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All I saw was two white butts that ran in opposite directions. While rick hid poorly behind the couch, I saw a blonde headed girl looking at me from behind an easy chair. I walked into the room, sorted through a stack of clothes, gave rick his, then turned my head while the girl darted out of the room. Later I thought the whole thing funny and couldn't help but giggle while I told my sister about it later. She didn't think it was funny, neither did rick, but after a phone call, she announced that she was going away for the weekend with her boyfriend and would take rick with her. The next day, they left in the morning before school started. I relaxed, took my time on the beach, had lunch in town, rented some movies and settled in for a quiet afternoon. I was surprised by a knock at the door. I opened it to see the girl from next door. She had her blonde hair pulled up into a bun. She was wearing a cut off T shirt that flapped in the breeze, but sometimes, when pushed against her chest showed small but budding breasts. A pair of cut off jean shorts hugged her shorts so tightly that her pussy lips were framed. A pair of flip flops finished the barely there ensemble. "Rick's not here" I volunteered. A coy smile creased her doll like face. " I didn't come here for rick, I came to see you.

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   You're cute". "Thank you" I replied. "Can I come in?" she asked. I let her in. She sat on the couch. Looking at the TV, she asked what I was watching. I told her I was watching movies. "What kind of movies?" she asked. "Action movies" I replied. She was quiet for a moment. I sat down on the couch. She kicked her flip flops off and laid on the couch, placing her tiny bare feet on my lap. "I used to make movies with my uncle frank" she volunteered. "What kind of movies?" I asked. There was that smile again.

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   She scooted so that her shirt rode up. Half of her tiny breasts were exposed. She took a thumb and inserted it under the hem of her shirt. Small puffy pink nipples briefly came into view. "Are you a showoff?" I asked. She nodded with that smile. I began to wonder what I was getting into. It was pretty obvious that she was experienced. "So, where's your uncle?" "He moved away to Idaho. I don't see him anymore" She answered. "What about your parents?""I don't know where my dad is. My mom is at work, won't be home until ten". OK, she was bored, and free for the next six and a half hours. I wondered about her discretion. "Do you have any music, I like to dance" she inquired.

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   I suppose I could turn off the TV, turn on the radio"I got up and did what she asked. She stood up and began to do the bump and grind. She played with her shirt hem again flashing me several times. Then she unhooked her jeans and teased with the zipper. Suddenly, she came to a stop in front of me, moved the zipper all the way down and peeled her shorts off. She stood to reveal a hairless slit. She whipped the shirt off, exposing her tiny tits. Now, totally naked, she turned, bent over, and opened her pussy lips. She smiled, "put your finger in me". I did as she asked, feeling a warm wet tight pussy. My finger went in all the way to the knuckle. I took it out and tasted it. "Like that?" she asked as she turned to face me. I picked her up in my arms and took her to my bedroom. Laying her on the bed, I took my pants off while she opened her legs and began to play with her clit.

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   Pulling off my shirt I climbed on the bed. I moved between her legs and started to kiss her nipples. She partly sat up. Reaching under me, she sought out my dick. Grasping it she hissed "put it in me". I placed my dick at her entrance and began to push it in. She hissed, then sighed as I filled her. She pulled me to her. Kissing me she began to caress my back. Wrapping her legs around my hips, she humped me. Our fucking grew frenzied. She whimpered, moaned, and panted. I felt my cum boiling up before I shot my cum in her. She grunted like an animal, tensed, then relaxed. She began kissing me again.

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   My soft dick popped out of her, but she rubbed her bare pussy against my dick making me hard again. She reached down and placed it at her pussy. I entered her again. I grasped her hips and tried to control the pace of our fucking. Growing tired, I rolled onto my back. She took over from there, riding me intensly. When I came the second time, she laid on my chest, playing with my chest hair, then licking my nipples. She moved up, kissing my neck while she reached down to caress my dick. She got it hard again, and mounted me. She moved more slowly this time. A thought crossed my mind. "Don't you worry about getting pregnant?" I asked. "I'm on the pill" she replied between pants. She grew more frenzied, then had an orgasm that caused her to shudder. She paused while the spasms passed, then resumed fucking me.

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   I felt my own cum begin to rise. I shot my third wad in her. Worn out, I slid her off of me. We rested on the bed awhile. She tried to play with my dick again, but I pushed her hand away. After pausing a bit, I asked her if she wanted dinner. "Can't I drink from here?" she asked grasping my dick. "We need real food" I said pushing her away. We ate dinner in the kitchen, in the nude, which was new for me. She flirted endlessly and I gave in to one more fuck after dinnner before I made her wash up and get dressed. I sent her home fully a half hour before her mom was due. I resumed watching movies. A little while later, there was another knock at the door. A blonde woman stood there. "Hi" she said "I'm katie's mom".

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   I could feel my pulse rate rise. "I want to thank you for cooking dinner. Leaving her alone in the evenings, I worry about her eating right". "You're welcome" I managed to stammer. "LIsten, could I impose on you for a big favor?" "I guess" I replied. "My new boyfriend wants to spend the weekend with me, and since you and katie get along already. . . would you mind?" "No" I answered, surprised. "I'll send her right over" she said before leaving. Katie arrived ten minutes later. She was all hands as soon as she walked in the door. I made her restrain herself until I knew her mom was gone. We watched from a window and waived as they pulled away. Katie turned to face me.

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   "Ready?" she asked. We didn't wear anything the whole weekend, and I left the next week, but not before making my dick very sore. I;ll always remember katie. .

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