Sweet Marie (part 1)


Marie was a 13 year old girl who had just finished the 8th grade, and was just beginning summer vacation. Petite and slender, Marie had thick medium-length blonde hair, which she wore habitually in pigtails. It was her piercing dark brown eyes that seemed to tell the story of her young life, which was not always happy.
Marie’s father and mother divorced when she was younger, and her father just split out of their lives, severing all contact. Marie’s mother worked very hard to support them, which meant long hours and less time spent with Marie. Marie barely saw her mother most days, and only saw her briefly before she went to bed—long enough for a hug and kiss goodnight. Any extra time her mom had off was either spent sleeping, or out looking for a new man to replace Marie’s father. This left Marie feeling lonely with a great void she longed to fill, and she was able to do this with school and her friends.
Like most 13 year olds, Marie cherished the time she spent with her friends gossiping about the crushes they had on boys in school, the latest music, and movies they were into. This did help fill some of Marie’s void, or at least kept her busy enough that she was not lonely all the time. But, Marie still had this longing to feel wanted, to feel comforted, and to feel special. Little did she know her longing would be answered sooner then she expected, and that true life lessons would be learned.
It was the last day of school, and everyone was making plans to see the latest blockbuster movie which was having an early viewing on Saturday, the next day, at the local theater. Marie had made plans to go with Sarah, Jessica, and Joy, and they were going to meet a few of the boys they liked. Marie had a big crush on Tommy and they had planned to sit next to each other at the movie. Everyone was bubbling over with excitement, school was over, and summer was going to start off great.


Saturday could not arrive fast enough, and when it did, Marie spent an hour getting ready for the movie. She picked out her pretty pale pink short sleeved button down blouse that had tiny embroidered roses all over it, an above the knee denim skirt, frilly white ankle socks, and her new white sandals. Of course, she wore her hair in pigtails, which she tied with pink glittery ribbons. She looked in the mirror and felt happy for the first time in a long while, and she just knew that this day was going to be the start of the best summer to come—and off she went to the movies.
Halfway to town, Marie met up with Sarah, Jessica, Joy, and they walked together to the movie. They talked so fast from the excitement they all felt. When they got to the movies, they paid, got their snacks, and went to find seats—front seats of course. As they reached the front row, Marie felt a lump forming in her throat, because there was Tommy sitting with some other girl holding her hand as they shared a bucket of popcorn. Marie was crushed, but not wanting to cry she sat down with her friends, and tried to act normal. Again, Marie seemed to feel so alone, so unwanted, and the tears began to well up in her eyes. When the movie began, Marie excused herself, telling her friends she was going to the bathroom.
After a quick stop in the bathroom, Marie new she could not go back in and sit near her friends and Tommy. She felt alone, and she wanted to be alone, so she took the stairs up to the balcony seats—usually no one was up there, and this time was no different.
Marie sat down, and the tears began to fall from her eyes. No one wanted her, her father left her, her mom never had time for her, the boy she liked no longer liked her, and she really was alone.


As she sat there thinking and sulking, someone else came into the balcony area, and he sat down 5 seats away from Marie. When she looked over to see who it was, it turned out to be Mr. Stewart, and Marie quickly dabbed away the tears. Mr. Stewart was an old man about 68 years old, not very tall, a bit on the chubby side, with silvery gray hair remaining on his balding head. He lived alone in her neighborhood, and was always friendly, which is why Marie did not feel uneasy about him sitting there.
Mr. Stewart could obviously see that little Marie was not very happy, and if her tear stained face did not give it away, it was her occasional sniffling and whimpers that did. He had always watched little Marie playing in the neighborhood, and enjoyed her angelic qualities. He thought she was beautiful, and it stirred his sexual urges every time he saw her roaming the neighborhood. Mr. Stewart always had fantasies about touching little girls, seeing how they would respond to him sexually, teaching them how to play with his cock, teaching them how to suck and fuck it, and as he stared at little Marie in that movie theater he knew he was going to make that fantasy come true.
Mr. Stewart whispered, “Marie honey, come over here and sit next to me. ”
Marie got up and walked over to Mr.

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   Stewart, trying to put on her best smile as she flopped down into the seat next to him.
He placed an arm around her shoulder and leaned over and asked, “Why is a pretty little girl like you so sad today?”
Marie, longing for someone to pay her some attention, started sobbing as she told Mr. Stewart all about what mean Tommy had done to her. After she finished, he took his handkerchief and wiped her eyes and told her, “Little boys can be so mean can’t they? But, you will grow up fast enough and all the boys will be hanging around you. You’ll have so many boys to choose from you won’t know what to do. Heck, if I was a young boy your age, I would be your boyfriend. ”
Marie perked up and said, “Really Mr. Stewart, would you really want to be my boyfriend?”
Mr. Stewart took this as his way in to manipulating little Marie and having his fantasies come true, and he said to little Marie, “Of course I mean it. In fact, why don’t I pretend to be your movie date and boyfriend now. We can hold hands and share my popcorn?”
Marie giggled, and said, “Okay. ”
As they both settled in and began watching the movie, Mr. Stewart reached for Marie’s hand and folded it within his own hand, taking note of how small her hand was as his own hand seemed to swallow it up. Marie giggled softly, and Mr. Stewart took this as a good sign of encouragement and began to gently caress the soft and silky skin of her hand.

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After they had their fill of popcorn, Mr. Stewart placed the partially filled container on the floor beneath his seat, and placed his arm around Marie’s shoulder. She did not need any nudging to snuggling in to his side, and she leaned her head against him. Mr. Stewart kept thinking how perfect things were going and how responses Marie was, and this stirred his cock which now began to throb within his pants. He was beginning to ache and yearn to touch this little girl, this little girl who actually seemed to want him too. And with that thought, Mr. Stewart began to lightly caress his hand up and down Marie’s left side.
A few minutes into his caressing of young Marie, he leaned over and whispered, “Come sit on my lap Marie? I want to hug my favorite girlfriend. ” Not wanting to feel rejected and really enjoying the attention, Marie eased herself on to Mr. Stewart’s lap, settling her panty bottom against his pant covered cock. Mr. Stewart drew her back into his chest and gave her a hug, which she seemed to melt right into. He was enjoying her fidgety movement against his cock, which was now hardening with every move she made. He leaned into the flowing hair of one of her pigtails and inhaled the scent—the scent of clean hair with a slight strawberry aroma.

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   She was delicious, and he was longing to taste her, all of her. Mr. Stewart let his lips brush against the back of her neck and then pressed in for a kiss, and to his surprise, Marie nuzzled in allowing her neck to receive that kiss.
Mr. Stewart knew Marie was enjoying his attention and this encouraged him to be a bit bolder in an effort to see how far little Marie would allow him to go before she became uncomfortable, if she even became uncomfortable. He brought his hand to her thigh and began rubbing the smooth skin of her leg, moving ever-so-slowly upwards and beneath the hang of her skirt—he met no resistance. Leaning close to her ear, he said, “Marie does that feel nice?” And without much thought other than the fact that it did feel really nice to be held close to someone, she said back to him, “mmhmm, it feels really nice. ” And she snuggled even closer into his hold. His cock was now fully alive and rubbing against her bottom in small movements. Feeling bolder, he let his hand move between her legs and lightly brushed against her panty covered pussy. She squirmed a little against his hand, but settled down, again with no resistance.
Mr. Stewart took this as more encouragement, and he allowed his finger to slide beneath the leg band of her panty’s and rest against her warm hairless pussy. He kept his finger there without moving it for a few minutes, and then proceeded to move his pointer-finger up and down her tiny slit. He could feel Marie becoming moister with each pass of his finger, and he knew she was enjoying it when she innocently spread her legs a little wider to welcome his finger’s exploration.

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Mr. Stewart’s cock was rock hard and he thought he might just explode right there in his pants, but wanted to wait, wanted to really have full access to little Marie, and truly enjoy this experience. He leaned against her cheek kissing it softly as his finger slid up and down Marie’s wet little slit, and said to her, “Do you like being my girlfriend Marie?”

Marie, now enjoying this new and unfamiliar feeling that was stirring in her pussy, said back to Mr. Stewart, “It feels so nice when you touch me down there, is that what boyfriends are supposed to do?”
Mr. Stewart told her, “Yes, when a boy really likes a girl he will want to make her feel special all over. ”
He continued to lightly rub her pussy for the rest of the movie. When the movie ended, Mr. Stewart asked Marie if she would like to come back to his house for some ice cream so they could continue their date. Marie was really enjoying the attention she was getting from Mr. Stewart and did not want the day to end, so, she of course agreed to go back to his house. The way she saw it now was her own friends did not even realize she was gone, and they had already left her there anyway, and here Mr. Stewart wanted to spend time with her.