Sex-Ed in a small Town


     Living in a small town i soon found that i was the only one certified to teach Sex-ED at our school.   The school is a combination middle school and high school with grades seventh through twelth.   We did not have a sex-ed program for a long time so none of our current students had gone through the program.
     I was asked what I would need to run the program and if I wanted to teach boh girls and boys together.   I told the principle and the board that it woul be unwise to teach the boys and girls together as they would try to get together in class.
     I decided to teach the seniors first and set up two classes  for each group of boys and girls.   The classes would be made up of twenty five girls and twenty six boys each.   I started with the boys classes in the mornings and the girls would be in classes in the afternoon.
     The boys took to the classes like wildfire and the girls just stuttered for a while until I started to talk about them getting pregnant.   At the end of the first two weeks I gave te four classes an exam and all of the students passed with flying colors.
     I then moved to the eleventh grade ad sine I only had enough students to make up a single class of each sex I brought in the tenth graders at the same time.   The girls in the junior and sophmor classes wre more revealing clothes than the seniors had and I soo found myself sitting at my desk during the girls classes to hide te hard-on I was sporting during the classes.   Cathy a tenth grader wouldalways wear a micro-mini skirt to class and sat right in front of my desk.   She kept spreading her legs apart showing off her thong panties.   Cathy wold get bolder with each passing class.   Finally I got to the end of the class and gave them thier test.

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     I thought that things couldn't get worse but they did.   I had enough ninth graders to set up three classes for the boys in the morning and three classes for the girls in the afternoon.   These Fifteen-year-old girls dressed even skimpier than the soxteen-year-old tenth graders.   Kim who wanted to sit at the desk right in front of mine always wore her micro mini skirt with out any panties on in my class so that when she would spread her legs I had an unobstructed view of her Pussy, with a nice patch of red hair growing above it.
     I was so turned on by these young girls that I found myself beating off after every class. I wa barelyable to keep my hands off the girls knowing that it was wrong.   I finished off the last class of the ninth graders and took a few days before starting in on the eighth grade students.
     In the first class of the afternoon I had three girls who would giggle and strut thier butts around the classroom flipping thier little skirts up in the back showing off the thin strip of thier thongs running along the cracks of thier asses.   Tracy came in one day and said she needed to talk to me and could she come in after school was out for the day.   I figured that she had questions that she was afraid to ask inclass so I set up a meeting for right after the last bell.
     When Tracy got to my classroom she had her little sister with her.   Susan wouldbe in the next group of students so i le her stay in the room as I talked with Tracy.   Soon Tracy was telling me how thier mother had died shortly after giving birth to Susan and thier dad didn't know anything about girls needs and they didn't know what to do about the problem of bleeding that they just stayed home when it started and that she was starting to bleed and didn't wantto miss any classes now that she was finding out about her body and what was happening to her.
     I gave her a note to take home to her dad so that they could get some sanitary napkins for thier periods.   Tracy jumped up and gave me a great big hug thanking me for helping them out.

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    We all left and Tracy was in class the next day with a big smile on her face.   Shortly after the lst bell rang and all the students were out of my classroom I heard a light tapping on the door.   I said to come in and Both Tracyand Susan came in to the classroom to tak again.   Susan sat down and Tracy handed me a note from her dad.   I read the note and was about floored by it.   Tracy's dad wanted to know if i could show his daughters how to use the tampons and tampax that he had bought them.
     I asked Tracy if she knew what the note said and if her dad knew that I was a man.   Tracy said that he never asked if I was a male or female teacher, and yes that her and Susan had talked about it and they would be happy to have me teach them how to use the products.   I thought about it for a short while and asked them when they wanted to learn.   I should tell you a little about the girls before I go any further.   Tracy is fourteen and a half years old with barely budding breast and her sister had just turned thirteen and only finished going through puberty having just finished her first period two weeks earlier.
     I took the girls aside and after I closed the door I asked them if they knew what they were asking me to do.   Tracy lifted her skirt and showed me that her panties were covered in bloody spots where she was on the second day of her period so she wasn't bleeding a lot yet.   I told Tracy that for me to show her how to use the napkins she would have to take off her panties and what I was going to teach them they could never tell any one about the class.   Both girls agreed to keep this class a secret from everyone else.

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    I then had Tracy remove he panties and sit on her desk top.   I asked her if she had another pair of panties to put on and she said yes and then pulled out a pink thong.   I told her that she would have to wear regular panties with the napkins and the tampax would be better with what she had to wear.
     I then had her spread her legs apart and i helped her to put in a tampax.   Susan asked whatwe were doing and I had her come over to watch what I was doing to her sister.   It wasn't easy getting the tampax into her virgin Pussy but with some work it was in for the time being and I showed her how to remove it and wha to do with the napkins wen she got home.   I also told her that we would have to get her opened up completely before she could use the tampax regularly.   They both thanked me and left for the day.   I imediately started to beat off after having been in such close contact with a young virgin Pussy and the prospectthat maybe I could do even more with her after her period was over.
     The next day I waited in anticipation of the girls returning to my classroom after school.   I didn't have long to wait until Tracy and Susan showed up at ny door.   As they came in Tracy made sure to close the door behind her before she came up to my desk and dropped her skirt to show me her new panties.   Susan seeing her sister drop her skirt did the same with her own and now I had two young virgins standing in front of me in just thier panties and skimpy tops.   I had susan remove her panties so that I could show them how to get thier Pussies to open up.   I showed Tracy how to masturbate her clit to get herself to cum and then I got down between Susans legs and proceeded to lick her sweet Pussy and clit bringing her to her first orgasm.

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     Tracy seeing this demanded to have a try at it also, but I said that she would have to wait until she was done with her period for me to show her how it feels to be sucked off.   I went back to licking and sucking on Susan's slit and placed a finger at her entrance making sure that Tracy saw what I was doing.   Moving my finger in and out of her tight Pussy it was soon starting to loosen up and I soon had three fingers going in and out.   I casually unfastened my pants and pushed them down.
     Standing up I took hold of my engorged Dick and rubbed it through Susan's slitgetting the head slick with her juices before I placed the head at the entrance to her Pussy and pushed just enough o get the head to penetrate into her hot thirteen-year-old virgin Pussy.   Susan let out a little wimper and pushed back against me until I pulled ou a bit and thrust deep into her Pussy tearing through her hymen and causing Susan to cry out in pain and pleasure at the same time.   I held my Dick still inside of her until she got used to the size and being stretched out so wide.   I then started to pump slowly in and out gradually building my pace until I was pounding her hard and fast.   I soon lost control and without any thought to her being fertile at the time I let loose with my seed deep inside her womb.
     When I went soft I pulled out of Susan and saw Tracy laying beside her with her hand furiously rubbing her clit and my Dick quickly grew hard again.   I moved between Tracy's legs and started to rub my Dick through her slit and across her clit.   Finding her entrance I thrust into her hard and fast tearing through her hymen and continuing to pump in and out of her at a fast pace and let loose with another huge load deep into Tracy's womb as well.
     When I finished to shoot inside of Tracy I pulled out and we all fell over inexhaustion, lieing there for what seemed like hours but was really just a few minutes.   I cleaned the blood off my Dick and helped the girls clean up and at tat moment realized that all the semen that I had shot into them had stayed deep inside thier wombs, none had leaked back out.   I quickly asked Susan how long it had been since her first period ended.

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    With her answer I then asked Tracy if she was sure that her period was starting or if she had just had an accident of some kind.   Tracy said that she finished her last period two days before Susan started her irst one.   I realized then that both girls were completely unprotected from pregnancy and that they were both highly fertile at that point in time.   I went on to fuck them both repeatedly using condoms from that point on until we were sure that they were pregnant and they each found a boy to have sex with to throw suspician off of our trist.   Each Sex-Ed class I taugh after that I sought out a new girl that I cold have a short affair with and found myself knocking up a dozen different girls through the year and still to this day I find a new girl in every class to teach my special talants to butthose girls will be told in different stories.