sleeping beauty


My first experience of being a pervert was quite interesting. I was living with a friend, and he decided he needed to move away for work. So I decided to live with my girlfriend and her family until I found a place to stay. First of all, her sister was a hottie, along with her mother.
One evening, we all fell asleep in the lounge. I could only smoke in dawn and Jessica’s room which they shared. Jessica looked uncomfortably, so I decided to wake her up and ask if she wanted to go up to bed and be more comfortable. She said yes, but was way too tired to move. So I said I would carry her up the stairs for her. As I picked her up and carried her, I realized my hand was on her ass. I tried to not think of it, as she was only 16, but I always thought she had the nicest ass. As I laid her into bed, she rolled on her stomach and my hand was trapped. I slowly pulled my hand out and brushed my fingers against her breasts and found a nipple between my fingers. I was quick, too afraid she might notice what I was doing. So I decided I should not go the extra step and let my urges to touch her go.
So I decide to open the window and smoke a cigarette.

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   As I was almost done, she rolled onto her back, legs slightly open. I waited a good fifteen minutes and made sure she was asleep. I just stared at her luscious body. She was 5’2” tall, dirty blonde hair, about a b cup bra size, and had the most beautiful ass I have ever seen. She was wearing blue cut off sweat shorts that were nice and tight on her. I stared as my cock started to move around, wanting to be released. So I sat next to her on the bed and just stared at her pussy. The shorts were tight, so I was able to see the outline of her pussy lips. I imagined what they looked like, and how her pussy tasted. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I was only looking this time, and the breast incident was by accident, at first.
I was wearing flannel pajamas, so I was able to pull my cock through the slit. I just squeezed right below the head really hard, pumping the blood to the head of my cock got closer to her. I was lying next to her, with my cock in my hand, and I could hear her breathing. Her breath smelled sweet and nice. I stared at her face now, wishing I could kiss those lips.

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   I really wanted to rub my cock all over her face and lips, but I knew that would be too much. So I sped up my pace and I must of made some noise, because she almost woke up, but she turned on her side with her beautiful ass facing me! It was so nice and tight. Since she wasn’t wearing panties, I was able to see how the shorts formed to the crack of her ass.
I knew what I was about to do was risky, but I was so turned on by this little tease. I put my dick away and slowly moved my face to within an inch of her ass. I was able to smell her pussy ands I got close to her crotch. The smell gave me the biggest hard on I ever had in my life. I started to lick her through her shorts very gently. I only had the nerve to do this for a moment and I got scared and moved my head away.
I wasn’t satisfied. I needed to touch that pussy I have been lusting after for the last hour. So I got brave and started to massage her butt a little. She did not budge. So I decided to go a little further and stuck my finger between her pussy and started to rub it. I didn’t care anymore.

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   I rubbed it harder and felt the heat coming from her pussy. I found her clit and she moved a little bit. Now I was hoping she would wake up. But she did not and I started to feel her shorts were getting soaked! Her legs were kind of closed, so I wasn’t able to go down her shorts or up them to feel the real thing.
I decided I could not take it anymore as my cock was throbbing really hard now. I slowly get off the bed and went back downstairs. The creek in the stairs woke up my girlfriend dawn and asked what I was doing up. I said I was smoking a cigarette as usual. She thought nothing of it because I did that all the time.
I was now really thinking of Jessica as I was talking to dawn. I said I wanted to fuck and she always obliged to when I wanted it. I stood her up, bent her over and fucked her wet pussy furiously thinking of what I had just been doing to her sister. I came within minutes all over her ass and I was still so turned on when I went to the toilet to clean myself off, I jerked my cock again. I came less than last time, but it was still good.
I went to sleep that night thinking of how I can see and taste, and more importantly fuck Jessica’s very beautiful wet little pussy.

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The next day, I found a little surprise and had a raging hard on within seconds………………………………. . .