The Deal


The Deal 
A fictonal story of a drug dealer who is offered a sex filled weekend with a young teenaged girl by her own mother in exchange for her mothers drugs, willig to be a fuck toy the dealer finds himself making the best deal he has ever made.  
I was surprised to be offered such a hot young girl in exchange for drugs, especially from the girls own mother.   I couldn’t believe my luck when Christi told me that I could have Stacy for the weekend if I gave her a nice big bag of dope.
 I looked at her and asked How big of a bag and just what does Stacy think about this deal?
Christi told me $500 worth of dope and Stacy will do whatever she is told, And I could do whatever I wanted with her between now till 7am Monday morning,  It was only 11am on a Friday so I’d have her as my play toy for three days.
I was still not sure about the deal she was offering me, but when Stacy walked into the room after her mother called her to come in the room so I could see her.
I knew this would be well worth it.
Stacy entered the room She looked as if she were about 14 or 15 yrs old but hot as hell, wearing a halter top and cutoff shorts that fit like they were spray painted on her, The young  hottie was only about 5’3” tall and only 100 lbs soaking wet, She had long, light brown hair that was down to her shoulders, She was hot, her breasts looked to be a firm B-cup  just the size I liked most and as I looked her over my eyes scanned down her body, I noticed her firm flat stomach. With a belly button ring. My eyes drifted lower, I could see the crease showing the outline of her twat. And then those sexy looking legs of hers made me lick my lips.
I looked up as I told Christi that I think we just may have us a deal, Then I asked Stacy if she understood what was going on?
She said “ Yeah mom wants some stuff and I’m going to spend the weekend with you.
And you know why your going to stay with me and what I will want from you? I asked.
Yeah , I’m going to be your fuck toy basically, Mom said I have to do everything you tell me to do. She explained
And your ok with that? I mean, your willing to do whatever I say whenever I say it? I asked.
Yep! she replied
Alright then lets just see if  you really are , I told her,  take off your top and come over here and suck my cock for me .
She looked at Christi  who nodded , then she took off her halter top exsposing her perfectly shaped breasts that stood out firm and pert.

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   Then she moved over to me and knelt down in front of me as she reached for my belt and pants undoing them she opened them enough to push them down to my thighs and releasing my already erect shaft , saying Oh my! As she saw my cock pointing towards the ceiling she reached up to touch it wrapping her fingers around my pole She told me  I’ve never seen one this big before, she smiled up at me as she said, this might hurt me a little, 
I looked down at her and said I’ll be gentle with you at first Stacy, as I grinned
She opened her mouth and started to suck me off as she stroked my shaft moving her head up and down the length of my cock like a pro .
I moaned in pleasure as she fondled my balls while she gave me head. All while Christi watched her daughter perform oral sex on me. I
I knew I wouldn’t last long as this young girl could suck some me dick, I placed my hands on her head and began to fuck her mouth thrusting my hips back and forth as I pulled her head into and away from me making her increase the pace, I told her Damn girl you do this well, I about ready to cum, She responded by sucking harded and squeezing my balls gently as I shoved my cock down into her throat causing her to gag a few times then suddenly I felt my nuts tighten and I thrust my cock completely in to her throat and held her head against my crotch as I exploded on her sending a flood of cum down into her belly she gagged a little as she tried to swallow and breath at the same time. I released her head and allowed her to pull her head back as the last remaining spurts shot out into her mouth she continued to suck me until every last drop had been milked from my balls.
Then leaned back and looked up at me as she smiled and wiped her lips with her tongue getting the last drops of cum and swallowing it. Then she asked me did you like that?
I looked down at her and told her Hell yes baby that was great,
Then I looked over at Christi who was fingering herself and said Christi you have a deal sweetheart, I pulled out the dope and tossed it on the table next to her and said this will be well worth it, if she fucks anything like she gives head.
Christi smiled at me, and said you’ll love how good she tastes and how tight her pussy is,
Stacy stood up and stood next to me putting her arm around my waist as I put an arm around her shoulder, so my hand was over her breast.
I asked Christi if she enjoyed the show? Since she still had her hand on her snatch as we talked. She told me Watching Stacy suck you r cock really made me horny.
I see, that, I told her as I laughed,  I would have done the same thing I’m sure.
Maybe we can all three have some fun when you bring her back home .
Hmm, we just may have to do that, but I have to meet someone in a little bit so I’ll take Stacy with me and we will see you on Monday morning
Cool she said , the Told Stacy have fun and be sure and make him happy no matter what.
Satcy smiled at her and said I think I can handle that, see you later mom.
We both left and headed towards my place , as we drove along Stacy sat next to me as I put my arm around her and played with her right tit she slid her hand over my thigh and started to rub my crotch as I drove.

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She had me hard again in no time at all, then she surprised me by asking me if I wanted her to suck my dick as I drove ?
I told her that would be great , she undid my pants again and pulled my erect member free then she lowered her head to my shaft and slowly began to suck my cock, as I drove down the road, I reached over and started to rub her ass , then decided to have her take off her shorts so I could play with her pussy while she gave me head.   She did as I instructed pulling them down around her ankles leaving her exposed since she hadn’t worn any panties I noticed that she was completely hairless as she opened her legs for me,
I told her I love a smooth clean snatch, and that hers really look nice , as I ran my fingers along her slit she moaned while she sucked my dick for me I ran my fingers softly along her outer folds then dipping my finger into her wet opening working slowly into her tight slit she began to suck harder and opened her legs even more as I pushed my finger deeper into her tight hole slowly I began to finger fuck her until she began to hump my hand , releasing my cock suddenly as she erupted on my fingers shaking violently as she orgasm engulfed her body and a flood of juices covered my hand she trembled slightly as she looked up at me and said , wow , That was wild ,  Thank you ,
I smiled at her and said my pleasure, since making her cum like that almost made me cum just watching her.
She told me now it’s you turn to cum , then she took my cock in her mouth and began to suck me like a staving cum sucker , hungry for my seed, she didn’t have to work long as she really worked her head up and down my shaft , till I told her here it cum’s , as I erupted into her mouth filling it with hot sticky goo, she swallowed as fast as she could, my cock spewing spurt after spurt of cum , until she had swallowed it all and almost causing me to run off the road as She gave me such an intense orgasm , I had to almost stop the car until I could regain my senses ,
 She raised her head up and grinned at me licking her lips of my seed then she asked my if I liked that?
Damn girl you’re the best little cocksucker I’ve ever seen, that was fucking great.
Thank you . .
I told her that we better slowdown till we got to my place and she agreed that we didn’t want to wreck or get pulled over while doing each other.   We both laughed and headed to my place eager to get this young nymph into my bed, I held her next to me as she rested her head on my shoulder for the rest of the ride ……. .
To be continued ……. .

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