The Hide Ch2 Pt2


“So has she taken you up on your offer” I asked, a bit dry mouthed from the thoughts of what he had told me. “Fucking right, that same day and since she’s proven herself to be what she calls Cock Hungry” “You lucky bastard, what’s happened?”
That evening before going to work I was having a shower. Lisa was staying late at college and would ring any minute for me to collect her. I’d left the bathroom door ajar so that I could hear the phone. I finished showering and stood in the bathroom drying off when Jem just walked in and said “Can I dry that for you” looking down at my cock. She was still in her uniform. “Help yourself” I said as I began to get the stirring feelings.
She took a hand towel off the rain and holding it across both palms she wrapped it around my shaft and began to rub me dry. She moved to my balls and thighs and gradually worked her way down. I was rock hard. She got to the floor and knelt on the floor with her knees either side of my feet. I looked down as she let the towel drop and then she just looked at my cock before sliding it into her mouth. She applied just the right amount of suction and began to run up and down its length with her mouth. I looked down to see her fingers were stroking her pussy through her knickers. What a sight, my cock going in and out of her mouth as her fingers worked away at her pussy. She pulled her gusset to one side and I saw that fresh pussy I had often glimpsed with fine brown hair not a thick matted mass.

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   Her slot was open and her pink lips looked swollen. She increased the speed of her fingers and tried to keep her mouth rhythm constant but her occasional shudders put her off. I stood stock still and then she moaned and shook almost biting down on my cock as she came. A few moments passed and she let go of my cock and stood up. She said “I needed that” and walked out. “What about me?” I called after her. “You can finish yourself” she replied. “Thanks” I muttered and she put her head round the door and said “I’d like to watch you though. Let’s go into your room”
I walked into the bedroom and lay on the bed. She sat in the armchair in the corner and hooked her right leg over the arm giving me a full on view of partially covered pussy. I took hold of my cock and began to stroke it. “Do it like you always do” she asked.
I pulled the pillow under my head so I could lie back but still see her and began to wank. She played with herself as she watched transfixed. I was getting right into it and nearing the end.

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   “Are you going to cum?” she asked “Soon” I grunted.
She moved over and knelt on the bed to my right. She pulled my hand off and pushed it down between her legs. Then she took hold of me and took over at the same pace. I flexed my fingers and touched the soft smooth warm skin of her thigh. She didn’t flinch. I carried on stroking the skin without moving my hand. She shifted slightly and pressed her wet cunt into my palm. Its warm wetness was fantastic. Slowly I began to stroke her lips and slit. She lifted slightly giving me more room to move. Gradually I was able to finger her properly. Her stroking and my fingering soon became too much for me and I began to cum. She carried on stroking me as shot after shot erupted and then she slowed the pace in time with my pulses. I carried on fingering her determined not to do the roll over and go to sleep routine.

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   As she rubbed the cum into my cock and balls and belly I worked at her pussy and with my fingers pulling at her inner bud. She trembled and began to cum. She threw her head back as a surge of hot liquid ran over my hands “OOHH Fuck YES” she called out. I slowed my fingers and her tension subsided. She looked down at me and in so doing shook her head in model style so that her long hair partly covered her face. With a horny smile and look in her eye said “I knew someone would be able to make me cum properly” then she leant down and kissed me, no tongues, not even a snog just a nice kiss on the lips.
The phone began to ring and jokingly she said “Saved by the bell. ” With a begrudging nod I got off the bed and went to flannel off my cum before collecting Lisa. As I walked out the door I looked at her at the top of the stairs and said “Thanks for that” she smiled and said “No thank you, I thought I was inhibited but now I know it’s just about being relaxed” I smiled and walked out to the car.