Slumber Party Peeking


"Don't stick your tongue out so far. " Mary said. "Just a little and lick mine like we're thumb wrestling. ""Only with our tongues. " Julie said and everyone giggled. The two girls leaned in and touched their tongues together, fluttering them. The others stared and grinned and chuckled. They leaned in closer and pressed their mouths together. In the closet Tom was stroking his pecker. This is more like it he thought. The boy had no idea why the site of his sister and her friend kissing was turning him on so much and he really didn't care. The girls embraced and the kissing grew more passionate, Mary was pushing Julie down on the bed and lay atop her. From his vantage Tom couldn't see their faces anymore, but he had a clear view of their crotches. Julie was wearing her Minnie Mouse panties. She rapped her legs around Mary and pulled her close. Mary's panties were plain white, but so sheer he could clearly see her gash.

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   Watching the girls kiss and hump on the bed Tom was fisting his cock like a mad man. Nancy sat with her back to the closet door, watching the two older girls on the bed. Her sister Judy and the other two girls in the room, Lucy and Rachel had funny looks on their faces and were rubbing between their legs. Nancy was the youngest in the group. Her mother had made Judy bring her along to the party. Everybody treated her like a baby and now they were all acting weird. Well, she thought, if she wanted to be included in the group she had better play their weird game too. Nancy lifted her nighty and began to rub the crotch of her little pink panties. "Wow. . !" she whispered to herself as her little body shuddered. Waves of pleasure swept over her. Starting in the pit of her stomach and spreading out to her fingers and toes. Why had she never thought to do this before, she thought as she explored her pussy. It felt good when she rubbed here, better when she rubbed there, and really good right there.

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   Looking up at the bed she saw Mary and Julie were now rubbing each other the way she was rubbing herself. Nancy saw that their panties were wet and noticed that hers were also, but she didn't care. She rubbed the really good spot faster. Judy, Lucy, and Rachel were moaning and panting while Julie and Mary continued to kiss and hump on the bed. Cries and moans erupted from Nancy as her legs trembled and her first orgasm ravashed her little body. The girls on the bed ground their bodies together and moaned into each others mouth as they had the same experience, but not for the first time. No one had noticed when Judy stopped playing with herself and eased toward the closet door to investigate a noise. She flung open the door to reveal Tom, cock in hand and a shocked look on his face. The boy dashed for the door, but three of the girls were on him dragging him down. Someone had him by the pants and was pulling them down. Exposing him and hobbling him. Mary and his big sister joined in the fray and the girls soon had him held spread eagle on the bed naked from the waste down. Tom had never been so embarassed. His pecker was still hard, pointing toward the ceiling. He braced himself for the humiliating taunts, but none came.

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   He looked around at the faces of his captors. All the girls grinned and looked back and forth at one another. Little Nancy stared at his cock as if hipnotized. The girls seemed to be waiting for someone to make the first move. Mary made it. She reached over and began to stroke the boys dick. It was small. Only the head poked over the top of her fist. Tom groaned as the girl jerked him. His heart skipped and his breath caught in his throat as she leaned over and started licking his cock head. "What are you doing?" asked Julie as her friend tasted her little brother. "I'm gonna suck his cock. " Mary answered. "Do you know how to do it?" said Judy moving in for a closer look. "Yeah, my sister does it to her boy friend all the time and they let me watch.

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   They even let me put my mouth on it once. " she answered and took the boys full length in her mouth. This pecker was no where as big as her sister's boy friend, but this one was all hers. There was a sound like a cork leaving a bottle as she pulled her mouth off him. The looks of awe from her friends filled Mary with pride. She was sucking cock. They had all talked about it, but she was doing it and they could all see. Even if they all did It she was the first. She was a woman now and they were still just girls. Tom was going crazy. He felt like he would pass out as Mary began to bob her head up and down. Judy and Lucy still held his arms down, but there was no need. He had no plans to escape. Julie was checking the hall to make sure their parents were still asleep. "Oh god.

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  . . . . . . . . Oh god. . . . . . .

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  . . " he said over and over as her soft lips and warm tongue worked on him. "I wanna do it. " Everyone stared in shock. "I wanna do it. !" said Nancy, louder this time. The cork sound again as Mary surrendered Tom's dick and grinned at the little girl. She lay back on the bed and shoved a hand into her panties and watched. Nancy opened her tiny mouth as wide as she could and took the boys member in. The little girl began to suck it like a baby nursing a nipple. "Oh yeah! Wow. Oh yeah!" Tom said thrusting his hips up as Nancy began to inexpertly bob her head. Judy angrily pulled her baby sister off the cock and engulfed it with her own mouth. She wasn't going to be left out and she wasn't going to be shown up by Nancy.

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   Tom swam in a sea of delight as each girl took a turn sucking on him. He was kind of disappointed when they let his arms go. Being restrained made the experience better some how, but even without that this was the best thing that had ever happened to him. "It's your turn now Jules. " Mary called. Julie was still checking the hall for their parents. She was sure Tom's moaning would have awakened the dead, but their door remained closed. "What?" Julie asked. Sure she was misunderstanding her friend. "It's your turn to suck it. " "But, he's my brother. " It sounded weak, but it was true. Sucking her brother's dick would be incest. Wouldn't it? "We won't tell anyone. Will we guys?" all the girls shook their heads.

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   "Besides it's not fucking, it's just sucking. Come on, do it. " Julie pushed the door closed and moved onto the bed. She looked down at her little brother. His hard cock poking up and the lust in his eyes. Tom couldn't believe it. Everything up to now had been great, but now his fantasy was about to come true. All the times he had spied on his big sister in the bathroom or lying on this very bed masterbating. Now she was going to take his cock in her mouth the way he had imagined so many times. As Julie's lips closed around the base of his shaft his toes curled and he thrust his hips upward. "Oh yeah sis, suck it! Oh, suck it good. " he said. It was better than he had hoped. Better than he could have ever dreamed. She gently massaged his ball sack with her fingers while sliding her mouth up and down his shaft.

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   His sister began to moan with him in her mouth. Tom didn't know or care that it was because Mary was fingering Julie's cunt. The combination of her moaning and sucking was more than he could stand. The boy felt his balls tighten and he pumped gob after gob of hot juice into his big sister's sucking mouth. Julie pulled her mouth off him and looked around, unsure of what to do with the load of her brother's cum. Mary came to the rescue. "My sister showed me this too. " she said and kissed Julie, shoving her tongue into her mouth. Swirling it around, drinking the cum from her mouth. Lucy and Rachel were on the floor doing some kissing and fingering of their own and Judy was quickening the pace of her hand in her panties. Little Nancy saw that the cock was being neglected and slurped it into her mouth. Maybe she could make it shoot that white stuff too. Wow, Tom thought. He had just been sucked off by his sister now this little Nancy girl was on him again. This can't be happening.

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   His cock stiffened in the little girl's mouth as he watched his sister and her best friend share his spunk. It can't get any better he thought. That is until Judy pulled Nancy away again and straddled him. She was naked, having discarded her matching green panties and nighty. He had time to note that she still wore the green footie socks before she impaled herself on his dick. She was so warm and wet inside. Tom tried to encourage her to go faster as the girl started working her hips, but he had lost the power of speech. He could only babble like an idiot as she rode him and tugged at her own nipples. Soon Judy picked up the pace of her own accord. Thrusting and bouncing and rotating her hips. She was working his cock from every direction possible. Tom had thought the only way to do it was in and out. "Oh. . .


  . oooo. . . oh. . . . oh. It's happening. . . it's happening. . .

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  oooo. " Judy groaned loudly. She leaned forward over him for a few minutes, then rolled off. Tom was left with his dick still hard and glistening with not just saliva now, but Judy's hot pussy juices. The girls stared in amazement. They had just watched one of their number lose her virginity. Even Mary was dumb struck. They were all further astonished to see little Nancy straddle the boy and begin rubbing her little bald pink slit on the head of his wand. Tom decided it was time to take a more active role. Grabbing Nancy's ass he pulled her down on him. She yelped as he penetrated her, but didn't pull away. He looked up at her face to see that her eyes were closed and her teeth clinched. She made no indication that he should stop, so he pulled her down to him and rolled on top of her. She was incredibly tight, but her juices let him slither in and out of her with ease. A tear trickled from one eye.

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   Her jaw was relaxed now and she was breathing in rhythm with his fucking. Nancy wrapped her legs around him, grinding her little hips and groaning deeply. The little girl's breathing increased as he humped her faster. Tom pistoned his pecker in her tight little hole as fast as he Nancy moaned as Tom ground down against her and his cock erupted a torrent of cum in her tight little pussy. The boy collapsed on top of her and Little Nancy wrapped her arms and legs around him. Holding him and locked the door to his study and unlocked the wall cabinet. The nanny cam he had hidden in Julie's room had caught the whole slumber party on tape for his enjoyment. He didn't expect much. Maybe a little dancing around in underwear. When she was alone he could always count on his pumpkin for good jerk off material. When lying on her bed playing with herself she always pointed that little pussy right at the camera. He like to pretend she knew the camera was there and did it on purpose, but he knew he had spent days trying to find the right angle. There had been a lot of noise from her room last night. How his wife slept through it all he had no idea. Maybe there was a little adolescent sexual experimentation on this tape.

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   That was just wishful thinking he figured as he leaned back in his chair, pushed play on the remote and held his thumb ready over the fast forward. .