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i was 12 wen my mum finally married someone after devorcing my dad 7 years earlier. i noticed as soon as my new daddy moved in that he seemed to pay more attention to me than to my mum, always trying to be involved in what i was doing. often i would catch him staring, at first i didn't know why but then i started to catch on. let me describe myself so you can get a better picture in your head.
my name is sally. im 13 now and i have shoulder length blonde hair, big green eyes and im quite small, what some might call "petite" i have a round little bum and small but perky breasts. my step dad -steve is average height for a man,dark skin but quite hairy and a little fat. i don't really know how my mum was attracted to him. now back to my story.
as i mentioned earlier i started to catch on once i started 7th grade to why daddy would stare at me. he was staring at me the same way the boys at school would - with lust in his eyes. so i decided if he wanted to look, i'd give him something to look at. after all my bald little pussy would practically start dripping everytime i new a guy was checking me out.
often i would go into the living room naked after mum had gone to work while dad was having breakfast, claiming i had run out of clean panties and had to get some out of the clean laundry basket. i would bend over to get some panties to put on giving him a perfect view of my slit and ass. as i world leave for school each day i could see his cock, rock hard in his trousers as he'd check me out im my uniform consisting of a tiny plaid skirt white blouse and thigh high white stockings.

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  every day i could tell he wanted me more and more. i loved the power i had on him and alot of other guys for that matter.
one particular day i got home from school on a friday afternoon. mum was always away from friday to sunday on business trips. so i was expecting to have to cook my own meal as my lazy fat dad never cooked. i went into the living room to be greeted by daddy and 2 of his friends drinking bears and watching football "hi daddy, hi guys" i could see their eyes scan my entire body " hi sweetheart" they said in unison. "im going to get a drink, you guys want anything?" "3 beers sally" said my stepfather "and make it snappy!" he winked at his buddys and the had a bit of a chuckle. smart asses, i thought as i walked to the kitchen, oh well it's probably just the alcahol i thought as i bent over to look in the fridge. i felt my skirt ride up on my but while i was bending over and i glanced over my shoulder into the living room. all three men had their eyes glued to my barely 13 year old panty covered ass. pervs i thought and i grabbed the beers bringing them back to daddy and his friends. "thanks toots" said pete one of daddys friends, and as he said it he slapped my ass.
"ouch"! i squeeled, "you bastard!" "you gonna let her talk to me like that steve?" said pete "no sorry buddy, the little bitch needs to know where she stands" "fuck standing, get her on her knees!" interupted bob, dads other friend. i was starting to get scared. what were they going to do? "come here sally and get on your knees infront of me" i didn't want him to hit me and he looked angry so i did as he said.


  he unzipped his pants and his cock sprung out "no daddy what are you doing?put it away" i couldn't believe what was happening my 45 yr old step dad had his gross old penis out infront of me. "suck it sally" "no way thats disgusting! i wont do it!" "you will do it and you will love it, now get suckin you teasin lil bitch" he grabbed my by my pigtails and shoved his cock into my mouth tears ran down my cheeks i never expected anything like this would happen, i thought my teasing was completely innocent since i was a virgin. i didn't know what to do i had never had a penis in my mouth before, it tasted horrible. "suck it sally, don't make me hurt you!" i started sucking him and he had my hair, making my head go up and down. i was a fast learner and soon got into a rythem. i was watching his face and he seemed to be enjoying my mouth alot. as grossed out as i was at first, knowing i was having this effect on him started to get me wet, the hornier i got the more i started to love his cock and before i knew it he was spurting cum all through my mouth. i gagged and he pulled out, finishing his load on my lips. "im sorry daddy, can i go to my room now?" i pleaded "i think i can forgive you, but what about bob and pete?" i turned to them and they already had their dicks out strocking them and looking at me. bobs cock was huge, i was scared, there was no way i could fit it in my mouth, or so i thought. .
"you know what you gotta do" they said to me. better get it over with, i thought. i started sucking pete first and i could tell i was getting good. pete was moaning and bragging to dad and bob about how good i was and how hot i was.

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   it was making me so horny and i was actually realy enjoying being treated like this. without realising what i was doing my hand soon found its way up my skirt and inside my panties. My stepdad saw quickly what i was doing and pointed out to the others what a horny little slut i was. "why don't we give you some easier access to that pussy of yours sally?" said daddy "get petes cock out of your mouth and stand up" i did as i was told "know take off your blouse and skirt" again i obeyed leaving me there in my matching pink bra and panties and my thigh high white stockings. i felt so naughty. "you'd better get rid of the underwear too" bob piped in while stroking his massive cock. i slowly took off my bra and panties and stood nervously, revealing my tits and glistening wet bald pussy. "good girl" said my daddy "now get back to work and don't forget bob, he hasn't had a turn yet" my fingers were quickly back in my pussy and by now i could take pete into my throat (which he loved) i was stroking bob with my free hand while pete was thrusting in and out of my throat and my other hand worked my pussy. i decided to try and get bob in my mouth so i swicthed. now stroking pete and slowly getting my mouth around bobs big hot cock. it took me a while but eventually bub was punding into my throat aswell. they were very impressed as i took turns in enjoying their yummy cocks. within minutes they started to cum at the same time. i leaned back and they shot thick streams of hot white cum all over my face and tits, i opened my mouth and caught some on my tongue.
i was so extremely horny my fingers were still frigging my pussy "daddy my pussy is so wet, will you guys fuck me now? im still a virgin and id love a big cock in me" i said innocently as i looked up at them with my big green eyes.

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  they looked at each other then quickly stood and i walked towards me i walked into the kitchen and they followed me. daddy threw me on the table and i opened my legs really wide for him. "fuck me daddy" he rammed his cock inside my tight wet little virgin cunt. it hurt a little but i loved it he was slamming into me while the others waited their turn "you like that sally baby? you like daddys big cock penatraiting your bald lil schoolgirl pussy?" he said as he grabbed my stocking coverd thighs and starded fucking my even harder. "yes daddy i love it" i screamed and moaned "fuck me, cum in my fucking pussy, you know you want to!" in a couple of seconds my pussy started to clench and my body shake "im cumming daddy im cumming on your big cock!" with one more thrust he was cumming to and i felt my first ever load of cum fill my insides. "mmmm thankyou" i moaned with a dazed look on my face. i turned to the other too men running my hands over my body and licking my lips. "whos next guys?". . . . . . . .

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