper many times (I stole that magazine as she was my favorite and stashed it in my room. I would dry the paper really well so it wouldn't disintegrate and I could imagine fucking her night after night. ). He went over to my brother and told him that he wanted to take the party over to his suite and invited him to come. My brother of course did, as he always made sure I was protected. We proceeded to the glass round hotel that is very famous here and went up to the Penthouse.

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   I knew my brother always carried a digital movie/camera in his coat and I hoped he had this time as he knew that I always wanted to save my first time and he had agreed to tape it when the time came if he was around. This night was it. We went to the Penthouse, where there seemed to be a party already going on. However, there were several rooms. The man brought me and the centerfold into another room and locked the door. She walked up to me and began to undress me. I asked her to wait a minute and I asked if they wouldn't mind if my brother video taped the entire event. I told them why and the director, while he was a little hesitant a first, noted that I wasn't going to proceed unless I got my way so he let my brother in. Then we got back to it. My brother pulled out the camera and began to tape the beginning of my sexual life. The woman again started to undress me and I could barely keep from fumbling and ripping her clothes as I had never done this live, only in my mind. She told me to slow down we had all night. I licked my lips in anticipation. We proceeded over to the shower where after all the clothes were off we stepped in and began the water. She started sucking my nipples as the water ran down my virgin pre-teen body.

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   She lathered my body up and I took the soap and stuck it in between her legs, accidentally slipping the bar of soap into her cunt. She screamed slightly when this happened. We continued to lick each others bodies as my brother taped the entire shower action. But I wanted her to lay on a bed now so I could suck her brand new clean cunt which was shaven without any hair. I was very happy I wouldn't be getting hair in my mouth. She told me we didn't need to rush, but I insisted. I had fantasized about this for years, even though I was young (which I didn't tell them). I could see out of the corner of my eye, the other man yanking his cock, which was a big as any of the black studs I had seen in the movies my Mom and Dad had. We went to the bed and I pushed her down and began to suck her cunt out. It tasted a bit like soap and a little salty, but it was fresh. I ate her cunt like there was no end. She was so wet, not just from the shower. I didn't want to stop. This had been my fantasy. She kept yelling out that I was such a good pussy eater and that I could burry my face in her cunt any day.


   She started to breath heavy and I knew from personal experience she was about to come. About that time, I felt a mouth on my ass hole, and a tongue seeking out my shit hole. I had never experienced this of course before, not even in the adventures of my mind. The tongue sunk deeper and deeper into my ass hole and it was driving me wild. Meanwhile, fingers were probing the lobes of my cunt, finger fucking me furiously. As the blonde bitch started to scream, I felt a piercing puncture into my ass and I knew my ass had been violated and my asses cherry had been popped. I looked back and saw my brother licking his lips, barely holding the camera with one hand as he was trying to yank his dick with the other. This mans huge cock was pumping in me so fast that my tongue couldn't help but keep the beat up even though the women was screaming for me to stop because she had already come and she couldn't take it because it was beginning to hurt. I couldn't stop. I told her to shut her fucking whore mouth up. I told her she was getting what she deserved and that if she weren't such a fucking slutty whore, she wouldn't be here. The man then told me that I was a fucking cunt and to shut up myself so he could rape my ass hole like I deserved and began to slap my ass. The sensation was driving me wild. By then, my brother had somehow set up the camera so it could tape the show while he joined in the fun (I saw the tape later and he did such a good job). At that point, as I was telling him he was a bastard for raping me (secretly loving every moment, I felt a cock being shoved into my mouth shutting up my protests).


   It tasted like the smell of shit and I realized the man behind me had taken the cock out of my ass and in a quick turn had shoved the women out from under me and shoved his shit drenched cock into my mouth. While at first I was horrified I was eating my own shit, I was enthralled because my brother sunk his cock deep inside my cunt, breaking my cherry. My brother said he was glad he was my first. The fucking in my mouth and fucking in my cunt continued on for the most wonderful time. I didn't realize that the woman had gone until I looked up and saw a beautiful black cock coming my way. My brother took his cock out of my cunt, and the black man shoved his in. I felt like I was being ripped apart again. Then my brother came behind me and shoved his cock into my ass. I thought I was going to split. Meanwhile, the other man took his cock out of my mouth and I watched as he shoved it into my brothers ass. My brother, yelled yeahhhhhhh FUCK MY ASS YOU FUCKING COCK SUCKING HOMO! This was beyond my wildest fantasies and began to scream as I came. What I didn't realize was that there were a lot of people in the room watching by then. My brother exploded his cum into my ass at the same time the black man shot his wad into my cunt and shortly after, the director shot his wad into my brothers ass. I was spent for the moment. But shortly after, my brother and the director ordered me to suck the cum out of my brothers ass, which I willingly did.

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   The night continued on with more men and women fucking and sucking each other, men on men, women on women, women, women, women and at one point, someone brought in a Great Dain and I got fucked by a dog who hit so hard and then got a huge knot at the end of his cock that I didn't think I would survive when I came harder than I could have ever imagined from being slammed by his doggie dick. I had never thought about fucking a dog. But since that night, if I can't find a woman or a man to satisfy me and if my brother isn't available to fuck my cunt or ass, I grab our dog or since then I have experience our stud horse to fulfill my need. So the moral of the story? Break your cunt or ass at an orgy. Experience the best sex you ever had and don't be shy of getting fucked by anything with a dick or a tongue (use condoms of course!). It's something you will love forever. I look forward to a lifetime of sucking cock, eating cunt and sucking my horses huge cock. It's the most incredible experience I will ever know and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. While I have experienced a lot of sex, orgies, elevators, sex on the dance floor and protected anonymous sex since then, still being only 19 years old, nothing will beat that first night of ecstasy. .
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