The Courteous Neighbor


“Hi, Mike,” said Cindy, “I seemed to have managed to lock myself out of the house. Mom’s at work and no one else is at home. OK if I stay over here for a while ‘til Mom gets home. “Sure, Cindy,” I said cheerfully. “C’mon in. Do you want to call your Mom from here. ”“Nah, if you don’t mind I won’t bother her. She gets so upset when I do dumb things like lose my key. You sure you don’t mind me waiting here until later. I could try another neighbor. ”“Heck, no. ” I let her in and told her to have a seat and watch some TV. I offered her a soda. I couldn't get over how cute Cindy was – that long hair down her back, big blue eyes and a really cute smile. She also had a cute little body…very nubile, of course. She had smallish breasts and I could make out the outline of a lacy bra through her white blouse.

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   She had a well-formed ass sitting atop some very fine legs. Not skinny at all, they had very nice shape to the calves and thighs. Her “package” was downright sexy and Cindy could have easily passed for 17 or 18. I had answered the door in just my bathrobe. I started to go get something on, but for some reason decided just sit in my TV-watching chair and see what happened. My juices had already flowing concerning Cindy and her appearance at my door and my suspicious mind was wondering about her story. She stretched out on the Oriental rug that covered the hardwood floor in front of the TV and after picking some afternoon kid's show propped herself up on her elbows. I sat in my chair directly behind her pretending to watch the show. I simply could not take my eyes off of that cute butt. Cindy lay on her stomach with her knees bent upward watching cartoons. I noticed that every time she moved her legs that her skirt got higher and higher, at first revealing her thighs and then upwards toward her crotch. The round mounds of her buttocks flexed from time-to-time and it was easy to make out the cleft between those firm hills. My seat directly behind Cindy offered a great look at those legs and ass and I began to rub my crotch. I was getting a tremendous hard-on watching this little girl. Then Cindy moved again and by now her skirt was just below the bottom of her butt.

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   I could tell she was wearing non-descript white cotton panties and each time she swung her legs her skirt inched up over them. Soon her skirt was halfway up to the top of her panties. She made no effort to adjust her skirt. I continued to rub my crotch and soon noticed that she was watching my reflection in the TV. I was pretty sure that her skirt going up had been quite intentional. I decided to test what was going on here in my den. I pulled open my robe and began to rub myself through my jockey shorts. Cindy continued to direct her attention to the TV, but was obviously watching me rather than the cartoon. She started to squirm noticeably and after a minute Cindy turned to face me. She sat on her knees, her skirt back, and her crotch exposed. “Mike, why are you doing that?" Cindy asked innocently, not taking her eyes off the bulge in my shorts. "You mean why am I rubbing my cock? Because you're doing that!" I replied, pointing to her exposed panties. “It is making me very horny. ”She rose onto all fours and crawled over near my chair, "Can I see it?" Cindy asked never taking her eyes off of on my crotch. “I guess so.

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   Sure!" I answered and pulled my shorts down to my knees. My cock was almost a full attention and sprang forth from the containment. Cindy climbed onto the arm of my chair, watching as I slowly stroked my cock. A small amount of pre-cum leaked from the hole atop the head of my prick. I rubbed my finger over the hole to capture the droplet. “Can I do it for you, Mike?” she said and without waiting for permission, she reached down, took hold of my penis and began to stroke it for me. With my hands free, I could push her skirt further up with one hand while I pulled at the rim of her panties with the other. I was able to gaze down inside her panties to see a smooth, virtually hairless little mound. The tops of her labia were just visible. Without so much as a word, I pulled her panties down. She stood up and stepped out of them. Her skirt followed her panties to the floor of my den. I went to work on Cindy’s white school blouse, deftly unbuttoning it. The only time her hand left my cock and balls was when I pulled her sleeves off of her arms. Otherwise she maintained a steady up and down, squeezing motion on my manhood.

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   Her bra snapped in front and when I removed it, this girl stood totally nude in front of me. Then she curled onto the chair without turning loose of my cock. She stroked my cock with one hand and explored my balls with the other. I gazed into her green eyes and then began to look over her nubile young body. Sitting atop her smallish breasts were two almond-colored areolas with great looking nipples sitting atop them, which were already beginning to harden. Her pussy was virtually hairless, although at this point I could not determine whether none had grown there, or if this little darling shaved herself. Her skin was virtually flawless, save for a few freckles near her neckline. Naked, she was a very fine looking female. I was still reluctant to push this situation any further, but then figured that I had already gone too far, legally. Cindy seemed to really be “into” what was happening. Almost breathless, I questioned Cindy about her sexual experiences… had she had ever done anything like this before? Had she had ever had sex or seen a man cum or things of that nature. “I’ve started playing doctor and "show me" games with some of the other kids a few years ago. We would take off our clothes and feel each other. There was a boy that used to live in my apartment and we tried to figure out where to put what, but never did anything. He put his hand between my legs and his finger into my slit.

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   Some of the other kids did that, too. I tried doing that with some of my girlfriends and one of them kissed me down there for a while. It was exciting. Plus, I’ve spied on Mom and her boyfriend when they are doing it. I love to watch the expression on her face when he is fucking her. She moans a lot and begs him to do it harder and faster. “Give it to me, baby,” she will say. That and a lot more!“I found an vibrator that my Mom threw out. The batteries don’t work, but I love to play with it and put it between my legs. ”“It has made me want the real thing,” she whispered, as I caressed her back and buttocks and she continued to work her magic on my cock. “Your cock does feel sort of like my play cock, but it so much warmer and more fun to touch. ”“Have you ever put your vibrator in your mouth, Cindy?” I asked. “No,” she said, “But I remember watching my mom doing that to her boyfriend. At first I thought “How disgusting,” but she really seemed to like it and so did he. He came after she sucked his cock for a while and she couldn’t hold it all.

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  ”“It can really be exciting when a girl puts her mouth on your cock,” I said. “And there are things that I can do to you with my mouth that can be fun for you as well. Like this…” This young darling was sitting on the arm of my overstuffed chair with her legs over one arm and sprawled across my lap. It was simple to lift her chest to my mouth and begin so lick and suck her budding tits. Almost immediately, the nipples hardened completely and she moved one of her arms around my head and held it firmly. “Oh, goodness…that feels so good. Mike, please do that some more,” she pleaded. “I love to play with my nipples when I am getting hot a home, but you mouth is soooo much more exciting. Oh, I love it, Mike. ” I continued to lick and suck on first one pert nipple, then the other. In the meantime, my hands explored that cute butt and her crotch. Her pussy lips were already soaked with her juices and when I began to play with her cunt, the flow increased. Her clitoris was bigger than I imagined it would be in so young a girl. And, it was extremely sensitive. Her entire body began to writhe as I played with her pussy lips and clitoris.

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   I rubbed her little button and she began to moan low in her throat. I slid my finger into her and rubbed her clit while I finger fucked her. I just had to taste her pussy and eat her. I maneuvered Cindy’s small body so that I could run my tongue in and out of her wet little hole. I licked up and down her slit and paid particular attention to the bud of her clitoris. Cindy’s legs dangled over my shoulders and her head was near my lap. It was the first time she had ever been eaten by a man and she was obviously enjoying it. “Ughnhnh,” is a close as I can some to reproducing the pleasurable sounds that Cindy was making as I ate her pussy with abandon. “Mike, that’s incredible. You were sure right about doing things to me with your mouth. I have never felt anything so wonderful. Oh shit, that feels so great. I can’t control myself. ”And at that time, Cindy experienced her first orgasm…at least the first one brought on by the attentions of a man. Her pussy simply erupted and her juice flowed down onto my tongue and into my mouth.

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   They tasted fantastic…clean and sweet as nectar. She squeezed her thighs around my neck as she came over and over. I came up for breath and said “Cindy, your pussy is the sweetest I have ever had the pleasure to eat. ”“Wow, Mike,” Cindy said breathlessly. “That is fantastic. What is happening to me?”“You are cumming, Cindy,” I explained. “Cumming like a veteran. Haven’t you ever gotten off with your vibrator?”“I suppose so, but nothing like that,” she replied. “My goodness, how wonderful that felt. My crotch is soaked and wet all over. You have my juices all over your face. Does it really taste good?”‘It is soooo sweet and tasty, Cindy. There is nothing like it in the whole word. ” I ran my finger around the outside of my mouth and collected some of her juices. I put my finger between her lips and she sucked the juices.

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   “Mmmm,” she cooed, “it does taste sexy. ”The next target for my tongue was the very sensitive skin between her cunt and her asshole, and area that some humorists call her “taint”. “Taint cunt and taint asshole. ” When I advanced to her asshole and rimmed it, Cindy began to squeal with delight. My tongue explored every inch of her crotch, moving without any seeming direction from her cunt to her asshole and to all of the tender and sensitive areas around and between them. Cindy just squealed and kept on cumming. She simply could not find words to describe how she was feeling. But she tried, and literally yelled out words of encouragement. “Yessss!” and “Oh, Mike. Oh baby, that is sooooo good!” are just a couple that come to mind now. My tongue continued to move in and out of her asshole, then returning to massage her clit with the tip of my tongue. Cindy ground her little ass, pussy and thighs into my face in pure pleasure. She came and came and eventually began to calm down. She had all but forgotten about my cock, but as I let up on my oral attack on her nether regions, she seemed to remember and it was an easy pivot to take my member into her mouth. She was inexperienced, but eager to please me.

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   At first, she gagged when she to stuff too much of my cock into her mouth. But, Cindy was persistent. She licked and tongued the sides and head of my cock and soon was taking a great deal of it into her young mouth and down her throat. “Mmmmm, your big cock tastes really neat, Mike,” she said as she came up for a brief moment before stuffing my rod back into her mouth. It felt fantastic to have her sucking on my cock, but I had another target in mind. After a few more moments of enjoyment, I tugged at her shoulders and laid her out on the rug. She looked back at me with a dreamy contentment as I moved between her legs. At first I rubbed my cock around the entrance to her pussy. My cock was producing a fair amount of pre-cum and her pussy was covered with her own juices. Cindy reached down between her legs and took my cock in her little hand. She aimed the head of my dick at her pussy and smiled at me. “This may hurt a little, Cindy,” I warned. “If your cherry is still intact, when I enter you, it may hurt and there may even be a little bit of blood. Your cherry is a membrane and when…”“I don’t care,” she interrupted. “I want to feel you inside of me.


   It has to feel tons better than my vibrator. Are you going to fuck me, Mike?”“I don’t think there is any doubt about that, Cindy,” and with that I pushed forward. The head of my cock entered the girl’s cunt. She was very well lubricated from the oral sex we had enjoyed and it took just a few seconds for my cock to encounter her maidenhead. It had been years since I had gotten a girl’s cherry and here was this darling young thing giving me hers. “Here it comes. Cindy,” I warned. “Give it to me, please fuck me,” Cindy urged. “I want all of you in me NOW!” Without further hesitation, I plunged through her hymen and my root was buried to the hilt in her tight pussy. Looking into her face, I saw her cringe momentarily as the pain from her ruptured maidenhead ran its course. A look of amazement crossed her pretty face, mixed with an amount of pain that I could not really interpret. I was a bit afraid that I had really hurt her. But then, she relaxed and smiled back at me. “Oh, Mike, that hurt for a minute, and it feels like I have a tree stump between my legs. ”I began to gently pull my rod out of her vagina until just head remained.

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   Glancing down, I noticed that the juices covering my dick had a tinge of red from Cindy’s hymen. Then, I cautiously pushed back into her cunt. After two or three repeat gentle thrusts, I began to increase the intensity. “Oh, man, that feels soooo goood,” she moaned. Cindy picked up on the rhythm of my plunges and met them with her own ferocity. Soon I was fucking her like she was a full-grown woman. It seemed that she simply could not get enough of my cock. She spread her legs as far as she could so that my cock could plunge even deeper into her gash. “More…give me more. Fuck me hard…harder, Mike. It feels so god damned wonderful,” she cried out. “Oh, please, fuck me…fuck meeeeee!” The thought of fucking this young cunt was just more than I could stand and it took only a few more strokes before the feeling began in my groin that I knew only too well would end with my flooding her young cunt with cock cream. “I’m going to cum soon, Cindy,” I warned. “I am going to fill your tight pussy up with my seed. Are you ready for me to cum?”“Oh god, yes,” she all but screamed.

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   “I am soooo ready. I am going to cum, too! My pussy is just going crazy. Fuck me. Fuck me. Come on, you stud, give it all to me right now. ”And that is precisely what I did. I must have pumped a quart of my cum into her steaming gash. It came out in gushes and it wasn’t long before the amount was more than her young pussy could absorb. Jism began to flow out of her tight snatch and cover her thighs and belly. She met my every thrust with her own as she screamed out her own orgasm. We came almost simultaneously, as if we were seasoned, practice lovers, each aware of the others every mood and swing. I looked down into her pretty, young face and saw Cindy reacting with pure lust and enjoyment. I had been holding myself up with my arms as I fucked her, and now, spent, I gently laid down with more of my weight on her. I gently rubbed her back and buttock as we caressed. She continued to come down from the mountainous experience of her orgasm.

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   Her breathing was labored, as was mine, but she eventually began to calm down. Her cunt was continuing to works its magic on my gradually shrinking cock. After a few moments, I withdrew my shrinking prick from her hole and our combined juices flowed from her slit and down between her legs. After a few more minutes of caressing her, we had calmed down sufficiently and Cindy kissed my full on the lips and let her tongue wander around in my mouth. I met her tongue with mine and challenged it, pushing hers back into her mouth and exploring. Finally, we broke off the kiss and Cindy started to get up and began to dress. "Can we do this again another time?” she asked innocently as she pulled her panties over her smooth round hips. "Any time you want!” I replied. “Super,” she said. “Well, I had better get home, now. Mom may call and she has an absolute cow if I’m not there by five. ” Over her shoulder I could see the clock said it was about 10 minutes until five. “But how are you going to get in, Cindy?” I asked. She winked and said, “I’ll use my key. ”.

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